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Hurry! This Special Webinar Offer Expires at Midnight Sunday!

In this webinar, Laura Betterly reveals how to harness the power of Twitter’s new live streaming software Periscope (Apple’s 2016 App of the Year) to create content, build a following, and profit…all with nothing but a smartphone.

  • How to Crush It without a script, special equipment, or even a website
  • How to leverage every video you create on Periscope into a Virtual Content Machine
  • What SuperFans are, and how a small tribe of them will keep buying your products and services, over and over
  • Why a follower on Periscope is worth ten times more than a Facebook Fan, and how you use that to your advantage
  • How you can build a tribe of buyers with nothing more than your cell phone
  • What sneaky plans big companies like Facebook and Google are planning, and how to be ready to leverage that for your own gains!
  • The fundamental shift on how people are communicating, and how this affects how they buy- and what they buy
  • …and much, much more!

Scope Success Includes:

  • Five Module Scope Success Course
    Training on using Periscope in conjuction with Facebook Mentions and Live to create content and build a following.
  • Facebook Community and Coaching Calls
    Your success is assured with six months of live coaching calls, and a private facebook community to get your questions answered between calls
  • The Content Machine
    A five week training on how to take your Periscope content and repurpose it to other outlets
  • Our Private Promo Engine
    Membership has it’s privileges, and when you’re a member you can use the power of the group to make all of your promotions go viral.
  • And much, much more!

[Download] ArbiCash System


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This system has only been taught in a few big ticket courses costing $1000 to $3000… until NOW!

Today you can grab the ArbiCash System for a very small price during our introductory launch special. But you’ll need to be quick because the price GOES UP after each sale, and this launch special will END on July 25th, at which point we will close the doors or else raise the price by at least 450% or more!
PDATE: LAST CHANCE! To be fair to all time zones, we are keeping the offer live through the night, but we will be ending it and raising the price by AT LEAST 450% in the morning. If you leave and come back to this page later, you will have to pay a LOT more!

How Would You Like to PROFIT from Those Silly Little Advertisements That You See All Over the Internet? Now You CAN!


Imagine if you could get PAID when people click on all those advertisements. An elite group of underground marketers don’t want you to know this, but you CAN be making money from those ads by using the ArbiCash System! 


From: Jeff Hunt (along with Eric Holmlund and Paul Counts)
Re: A simple, fun and scalable business model.

Dear friend,

I’m guessing you’ve seen some of those ads around the internet.

Yes THOSE ads.

The silly ones with the little pictures, or the crazy headlines made to “look” like news articles.

If you’re a marketer like me, you might have noticed the fine print that says these are “sponsored” links. But studies have shown that most people don’t even notice that.

The other thing that you may have noticed is that these ads are ALL over the web. I mean like, almost EVERYWHERE.

So WHAT ARE those ads? And WHY are they everywhere!? I’m going to answer those questions RIGHT now.

Those ads are called Native Advertising. They’re called that because they’re made to blend in with the natural content of the website they’re on.

They’re everywhere because they work. And by WORK, I mean people click them like crazy, and millions upon millions of dollars are being generated from these ads every day.

Not long ago, a client of mine hired me to evaluate an arbitrage business that he was considering buying for $300,000.00

Instead of buying it, we simply replicated the business model for almost nothing and grew it from $10,000 of net profit in the first month to $28,000 of profit in the 4th month.

Here are some of my earnings…



That’s how the “ArbiCash System” was born. It was all done using Native advertising.

As I was discussing this system with my friends Eric and Paul, we realized that Native ads cover such a big market with virtually limitless opportunity, that there is plenty of room for YOU to jump in and do it too. And that’s why we’re sharing this with you today.

In the past, this was only taught in a few big ticket courses that cost $1000, $2000, or more, but we’ve decided to make this incredible system available to everyone today for a shockingly low price.

So let’s get into it…

Native ads are one of the biggest growth areas for traffic acquisition on the Internet today. Most of the big name publishers are using Native ads for monetization. And I’m talking about literally thousands of big name publishers like Yahoo and CNN…



The amazing thing about Native ads is that you can have your own ad listed and recommended on a big site like CNN in a matter of days!

If you’ve clicked on some Native ads in the past, you may have noticed something strange…

Most of those silly little ads take you to pages full of MORE ADS and very little content!


This begs an important question…

WHY are marketers going through the effort to siphon traffic from all these major sites, only to send that traffic to a site full of MORE ads!?

The answer is ArbiCash.

To be more specific, it’s called digital arbitrage. Arbitrage is a time tested business principle used in many diverse industries for taking advantage of differences in prices.


In this case, it’s about taking advantage in the difference in prices of ads. Native advertising arbitragers are acquiring insanely cheap traffic, and monetizing that traffic with ads that pay out more than what they’re spending to get that traffic.

How much money are they making? The cool thing about this business model is that it’s fully scalable, because the traffic is almost limitless…

Check out some of the places that are using Native ads. Imagine having your own advertisements being published and recommended on websites like these…


Sites like these (and thousands more) are involved with Native ads, making this an incredible resource that you can tap into to generate traffic on demand for CRAZY low prices compared to the paid traffic you may have seen in the past.

Once you’ve discovered the secrets of the ArbiCash System, you’ll have a virtually endless supply of traffic at your fingertips.

You can start small and then scale it up…


I’m not saying you’re going to start by making that much in your first month, but one of the great things about this opportunity is you can start small and scale it up.

Another great thing about this business model is that the websites are easy to create. You’ve seen just how simple those sites are (just a little content with some ads around it). You can do this with…

  • No products.
  • No shopping carts.
  • No SEO.
  • No membership software.
  • It’s just simple content and ads.

Native ads are also simpler than AdWords or Facebook ads which you may have tried in the past. The main reason is because the targeting is much less complex and you don’t have to do a bunch of keyword research.

So how can you jump into the ArbiCash game and start cashing in on this incredible opportunity for yourself?


We are happy to introduce…



The primary component that you’re getting today is The ArbiCash System ebook written by me. This ebook is brand new, never released before. It’s in PDF format, so you can read it on any computer or device. You can even print it out if you prefer.

Most importantly, it contains 62 pages packed full of step by step content showing you exactly how to use the ArbiCash System for yourself and start cashing in with Native advertising arbitrage.

Some of the things you’ll discover include…

  • The basics of native advertising.
  • How to set up a simple website that anyone can create.
  • How to drive massive page views from a single visitor.
  • The best ad placement for maximum earnings.
  • Which themes and plugins are needed for an ArbiCash site and where to find them.
  • Where to find winning content ideas based on real performance data.
  • The most effective sources for article and gallery topics.
  • How to create the best article titles.
  • How to create galleries like you see on so many sites, and where to get the content for them.
  • A sample gallery article that you can actually import into your site and use as a template.
  • How to cash in with affiliate articles.
  • How to get maximum click through on your ads.
  • The settings you need to know to create a profitable campaign.
  • The best devices and geographic areas to target.
  • How to get your ad campaigns accepted by the reviewers.
  • How to get traffic accounts approved.
  • How to track your campaign traffic.
  • How to create 10 different ad variations in 10 minutes.
  • How to see exactly where your ads are being shown.
  • 3 ways to scale up your arbitrage business.
  • The biggest risks and how to avoid them.
  • 8 ways to optimize profitability.
  • How to track your profits and campaign performance.

As you can see, this is a very comprehensive course teaching the exact system that I used to scale this business to $28,000 a month of profit in just 4 months.



[Download] Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal (MP3 Audiobook)



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When it comes to delivering a pitch, Oren Klaff has unparalleled credentials. Over the past 13 years, he has used his one-of-a-kind method to raise more than $400 million―and now, for the first time, he describes his formula to help you deliver a winning pitch in any business situation.

Whether you’re selling ideas to investors, pitching a client for new business, or even negotiating for a higher salary, Pitch Anything will transform the way you position your ideas.

According to Klaff, creating and presenting a great pitch isn’t an art―it’s a simple science. Applying the latest findings in the field of neuroeconomics while sharing eye-opening stories of his method in action, Klaff describes how the brain makes decisions and responds to pitches. With this information, you’ll remain in complete control of every stage of the pitch process.

Pitch Anything introduces the exclusive STRONG method of pitching, which can be put to use immediately:
Setting the Frame
Telling the Story
Revealing the Intrigue
Offering the Prize
Nailing the Hookpoint
Getting a Decision

One truly great pitch can improve your career, make you a lot of money―and even change your life. Success is dependent on the method you use, not how hard you try. “Better method, more money,” Klaff says. “Much better method, much more money.” Klaff is the best in the business because his method is much better than anyone else’s. And now it’s yours.

Apply the tactics and strategies outlined in Pitch Anything to engage and persuade your audience―and you’ll have more funding and support than you ever thought possible.

[Download] Joe Polish – Genius Network Experience


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Here’s a summary of all the tools you’ll be getting with this program:

* 15 Multipliers and Experts Reveal their Top Current Strategies to Help Build & Grow Your Business.

Captured direct from the Genius Network Annual Event (which attendees paid $10K to attend), you get access to the very best wisdom, strategy, and insights to make this your best year!  (delivered physically on USB and available online)

* 5 Additional “Best Of” Videos to help you accelerate the growth of your business from:

Sally Hogshead (7 Advantages of Fascination), Dean Graziosi (Your Sales Video Blueprint), Mike Koenigs (24 Strategies for Video Success), Dan Sullivan (The Freedom Cycle), and Joel Weldon (Telling Your Personal Story).  Up until now, these were only available to Genius Network/25K members and had not been available to the public.  (delivered physically on USB and available online)
* Genius Storyboards™ Action Guides:

Condensed, illustrated wisdom and hot tips so you can take action.  It’s the perfect complement to the 15 Multiplier’s Video Collection. (delivered physically and online)
* The 4-Step Formula to Identify, Attract, and Hire A-Level Talent:

What’s the cost of one bad hire?  What’s it worth to get a top performer?  Whether you’re outsourcing, hiring part time, full time, or executive level positions, this step by step process helps you get the right person the first time, every time.  You get access to this updated program with the templates, checklists, blueprints, sample ads, sample position descriptions, and video training to get it right. (online access)
* The Genius Network Toolkit:

You can solve any problem or challenge with a Genius Network – once you know how.  This tutorial walks you through a step by step formula to become a better leader, contributor, and value creator. (online access)

Implementation Blueprint

–> Implement Blueprint
–> Joe’s Consumer Guide Template
–> Consumer Awareness Guide Generator Tool
–> Bonus – First chapter of Cameron Herold’s book Double Double.

15 Featured Multiplier Strategies – 15 Featured Multiplier Strategies From The Genius Network Annual Event

1.    Alex Charfen – The Entrepreneurial Personality Type
2.    Brendon Burchard – The Path to 50 Million Views and $50 Million
3.    Cameron Herold – Vivid Visions Align Your World
4.    Dan Sullivan – Changing Your Game
5.    Dr. Daniel Amen – Change Your Brain, Change Your Life
6.    David Bach – The Six Week Sabbatical
7.    Dean Graziosi – Success Habits
8.    Harvey Mackay – Outsell, Outmanage, Outmotivate and Outnegotiate Your Competition
9.    John Paul DeJoria – How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur
10.    Lisa Sasevich – Boost Sales Using Irresistible Offers
11.    Mike Koenigs – Double Your Revenue in One Year: How to Build, Engage and Monetize Your Audience with Webcasts – Live, Interactive Online TV
12.    Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis: Insights Interview
13.    Sean Stephenson – WHAT’S THAT SMELL? How Success Can Stink!
14.    Steve Sims – The Tale of the Handwritten Note
15.    Victoria Labalme – Rock The Room: Communicate with Impact, Anywhere, Anytime
5 “Best Of” Strategies – Top Ideas Worth Using™ from the 2015 Genius Network Members’ 10 Minute Talks®

1.    Sally Hogshead: The 7 Advantages of Fascination
2.    Dean Graziosi: Sales Video Blueprint
3.    Mike Koenigs – 24 ways to Look Great on Camera
4.    Dan Sullivan: “The Freedom Cycle”
5.    Joel Weldon: Telling Your Personal Story
Hiring Top Talent Toolkit – The 4-Step Formula to Identify, Attract, and Hire A-Level Talent – Full-Time, Part-Time, or Outsource Team Members

–> Main Video – The 4-Step Formula to Identify, Attract, and Hire A-Level Talent
–> Hiring Workbook
–> 10 Minute Talk – (Dan Kuschell – The 4 Step Formula to Identify, Attract and Hire 5-Star Talent)
–> Position Filler Formula Tool
–> Email Templates
— Assignment Request Email
— Initial Interview Setup Email Sequence
— Kolbe Request Email
— No Referral Emails
— Video Request Email
–> Interview Outlines
Genius Networking Toolkit – The Genius Network Toolkit is the best method to build, grow, and connect to your ‘Genius Network®’. It is for high-­achievers who want to tap into the wisdom of their networks and maximize their relationships.

–> Genius Networking Tool (PDF)
–> Genius Networking Toolkit – Main Video

[Download] Jordan Belfort – Straight Line Marketing System


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Dear friend,

If you could change one thing about your business, what would it be?

Or if you’re on the verge of starting a new business, what’s the one thing you’d want most?

I bet the answer to either question is the same… MORE CUSTOMERS!

I get it!

Most of you know my story. In my mid-twenties I was making tens of millions of dollars every year simply because I was able to overcome that one single challenge.

As a kid, I figured out a way of selling that was so effective, that I literally had more customers than I could handle! I called the system Straight Line Persuasion (SLP).

The problem with having more customers than product; is that you can easily get caught in the trap of selling things you shouldn’t be selling!

I made that mistake and I learnt the hard way. I had invented something powerful, a selling system that was so effective that virtually anyone would be able to implement it and become fabulously successful. I committed my life to teaching this system to honest entrepreneurs around the world, under the condition that I taught business ethics alongside it.

My latest system is taking things to the next level, it’s going to revolutionise the way my students do business for the rest of their lives!



In The Wrong Hands, These Persuasion Tactics Could Be Used To Manipulate Your Customers And The People in Your Life…

Ever since they made a wild movie about my life, and the ridiculous sums of money I was able to make, I’ve been bombarded by fortune 500 companies and top entrepreneurs wanting to learn my system.

I continued to teach it to people, under the condition that it was always implemented with ethics!

No surprise they all made fortunes! I’ve literally created more millionaires than any other sales trainer that’s ever lived. That’s something I’m incredibly proud of!

But there’s a catch! The world is changing fast! I always knew that the information age is going to change the way we do business. If you can’t keep up with the changes you’re going to be left behind! Adapt or die!

The one thing my students could never understand was that SLP is a philosophy. It’s based on the laws of persuasion. To succeed in this new world all you have to do, is adapt the same LAWS to the online world!

I put it to the test. I was consulting a successful digital marketing agency in Australia. I taught the owners Straight Line Persuasion and explained how they could implement the entire philosophy to their campaigns. They implemented everything I taught them and they were BLOWN AWAY! Their average campaign performance went up by 320%!!


They were so shocked by the results that they couldn’t contain their excitement.

I started working closely with these guys and decided that they would be the perfect team to show the world how SLP coul be used online to literally crush your competitors and take your business to a level you didn’t think was possible!

That’s how I created Straight Line Marketing. By the time you’ve completed this program you will literally be a more effective entrepreneur than you’ve ever dreamed possible. You’ll have more customers than you can handle and you’ll be living the kind of life that you deserve to be living!


Just some of the stuff you’ll learn:

Module 1: SLP Fundamentals

Module 2: SLM Online Fundamentals

Module 3: SLM Copywriting

Module 4: Straight Line Customer Funnel

Module 5: Secrets to Massive Traffic

Module 6: Advanced SLM Email Marketing

Module 7: Straight Line Looping Online

Module 8: Ethically Spying on Your Competitors

Module 9: SLM Beyond the Internet

Module 10: Straight Line Marketing Rapid Fire Recap


Remember: Real rewards are reserved for Action Takers!

I remember reading the story of an early partner of Jeff Bezos who exited Amazon with a payment of $500! He must still be kicking himself!


but in this case I think I could make it easy for you NOT to let this one slip
through your fingers…

I’m going to give ACTION TAKERS not one, but two massive value bonuses!!!

That’s right, for a very limited time, I’m going to include two of my most highly regarded and best selling programs at absolutely NO COST!

By signing up today I’m going to give you access to my “Inner Game of Wealth” AND my “Script Builder” program.

There’s two reasons why I’ve agreed to do this.

1 Firstly, I practice what I preach! When I teach you the value of taking action and seizing opportunities QUICKLY, I mean it! What better way to get that message across, than by rewarding the students of mine that actually DO take action!

2 Secondly, ‘Inner Game of Wealth’ and ‘Script Builder’ compliment Straight Line Marketing perfectly! Think about it. If you have the mindset (Inner Game of Wealth), the sales skills (Script Builder) AND all the leads/potential customers that you can handle (Straight Line Marketing) what can possibly stop you??

You would’ve effectively lined up all the elements of success and become a force to be reckoned with!

Nothing make me prouder than seeing my students reach the dizzying heights of true success. I’m making this decision very easy for you!

[Download] GTD Live – Audio Version of David Allen’s Complete 2-day Seminar


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Big news today from the David Allen Company. For the first time ever David Allen is making available the complete audio CDs of his world famous two-day intensive GTD Seminar. GTDLive!

This is a unique opportunity for anyone that has ever wanted to attend a David Allen seminar but for whatever reason hasn’t been able to make that happen. This is a complete Ten-CD Boxed Set that is an actual live recording of David delivering his life-changing training to a real audience. The product is as comprehensive a tool for getting started with GTD as you can possibly get short of actually attending a session with David for yourself, and at half the price of a single-day seminar you’re getting an incredible deal on top of the incredible learning experience.

From my perspective, this isn’t just a tool for people that haven’t attended a GTD seminar with David. As anyone that has been to one of his sessions knows, there is so much information for you to absorb in a limited time that something like a live audio recording of the event would be an incredible resource to help refresh the memory from time to time. Having the live CDs on hand would also allow you to clarify points that perhaps got fuzzy after two days of intense learning, and it could even be a valuable tool that you can use to share with friends and associates who themselves might be curious about GTD.

If you’re interested in this product you should click on over to the DavidCo store and grab a copy now. My understanding is that there are only a limited number of these 10-CD sets available. According to the information on the DavidCo site in addition to the 10-CD set the package will include a second multi-CD set of David Allen’s “In Conversation” interviews as well as the work-flow templates mentioned in the presentation.

Another good reason to pay a visit to the David Allen site is that there are several nice audio samples of the contents of the GTD Live CD’s that you can listen to. It’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time to hear David present GTD.

[Download] Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen – Audiobook


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Value: $10
Download Size: 423MB
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*Always BUY the product that help you to SUPPORT the DEVELOPERS.
**Don’t post our download links anywhere else, LEECHERS will be banned immediately without NOTICE, no REFUND


David Allen reads an all-new edition of his popular self-help classic for managing work-life balance in the twenty-first century—now updated for the new challenges facing individuals and organizations in today’s rapidly changing world.

Since it was first published more than fifteen years ago, David Allen’s Getting Things Done has become one of the most influential business books of its era, and the ultimate book on personal organization. “GTD” is now shorthand for an entire way of approaching professional and personal tasks, and has spawned an entire culture of websites, organizational tools, seminars, and offshoots.

Allen has rewritten the book from start to finish, tweaking his classic text with important perspectives on the new workplace, and adding material that will make the book fresh and relevant for years to come. This new edition of Getting Things Done will be welcomed not only by its hundreds of thousands of existing fans but also by a whole new generation eager to adopt its proven principles.

[Download] Giancarlo Barraza & Ed Hong – 500k Millionaire Mastermind (Bing Ads)


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Value: $00
Download Size: 8.7GB
Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Dear friend,

Have you ever wondered, as I once did, how you can make your first 6 or 7 figures online?

And how you can do it within just 6 months to 1 year?

No, this is not B.S.

And I know, since you don’t know me very well, it might sound like total nonsense. But listen to the video above and you’ll soon discover, exactly why making money online is now easier than ever.

Here’s what you can expect from myself and The Millionaire Mastermind:

– Step-by-step walkthrough demonstrations on how to use CPA marketing to make you money 24/7 (this is literally what saved me from a life on welfare and poverty, I know it will do the same for you)

– “In The Trenches” Webinars – You’ll get to see the back-end of my million dollar business and how to do the SAME thing within just your first 12 months

– You’ll peak over my shoulder as I uncover all the insider tricks which dominate the internet and give you an unfair advantage when it comes to quickly generating cash flow (you don’t want to miss this)

– And tons of other networking with other 6, 7 and 8 figure marketers

Listen, the most important thing to me is getting you results.

With that said, I GUARANTEE to give you the best money-making tips, tactics, coaching, and real guidance available right now. I know what it’s like to have nothing. My goal is to help you become a millionaire, the more millionaires I’m surrounded by… themore money I make.

Watch the video above until the end and you’ll have the opportunity to join my personal Millionaire Mastermind group.

We are a family of hustlers, money-makers and opportunity creators.

Are you ready to finally surround yourself with millionaires who want to personally help you join their ranks?

If you are, then schedule a FREE coaching call session with my team and I, we’ll call you within 24 hours.

You should know though, not everyone can join our team.

This is a family, which means if you’re NOT a good “fit” – you can’t join… no matter how much money you throw at us.

Don’t worry, we’ll still give you some great tips on how to get started on your own.

But, if you are a good fit – you’ll experience a new world filled with opportunity, happiness, adventure… and lots and lots of money.

Listen, if you want to get different results in your life, then you need to start making different decisions. Take action now and let’s do this!

To Your Success,

Giancarlo Barraza & The Millionaire Mastermind Team

P.S. I appreciate you coming to this page and watching the video. It’s the first step in making a change – Schedule your FREECoaching Call Session now and let’s do this!

What’s inside

1. Coach Eddy
2. Bootcamps
3. Q & A
4. Extra Training