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Discover the EXACT Method I Use to Profit and Enjoy the Freedom of Selling on Amazon with Zero Inventory and without Spending Cash on Product Up Front

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Dream Dropshipping Course


  • 4 Intensive Module Dream Drop Shipping Training
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  • Exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group
  • My automation checklists that let me sell products while I sleep every day.

Ben Settle – Copy Slacker


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Dear Friend,

If you want to double (even triple) the money you make from your sales letters… while cutting your writing time in half and eliminating all the stress, frustration, and overwhelm you feel writing copy now, then this letter will show you how.

Here’s the story:

My name is Ben Settle and, about 14 years ago I was a broke, desperate copywriter in so much debt I was almost bankrupt. I barely got paid anything for writing copy. And even when I did get work, I’d stare at a blank screen for days wondering what to say, or how to begin. I’d then spend several weeks raiding my copywriting books and swipe file for inspiration… only to end up more overwhelmed, more confused, and more crippled with “analysis paralysis.”

But you know what the worst part was?

After all that time obsessing and stressing over my copy…

My Ads Would Barely Convert

Or Make ZERO Sales At All!

I was a complete failure at copywriting.

And, things got so dire, I couldn’t even pay the rent or car payment anymore.

Then, call it luck, fate, or even “divine intervention” if you want… but I got a call from an Internet marketer who had read a bunch of my copywriting articles (I was one of those hacks who taught copywriting, but didn’t do it successfully myself). And, he offered me a chance to write an ad for a high ticket (and unproven) product where he would pay me 50% of the sales if the letter worked, and nothing if it didn’t.

Long story short:

Since I needed money quickly and didn’t have time to spend weeks and months writing the copy, I decided to do a little “experiment” to write the ad faster than usual.

It was, in many ways, the opposite of what a lot of gurus were teaching.

And, I didn’t really think it’d work.

But, I figured I had nothing to lose (my ads sucked anyway) and tried it. So with only a few days to spare… I quickly created the ad using my experimental method for researching and writing copy fast. The ad was far from perfect. But, (as the client said) it was “good enough” to run, and we mailed it.

The result?

That One Just “Good Enough” Sales Letter

Paid Me More Than Enough Money

To Pay Off My Car And Other Overdue Debts In One Shot!

But that’s not all:

The sales we made off that sloppily-written ad were so big, the client and I attracted joint venture partners from the US, UK, Australia, and other countries who wanted to use that ad to sell our product to their lists, too.

And I had to wonder:

Was I really on to something with this way of writing ads that let me bypass weeks (and even months) of work, stress, and tediously obsessing over my copy? Or, was this just some kind of “one hit wonder” that only worked for that particular product and list? So I immediately tested this new formula on some other copywriting gigs.

And guess what?

Not only did I knock that copy out in record time, too, but…

These Other Sales Letters

Made Even More Money!

After that it was like the floodgates opened.

Writing ads became unbelievably fast & easy with sales pouring in.

My method gave me so much free time, colleagues called me a “slacker.”

And, clients started seeking me out to write their ads. (Instead of me seeking them out.) In many cases, they didn’t even want to see my portfolio. They’d either bought something from one of my ads and wanted to hire me because they knew I wrote the copy (like 7-figure copywriter and millionaire investor guru Mike Dillard did). Or they had seen a demonstration of how I worked (like the world leader in self defense training Captain Chris Pizzo did). Or they simply saw how I applied this new way of writing copy to other peoples’ ads (like the “founding father” of Internet marketing as we know it Ken McCarthy did).

Anyway, my “slacker friendly” method is based on two things:

  • Criminal Profiling Research

Specifically, doing research based on how certain law enforcement agencies “profile” and get inside the heads and psychology of serial killers, terrorists, and other criminal masterminds.

I figured if it works for getting to “know” the bad guys, I could use that same methodology to get inside the heads of my customers so I would know exactly what theyre thinking, what they want to buy, and what to SAY to sell them. Fact is, when you know “what” to say, it doesn’t matter all that much “how” you say it. Quickly written ads that are just “good enough” (or even downright sloppy) can make you a ton of sales and beat better copywriters (who spend a lot more time writing their copy than you) if you have the right research. And what I did was, I figured out how to get this research fast and use it to write my ads even faster.

  • Dumbed-Down Simplicity

What I mean by that is this:

I decided to throw out all the complicated 50+ point copywriting checklists, formulas, and templates all the gurus were pushing. I had no doubt those things worked for them. But all that “noise” just made things more overwhelming for me, and made the whole copywriting process take way too long. So instead, I “reverse engineered” exactly how a few of the world’s top copywritersstructure their ads (that none of them seem to teach, for some reason) and broke it down into 5 easy steps even a frustrated and overwhelmed newbie like me could follow.

The result?

A ridiculously simple way to write copy fast — that also makes lots of sales.

In fact, some people I have shown it to…

Have Accused My Copywriting Method

Of Being “Too Simple”!

Is that true?

I don’t know, maybe.

What I do know is, my sales letters using this method have collectively made tens of millions of dollars in sales in some of the most competitive niches on the planet (like golf, weight loss, self defense, and biz opp) where I have competed against more talented and harder-working copywriters. Believe it or not, a few world class copywriters are even on record saying I make them jealous (like Ryan Healy, world class copywriter for several major financial publishers like Agora Financial & Lombardi Publishing) and even “pissed off” (like Ray Edwards, who has the biggest book of “Who’s Who” Internet marketing guru clients on the web) because I make it look so fast and simple.

Here are a few examples of what I’ve done with this “slacker” copy method:

  • Written control ads that have run for as long as 8 years straight. It’s extremely rare for controls to last 8 months much less 8 years — but I have one running now in the MLM niche that’s been winning since 2007 with other (more-talented) copywriters failing to beat it.
  • Created a headline that ran for several years as a banner ad on all the big conservative news sites that cost afortune to advertise on (like Drudge, NewsMax, etc). Marketers typically have to keep testing brand new headlines on sites like these every few days or weeks to make a profit. Yet, this one headline I wrote using my “slacker” copywriting formula ran for years straight and was only taken down because the client retired.
  • A sales letter I wrote for the weight loss niche using this method converted the front-end at 40%! That’s total list size vs sales volume — including to ice cold Facebook traffic in arguably the Internet’s most competitive niche.
  • Made a start-up golf company well over $200k per month quickly banging out ads with this method. They don’t use those ads anymore because the golf guru they were built around left. But, this company is still one of the most well-known golf companies on the Internet due in part to the sales letters I wrote that helped build it from the ground up. (Best part: I knew NOTHING about golf when I wrote these ads. I didn’t need to. My method let me research and write the ads in just a few days without prior experience.)
  • Took one prominent direct sales company from nabbing a .8% response to over 1.6% response. That may not seem like a lot, but to that company it meant many millions of extra dollars in sales to them and their members, and tens of thousands of dollars in commissions to me.
  • Most recently, I created a sales letter for a golf company I have part ownership in that brings us $5.85 buyers. The traffic guy on board says in all his years of running hundreds of traffic campaigns (he works for some of the most prolific marketers in the home business niche), he’s never seen cold traffic convert like that.
  • Been invited to teach aspects of my copywriting method to some of the worlds most prestigious direct marketing companies. Such as Agora Financial ($200 million publishing company who already hires the best of the best copywriters on the planet)… professional radio producers at Entercom (one of the largest radio broadcasting companies in the United States)… various seminars and events where people pay up to $10k just for a seat… and the annual Oceans 4 Mastermind — where 7, 8, and 9 figure businesses pay me and 3 of my colleagues to put them on a “hot seat” — transforming their ads overnight.


Copy Slacker

No, it won’t make you an “A-list” copywriter.

(Even though I’ve gotten testimonials from various A-list copywriters.)

Or even a so-called “world class” copywriter.

And, while I call it “slacker-friendly”, that doesn’t mean you can be lazy. It still takes hard work and some time. It just doesn’t take nearly as much work and time as other systems.

Even so, I believe it can help anyone (both raw newbies and seasoned pros alike) jack up your response… cut your writing time in half… and virtually eliminate all the nagging frustration, stress, and confusion you feel when writing your ads now.

However, this product is very expensive.

And, it does NOT come with a money-back guarantee.

If that gives you acid reflux, then I suggest buying a more “conventional” and/or cheaper copywriting product, book, or course, instead.

(There are certainly plenty to choose from.)

Otherwise, to help you decide, here’s a “sneak preview” of what’s inside:

  • A fast and effective way (taught by sex therapists to men with erectile dysfunction) to get over the blank page hump and kill writers block dead.
  • How to create instant belief about you and your product in your copy if you’re just starting out and nobody knows who you are.
  • How to use your competitions product testimonials to sell YOUR products.
  • A memory training technique that gets your prospects daydreaming about the product you’re selling, and unable to get it out of their heads!
  • An admittedly weird (but super effective) way to sell wildly expensive products with just one or two sentences!
  • How to make even the most outrageous and hyped-up claims sound 100% believable.
  • The bragging without bragging sales letter secret (seen in many old Kung Fu movies) that lets you boast about your products, services, or yourself without sounding like an arrogant douche bag.
  • An old school door-to-door sales tactic that makes people want to buy products they didn’t even originally want!
  • How to create such an intense urgency to buy in your ads that peoples hands will literally shake trying to type their credit cards into the shopping cart!
  • The “house of horrors” method to quickly digging up gold nuggets of valuable market research… and also…



You’ll Make Lots Of Sales

Regardless Of How Good

Your “Writing” Is!

You’ll know exactly what they want.

Exactly what to say to them.

And, exactly how to deliver your message in the most “sales friendly” way.

Anyway, that’s one of the things Copy Slacker shows you: How to “profile” your market like this so you know more about them than their own mothers.

Plus, I’ll also show you these other little-known research tips:

How to get Nielsen (the big TV audience research company) to do market research for your sales letters… A “tried and true” way of knowing when you’ve done enough market research… A market research “cheat sheet” (I give to consulting clients who pay me $15,000 a pop) that’ll tell you exactly what words to use in your ads to make the maximum amount of sales… The “circling the desk” research trick (used by a copywriter who specializes in writing high ticket products) that lets you do market research twice as fast as it normally takes…

But we’re just getting warmed up.

Here are some more of the invaluable tips inside Copy Slacker:

  • The sales-destroying mistake copywriters make who use surveys to do research. (The GAP company once made this blunder and it cost them tens of millions in sales.)
  • How winning political campaigns use copywriting to get even complete morons elected to public office.
  • The exact number of syllables your words should have if youre selling to highly intelligent people.
  • What A-List copywriters (who work for the biggest direct mail and Internet publishing companies in the world) talk about with each other about copywriting… but almost never discuss publicly! (Hint: It ain’t anything sexy or “sneaky” like NLP or other persuasion tricks you read about in most books. Instead, they talk about this one thing even the best copywriting books and courses ignore or just gloss)
  • The worlds most-feared negotiators secret (used to broker $500 million dollar deals in corporate America) to making sure your sales letters are always 100% exciting and interesting.
  • A bizarre (but ridiculously effective) way of using an ordinary dog leash to create ads that win even against better “written” copy!
  • The 1960s Mad Man era secret to writing headlines that get people eagerly reading every word of your sales letters.
  • The naked-man-in-the-woods headline tactic of an 8-figure earning copywriter that keeps readers glued to your ads — even if they’re being bombarded with texts, ringing phones, Facebook messages, crying babies, and other distractions.
  • Facebooks secret swipe file for writing ads so effective it gets people almost mad at you for interrupting their day because they cant resist reading your sales pitches!
  • 11 “newbie proof” headline templates (with real-life examples) that are…


Here are even more copywriting secrets patiently waiting for you inside:

  • A sneaky way to use your competitors products and services to sell yours! (I once did this in an ad for a martial arts school and his new member count went through the roof.)
  • A 6-word “Old Faithful” sales letter opener anyone can use, that works for almost any ad you will ever need to write.
  • A little-known (and 100% free) way to get some of the best writers on the planet (who know your exact market better than any copywriter ever will) to write big chunks of your copy for you.
  • The most “fail proof” way to write ads ever invented. (Straight from the man who founded Sears — and nope, it has nothing to do with being a good writer.)
  • The devils backbone secret to making boring products sound 100 times more interesting.
  • A 15-second sales letter design trick for making your ads up to 10x’s easier to read and buy from. (And don’t worry, no design or software skills necessary — if you can select and bold words with your mouse, you can do this!)
  • How one of Americas top sales trainers spins the worst flaws and negative aspects of products and services into red hot reasons to buy!
  • How to sell to “fire breathing” skeptics in your sales letters.
  • How studying the great copywriter John Caples can get you in legal hot water. (Disclaimer: I am a huge John Caples fanboy and believe every copywriter should study his work. But, there is something he did in one of his more famous ads that, if you do it today could get you fined by the government or worse! Details inside)
  • A “magic bullet” way to…



Here’s what else you’ll find inside Copy Slacker:

  • How people are neurologically hard wired to be persuaded. (This info has been used to generate huge amounts of money by everyone from vicious propaganda machines to worldwide peaceful religions heres how to use it to make a ton of sales in your ads.)
  • A secret place to get free top notch copywriting critiques. (Many of the world’s highest selling copywriters go to these same people for critiques for their own ads.)
  • The back-asswards” order in which old school copywriters wrote their copy that crawled inside their customers psychology and virtually tormented them until they bought!
  • When having a lower price can hurt your sales, your branding, and even your reputation!
  • How to download a copywriting clients personality and voice into your ads so it sounds exactly like them in your copy. (If youre a freelancer, this could almost eliminate re-writes, changes, or annoying time-consuming edits.)
  • A Harvard psychologist’s secret method for mentally disturbing your prospects into wanting to buy from your ads.
  • How to legally and ethically borrow proof and credibility from other people to make your ads more believable and persuasive. (Hint: You can see this in action if you read the bestselling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.)
  • The exact best length a sales letter or advertisement should be.
  • How to spin awful, traumatic, and painful things that happen to you into high-pulling sales copy.
  • How to (ethically) inflict psychological pain on your prospects in your ads… and make them far more likely to buy your products. (The great A-list copywriter David Deutsch once did this to sell a dry, boring book about a subject most people couldn’t care less about — imagine how well it can work with an interesting product!)
  • The drug dealer sales letter opener that works like crazy to get people to read your ads top to bottom. (This works so well you almost have to be careful otherwise you could get a lot of people buying from your sales letters who arent even prospects for what youre selling!)
  • 12 ways to write bullet points that “seep” right into your reader’s psychology and…


We’ve got even more copywriting tips found inside, including:

  • How to open your sales letters so you slip right past your readers natural, built-in sales defenses.
  • The “fables & fairy tales” secret for writing ads that are so darn persuasive they can sometimes work even on people who are dead set against what you teach!
  • How to use dusty old text books to give yourself instant credibility when selling an unproven product with no track record or testimonials.
  • Worst possible place to put a testimonial in your ads where they can actually work against your sales.
  • The best emotion to focus on in your ads. (Some people appeal to greed some to fear still others to anger, or envy, or lust, or pride. But this emotion blows them all away and makes your ads almost fail proof.)
  • The best daily habit new copywriters should develop to make the most money as fast as humanely possible. (Doing this got me hired by 3 of my most lucrative clients, and it automatically makes you a more persuasive writer, too.)
  • The one thing you can do today to make your ads almost instantly more responsive. (The late direct mail guru Dick Benson insisted this is one of the best things you can do to your copy to pump up your response right away.)
  • The best kind of music to listen to when writing ads.
  • How to harness negative feelings & memories to write ads faster.
  • How to get people hot to buy from your sales letters without using any actual claims.
  • And a whole bunch more, including:

How to use an ordinary copyright notice to instantly banish “writers block”… A quick and accurate way to know with near certainty if your copy will be a hit without running a single test… The best part of an ad (not the headline) to split test right away… The exact best place to address objections in your sales letters… How adding just 1-2 short lines of copy to your sales letter’s first page can make it instantly more persuasive… The trick to making your ads pull more sales by telling people NOT to buy… and much, much more.

Anyway, I could go on and on, but here is the deal:

Copy Slacker is a 4.5 hour long “crash course” (you can learn in one sitting, if you choose) taught via video and MP3 audio. It comes in a small “bare bones” (nothing pretty or fancy, in fact it’s butt ugly) package — consisting of a few DVD’s and a thumb drive with all the files on it for easy loading on to any computer or device. The information is designed to be consumed (and implemented) fast, and can be applied to any kind of sales letters you write — online ads, offline ads, video ads, and even Kindle ads.


Here’s a little taste of what’s inside these bonus videos:

  • How to “jimmy” your ads to make even super expensive products seem cheap.
  • How to create urgency in your ads if you don’t have a hard deadline.
  • The old time “fire & brimstone” preacher ‘s secret to writing ads that make people anxious to buy from you.
  • How to double the power of your customer testimonials.
  • How to find the best “hook” for your ad…and how to know when you’ve found it.
  • A powerful “twist” you can put on refund guarantees that makes your offer very hard to resist buying from.
  • What never to say in a sales letter if you’re selling to women.
  • A secret way to use the Bible to make your ads more responsive.
  • How to make more sales by toning down your ads and claims.
  • How to use copywriting to help turn your Kindle books into best-sellers.
  • Two lines to add to your copy that will make the rest of your ad more persuasive.
  • How to add “flavor” to your sentences so everything goes right into your reader’s psychology.
  • How to know what kind of tone to use in your copy.
  • When leading your ads with your most powerful claims can destroy your sales.
  • How to keep the attention of people with hyper low attention spans.
  • A secret way of using political elections to make your ads more profitable.
  • How to counter sticker shock if you charge high prices.
  • A secret copywriting trick used by weight loss ads to make your product stand out in crowded market places.
  • Tips on how to sell services with sales letters.
  • The “jerk at the BBQ” secret for making almost any product more appealing.
  • How not to answer the phone if you want to make more sales.
  • What to write in photo captions in your ads for highest response.
  • Weird (but true) insights into how to write sales letters to ice cold traffic.
  • How to get professional Hollywood screenwriters to write some of your copy for you without paying them.
  • How to use the exact same trick professional pick up artists use to pick up women (who normally would find those guys repulsive) to close far more sales in your copy.

Perry Marshall & Mike Rhodes – Display Network Bootcamp 2016

Perry-Marshall-Mike-Rhodes-–-Display-Network-Bootcamp-2016 (1)

Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $949
Download Size: 2.9GB
Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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In Google’s Display Network,
1% of the Advertisers get ONE FOURTH of the Clicks.
What Will Happen When YOU Enter the Top 1%?


In 5 Modules, AdWords Expert Mike Rhodes Will Transport You to The Top 1% Of All Advertisers On Google’s Display Network.




Google has lost some of its arrogance. Google is now NOT the only game in town for traffic. Facebook is justifiably HOT.

And Google knows it. And there isn’t anything they can do to stop it. They can’t even spider a lot of the activity on Facebook.

But believe you me, they are working like crazy to match Facebook’s pace and remain the 800 pound gorilla. Which includes some very advanced, sophisticated audience profiling.

And while the world is all gaga over Facebook, most people are ignoring a goldmine that’s right under their nose. Display Network is half of Google’s revenue and Google has been sharpening their game while you’ve been ignoring them.


I love the endless variety of things you can test with banners. Most advertisers fail to even try 95% of the possibilities. You can test a dozen text ads, pick a winner, then leap frog a 2nd time with image and color variations. You can do things with images that are unimaginable in text. And…

Are You a Google AdWords Consultant?
Master Display Network and Leapfrog Over 80% of Your Consulting Competition.

When you can produce leads and sales from the Display Network (which to most people is an opaque mystery-box) then you can overwhelm your clients with proof that other consultants simply cannot produce.

Which is why we’re providing an Expert Training with Mike Rhodes.

Mike Rhodes is one of the world’s most skilled Display Network jockeys, and he’s a discerning, relatable mentor and guide.

Mike Runs One of Australia’s Biggest PPC Management Firms, and What He Will Show You in this 5-Module Power Course Is Exactly What and How He Teaches His 7-Figure Team to Run Display Network Campaigns


Module 1: The Many Ways to Exploit GDN Targeting

  • Behavioral targeting deep dive – “The future of the internet”
  • How to use Google’s newest feature ‘customer match’ email lists
  • Managed placements explained & where to find them
  • How to use the super-powerful Contextual targeting options the right way
  • How to get clicks for pennies & CTRs over 20% (hint, it’s not YouTube)
  • How to leverage your new-found remarketing prowess in your existing search campaigns

Module 2: Building Your Campaigns the Right Way from the Ground Up

  • The slow way
  • The fast way
  • the automatic way (the future is here!)
  • Bid and Budget management tips from the pros
  • The only 2 paid tools you’ll need for ongoing GDN management
  • A deep dive into AdWords Editor’s more profitable, traffic-pulling features

Module 3: How to Construct Your Offers, Landing Pages & Ad Design

  • The power of a big-ticket backend…how to leverage the power of compound interest with the Display Network
  • Behind the scenes of a multi-million-dollar Display Network funnel
  • The good, the bad and the ugly…example landing pages
  • Steal Mike’s landing page checklist
  • The importance of keeping your visitors happy & why ‘scent’ is important
  • How to test different ad designs without wasting time and money
  • Where to ‘borrow’ ideas for interesting ad design
  • The single most important ad size

Module 4: How to Plan & Measure for Success

  • How to tie your display strategy to your big-picture business goals and not get mired in the quicksand of AdWords minutia
  • How to track conversions quickly, accurately and painlessly
  • The “optimum conversion rate” you must achieve…and why you’ll sputter and flail to reach profitability if you don’t
  • Steal Mike’s conversion audit checklist
  • Google’s Tag Manager. Should you use it? Why, and most importantly, how?
  • How to use call tracking to maximize conversions

Module 5: Advanced Session (Basic+ and VIP Only)

  • Diving deeper into Gmail ads
  • The updated YouTube interface, what you need to know
  • How to use pivot tables to super-charge your account management
  • How to use ‘similar’ audience lists most effectively and profitably
  • Advanced campaign settings
  • More Adwords Editor tips & tricks


2% of the advertisers get 50% of the traffic. My job is to equip you to land in that top 2%. The other 98% fight over the scraps. In market after market after market, one or two of the top 5 advertisers are my students or students of people I’ve coached.

AdWords is vastly more complex than when it was introduced. Our friends in Mountain View continue to throw up smoke screens…and slaps…and right side wipeouts. The devil’s in the details. The details will either swallow you up, or they’ll open up new opportunities for capturing even more profitable traffic. Opportunities that are increasingly difficult for rivals to mine. The gulf between the winners and the whiners continues to widen.

The increasing complexity of AdWords works against you if you’re behind the curve. It works for you if you’re aheadof the curve. Once you’ve gained a foothold, it is increasingly difficult for competitors to enter your market. (This has never been more true than right now…and it’s never been more true than in the Google Display Network…

The Least Understood Aspect Of AdWords?

The Display Network is, in my opinion, the least understood and most tragically ignored territory in AdWords. If Search is checkers, Display is Chess. Risker, but far more rewarding. For some advertisers a treasure trove of quality traffic. It’s the largest advertising network in the world. It’s gotten steadily better for the last 8 years but most people still burn their money on bad visitors. I don’t know of anyone better than Mike Rhodes to show you how to find the hidden gold in the mysterious cloud of the GDN.

Good news if you have ears to hear it: Not one Google Display Network advertiser in 200 harnesses all the techniques Mike will arm you with in this four-week Boot Camp. You will be well-armed for battle and the things that trip up most people will NOT get in your way.

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Stop Struggling to Get Qualified Leads

Get A CONSTANT Flow of Leads In ONLY 7 Days With Our Proven Plug-n-Play Funnel!


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A proven funnel guaranteed to bring in a STEADY stream of leads in ONLY 7 days…

Here’s what you’ll get:

Day 1: Sidewalk Funnel Training – We’re going to uncover the sidewalk funnel that you’re going to be developing in the next 7 days. We’ll review everything you’ll need as well as how this program will work with your current business to bring in more qualified leads almost instantly.

Day 2: Article Creation And Publishing – A secret part of being able to generate leads is using a tactic we call “relevancy hacking”. The first part of this relevancy hacking is ensuring we have articles that can introduce a potential ‘pain’ and solution, allowing us to create a perfect target audience for our lead generation tactics.

Day 3: Lead Magnets – Lead magnets allow us to develop very specific pain-alleviating aids to our potential customers. They show our authority, introduce a pain and how to solve it in a very short amount of time. This day is all about developing a low-cost, low-obligation lead magnet that will be seen as true value in the marketplace of your potential customers.

Day 4: Landing Page Creation – Positioning our value is extremely important and using effective landing pages allow you to easily show that unique value proposition to your customers. With our plug and play templates for Unbounce, you can easily get started with your landing page and have it online in minutes.

Day 5: Email Marketing – Email marketing isn’t going to be difficult for you. Using our nurture sequence you’ll be able to turn strangers into qualified leads that know, like and trust you so you can bring them to the next level. Our 1-click automation also allows you to integrate it directly into your email platform, making it super simple to get your automation running instantly.

Day 6: Facebook Advertising – Facebook advertising can be daunting, but not for you. You’re going to be using Facebook advertising to drive an insane amount of traffic, allowing you to turn strangers into potential customers and qualified leads.

Day 7: Deployment – And now it’s time for launch. We’ll make sure you have all the technology integrated and that you’ve reviewed the entire checklist. Then it’s time to go LIVE!


The INFINITUS Sidewalk 7-Day Funnel is a beautifully simple, extremely POWERFUL plug-n-play template that allows you to have new leads coming into your business in ONLY 7 days. Based on PROVEN formulas we’ve used to help thousands of entrepreneurs CRUSH it, this plug-n-play template empowers you to QUICKLY build your own high-powered online marketing funnel.

[Download] Yousef Khalidi – Euro Invasion Shopify Strategy

Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $297
Download Size: 1.6GB
Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Discover How To Sell In Europe



  • The US is turning into an advertising war zone! Americans are being saturated by too many ads everyday. Many those ads come from people like you and i selling Tshirts and other products. Not to mention many of these products are selling in the same niches for the same people. This dilution is causing ad prices to rise and ad effectiveness to decrease.
  • This saturation is affecting the FB algorithm big time! That’s why FB is raising prices on your ads and sticking you with non-buying audiences. If you’re experiencing this, I have some good news for you – read on.


  • Europe has 800 million HUNGRY buyers in a virtually untapped market. The opportunity and huge potential here is … INSANE!
  • Unlike Americans, Europeans rarely see niche product ads! in other words if Erik from Sweden likes Fishing, there is a good chance he has never seen a Fishing tshirt before!
  • All of this leads to cheaper ad costs! You can realistically now get .50 cent CPM’s in Europe!! Your $5 adsets which normally reach 300-400 people in the USA will now suddenly start reaching thousands per day!


  • Low Competition
  • Hungry People Waiting To Buy
  • Unsaturated Market
  • Cheap Ad Costs
  • Crazy High ROI As a Result Of Low Ad Costs
  • And Much More

What EuroInvasion Will Cover:

Understanding The European Market

A warm up and  introduction about the European mentality and overcoming language issues

Finding A Niche

Learn how to find a local niche for a language that you don’t understand

  • Learn what global niches could sell in European countries
  • I’m going to reveal my Reverse Engineering secret! Using this you will find niches even on Jupiter!
  • Another secret i share is how to find CRAZY cheap local people who can help you with everything. I bet you’ll be amazed by how CHEAP and EASY it is!

Finding Perfect Design

Learn how to find the BEST design for your niche VERY EASILY!

  • Copyright and Trademark talk
  • Special Collection of bestselling Quotes which can be easily translated
  • Some Trusted Designers


  • A full chapter on Finding Interests for Local niches.
  • Demonstration of finding interests for 2 local niches in S**D*N ( can you guess what country that is ;P )

Creating Campaigns

  • Master Power Editor
  • Create campaigns from A-Z for local niches. I’ll use the 2 niches we found in the targeting chapter

After Ads – Reading Campaigns And Stats

What 99% of other courses skip

  • Will show you how customize your ads manager view to give you more control over stats
  • Some examples of good and bad campaigns stats

Scaling A Campaign Like A Demon

  • How to scale a campaign after a couple of sales. This is the Most important factor in Europe since targetable interests are hard to find
  • Retargeting, scaling out, scaling up, lookalikes and all the working methods to bring your campaign to the 1000 sales club

[Download] Gerry Crammer, Rob Jones – Overnight Super Affiliate


Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $1997
Download Size: 16GB
Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

This content is for members only.

“How To Make 4-5 Figures Per Day”

How to Earn $22,227 per Day as an “Overnight Super-Affiliate”

(without a product or an email list of your own)

Overnight-Super-Affiliate“Before today, Gerry has only shared this method with a small group of people at an exclusive, live, in-person training in San Diego. Attendees shelled out $5,000 to attend. Sixty percent of the attendees made money within 3 weeks, including a 72-year old retired teacher who didn’t even have a Facebook account before. For the last 8 months, he’s been pulling in $500/day, and he barely even understands the system. He just follows the steps. So please don’t take this training lightly. We recommend you approach this session just as seriously AS IF you just paid $5,000 to attend.”
When you’ve paid more for something, you tend to be more committed. So, looking at it this way will help you to achieve the right mindset. Now that’s this has been stated, let’s begin. It’s likely that you know what a super affiliate is, as opposed to an affiliate, but if you don’t, here’s the difference. A super affiliate is an affiliate who:

  • Top 1% of affiliates
  • Sell other people’s products
  • No creating products
  • No customer support
  • No creating sales pages, etc.
  • Drive traffic, get paid (that’s it)

The screenshot below provides a breakdown of Gerry’s Simple “No Product Funnel”. As you can see, this is dead simple, only requiring three steps, and it is responsible for making Gerry the #1 affiliate on Clickbank several times over. Furthermore, it allows him to rake in upwards of $100k per week.

Overnight-Super-Affiliate-2You are about to be given some very powerful information. It is very possible to use this method for evil. Gerry says that he sees people scamming people and lying to them, and he wants you to promise that if he shares his methods, you won’t use it this way. At the same time, this technique is not for the timid. It’s important to note that Rob and Gerry do market aggressively.

Introducing Rise Academy – Overnight Superaffiliate Program

Overnight-Super-Affiliate-3Rob and Gerry put together the Overnight Superaffiliate Program in order to help people who want to be more successful, or get a great start, in affiliate marketing. If you join today, you’re going to receive:

  • 6 Weeks of Live Coaching
  • Everything from A-Z
  • Which offers to Promote
  • Crafting Ads that Convert
  • Presell Pages that Work
  • High CTR Image File & Checklist

Gerry has only taught this system once before, but he charged $5,000 for this training. Sixty percent of the people who attended went on to make money within 3 weeks. This wasn’t just a couple of hundred dollars a day either. On average, they were making about $2,000 a day, at the very least. They were telling the other students about this too, but for one reason or another, those people just couldn’t take action. This kind of frustrated Gerry because, honestly, some people were just getting in their own way.
There were also some people in the group at first because they were overcomplicating it. Gerry commented on this by saying, “Yeah. They were trying to reinvent the wheel, and I said, ‘Hey, listen. I’ve already showed you exactly what to do. So, have you done exactly what I showed you?’” People would often reply with, “Well, not exactly. I was trying to do it this way for my niche.” Gerry would get on the phone with them after that and show them how to fix things, and they couldn’t believe that it was really that simple.
You’re going to be taught everything from A-Z. That’s the full system from start to finish. You’ll get an inside look at what exactly what to do, including what offers to promote and how to craft ads that convert. You’re going to be able to look over their shoulder as they go through everything that you need to set up.
In addition, you’ll get to see which pre-sell pages work and which don’t. Gerry has discovered a handful of pages that work really well. Of course, what you use will depend on your niche, but once you get into the system, it will be easy to figure out which type of pre-sell page would work best for what you’re promoting. After that, creating a pre-sell page for yourself will be very easy because you can just base yours off of what has already been done successfully in the past.
As part of this package, you’re also going to receive a high CTR image file and a checklist. This is very valuable; a lot of work, time, and testing went into this. You can go out and test 1,000 images for yourself, if you like. By investing enough money and time, you might be able to figure out what works the best. Wouldn’t it be wiser just to look at the image file that Gerry has already compiled, see the types of images that convert, and use the same checklist Gerry uses when he is choosing images? That way, you can be confident that your ads will get better click through rates from the beginning, and you won’t have to continually test stuff that’s just not going to work.
Gerry and Rob have been approached by people who want to drive traffic to this offer, and it’s been decided that they are going to sell this package, to cold traffic, for $6,997. Rob says that he actually wanted to sell it for more than this, but Gerry wanted to give their existing customers a deal. Again, the last time they sold this training, people paid $5,000 for it, and the success rates these folks had with it was amazingly high. Rob says, “I think most gurus out there are lucky to have 10% of people even try out their product, let alone have a 60% success rate. They are lucky to have 30%, even consume their product.”

This is a real value. Rob and Gerry will be selling this for $6,997. However, since you are a customer on Gerry and Rob’s lists, you have the chance to purchase this incredible system for just $1,997. That’s phenomenal when you consider that you are going to learn exactly how Gerry’s making $100,000+ per week. You’re going to be able to see right inside what he’s doing, and he’ll be able to critique what you’re doing. In fact, these men are going to hold your hand and show you exactly how you can do this too.

[Download] Andrew Fox & Peter Parks – DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0


Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $2997
Download Size: 4GB
Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

This content is for members only.


”How I Sold $163 Million As An Elite Paid Traffic Expert And
Taught My Students The Same Formula- Check The Results For Yourself”

In 2 Years and 5 Months DNA Wealth Blueprint V 1.0 and 2.0 have produced over


  • 125 , $10,000+ per month revenue generators
  • Seventy five –  $100,000+ per month income earners
  • Nine 7-figure per month income earners


100’s of student success stories from over 16 countries, 3 continents – a truly global opportunity that can be applied across 100’s if not 1000’s of industries.




Case Study  –  Peter takes a newbie  student behind the scenes and shows
you a full-blown case study of how he made $3200 dollars in three days
from scratch.
It’s literally laid out “step-by-step”.   You get to see the exact offer and why they selected it.
You get to see the landing page, you get to see how he split test the headlines,
Split test the images,
Split Test the landing Pages
How to builds out the campaign from scratch
How to optimize the campaign,
You get to see the traffic sources, he reveals everything in this case study.

Warning – You’re getting to see a very aggressive offer for a male enhancement product.

However, you get to see a very ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at the landing page and how this student angles the offer so it sells quickly. You get to see his blog where he sells multiple CPA offers, from skin care, to supplements, to e-commence products. This is absolutely mind blowing how he positions a multitude of CPA offers from one blog.
Breath taking stuff!




(Peter spent over $70,000  trying and testing out various “enterprise level” softwares with most failing the test.
Below you get the results of his hard earned dollars so you don’t have to spend your own)
Peter takes a behind-the-scenes approach and shows you exactly how the super affiliates think and track AND why you need to start thinking like the super affiliates do.
Why Sub ID’s Are Critical To Your CPA Campaigns And How To Set Them Up For Maximum Profitability (Can be the difference between a 22 ROI and over 140% R.O.I)

  • Which 5 key Sub IDs metrics are the key ones you really want to track. 99% of affiliates drop the ball on this aspect of tracking. (Here’s how you can leverage their mistakes to your own financial benefit)
  • “Step-by-step process” how to technically set up to sub IDs  to help you profit right out of the gate.
  • Peter hates  wasting ad spend, not even one penny if he can help it.
  • The #1 sub ID that you can track – Get this right and this could mean the difference between having a five figure and 6 to 7 figure campaign or get this wrong and you could go bankrupt!
  • the KILLER sub ID to set up for mobile campaigns (where huge profits can be made)




Watch as Peter takes you behind-the-scenes into one of the most controversial and passionate niches around.


  • How to become a master wordsmith that crafts ads that convert!
  • Discover the 5 key psychological reasons why many affiliates drop the ball in passionate controversial niches!
  • Learn the  difference between demographics and psychographics and why it’s important that you need to understand both to succeed in CPA marketing!

Inside this Module Peter reveals

  • actual ad placements
  • actual banners
  • actual content rich product landing page
  • Why you MUST use a very specific domain for your CPA offer and funnel or it can cost you $10,000’s in lost commissions!
  • NINJA TRICK – You’ll be introduced to a new targeting service that some very smart super affiliates are using and how you can get access to it as well!
  • You’ll also get a very powerful description on why keywords are very important with CPA marketing especially when it comes to media buys using this particular service!
  • This Meaty module is worth the investment in DNA 3.0 on its own – there’s only pure gold kept inside!




In this module Peter shows you how affiliates become super affiliates…. and eventually become advertisers to ultimately own the game.
The strategies revealed here other super affiliates have gone on to build their empires as advertisers and CPA network owners in excess of $168MM, $350MM, and Beyond.

  • You’ll learn exactly what your secret weapons are with the assets in this space and how to leverage them
  • The 3 most important competitive intelligence tools (And why you MUST be using these)
  • “Tell Tale Factor” – What is the right amount of ROI you need to decide whether or not you can scale.
  • Why email is so important in CPA marketing yet so many advertisers drop the ball on it (While I laugh all the way to the bank cashing in on their mistakes)
  • Asking advertisers for the “magic wand” (Most affiliates would never be so daring to ask for this) and why you need it to scale  your business past seven and eight figures.
  • And  much, much more, this is a meaty almost 32+ minutes in length. You will need to watch this at least three or four times to grasp all the concepts before taking action, its that good. (Here’s a hint, turn off the phone, send the kids to grandmas house, put the dog in the kennel and lock yourself inside your office, grab a cup of bulletproof and dig in  – this is gold dust!)




In this module Peter shows you one of the most advanced features smart marketers are using to completely dominate FB® platform.
This particular strategy is about using CPA bidding on the blue beast platform.
This is one of the most powerful forms of bidding that FB® can give you, as many simply don’t use it or know about it.

  • How to use CPA effectively that basically forces the network to send you optimized traffic.
  • How to ethically “use ” the FB® algorithm to send you sub penny clicks and highly qualified traffic.
  • Staying 100% in control of your conversions (and how to track everything from A-Z)
  • SUPER TIP! How to avoid being at the mercy of FB® bidding algorithm and  how to bypass it so you can stay ahead laughing all the way to the bank.
  • Why you should use C.P.A bidding versus the other modules – Failure to understand the bidding strategies will cost you an arm and a leg…. but get this right and it’s just a matter of highly profitable scaling.




From over 8 to 9 years of ‘trial and error” experience, Peter takes you behind-the-scenes and shows you the exact processes on  how he built out his team.


  • The EXACT processes he has created for his students and clients have built out teams over the last 8 to 9 years to eight figures and almost 9 figures!
  • This is one of the major roadblocks for lots of marketers, lots of entrepreneurs is team building they don’t know where to go, or how to go about the process!
  • Many fail and have their businesses shut down literally overnight because of it!
  • Hire wrong out of the gate and you will suffer headaches,  endless waste of money and months of heartache!

In this “Build a Team Like A Boss” module you  will learn…

  • What positions are the absolute most CRITICAL for growing your business!
  • Where the A+ superstars and high-level players hang out, how to approach and incentive them!
  • The #1 worst  thing that you can do to approaching someone to work with you!
  • Why the old way of hiring people is no longer applicable in the digital age!
  • The best places to vet people out!
  • Why you shouldn’t go to an outsourcing firm…(or you should if you want to burn an unnecessary hole in your back pocket  –?
  • CASE STUDY – Peter shows you a real life example in which he recently acquired a brand new “A” player team!
  • You’ll get the actual template that Peter uses to hire a triple AAA player Internet marketing project manager, media buyer, and the rest of the team!




Warning, Warning, Warning!
In this module the unthinkable is happening…
This case study it not for the faint of heart, but once again in the last 2 versions of DNA Wealth Blueprint people have been asking to show them an aggressive high risk offer so you’ll see how you can push one through the big blue beast.
These are high risk- high reward offers…

  • Case study breakdown of a high octane testosterone booster offer that some affiliates are making $100k a day from!
  • This offer is borderline aggressive and not for some of the networks but you’ll see just how it gets pushed through!
  • Warning – If you run this offer you run it at your own risk and you understand that you can and will most likely lose your account and I am not responsible for your actions!
  • But with the flip side being great risk comes great reward if you have the “advertising balls of steel”!
  • You get the inside peek at some of the metrics and why it so important for you to understand!
  • You’ll see the FB® page and how its set up for conversion which is key and why its been working since 2013!
  • You’ll see the ad and you’ll be shown how the psychology plays into it so it gets “the click” and already “pre-frames” the sale!
  • In an opposite twist You’ll see the “down and dirty” blog that only serves one purpose !…(can you guess what that is)
  • You’ll see the cost to build out the list!
  • A hardcore lesson in banner split testing will be shown and what very few marketers and affiliates talk about, along with how and when to optimize so you can scale for truck loads of the “green stuff”!
  • Whats even better?…You get to see the final banners that made the cut!
  • it’s simple over the edge type stuff that isn’t for the beginner!
  • And much, much more, you simply have to grab the course just for this case study itself!


Mystery Peter Parks Rock Star Student  – Newbie to Super Success

Six Amazing Videos Spread Over 3 Modules

This is a special guest module from Peters “mystery student ” – from newbie to massive success. Six videos over 3 modules
” Module 1 – Competitive Intelligence”
” Module 2 -White Hat Vs Blackhat”
” Module 3 – Profitable Campaign Set up”

  • ” Competitive Intelligence”
  • Discover What’s Already Working And How To Make Money Using Competitive Intelligence!
  • Why To Never Reinvent The Wheel And Exactly How To Profit From Existing Funnels!
  • How To Do Proper Research Before Starting Any Campaign!
  • The 2 Ways To Find Out What Works In Building Out Profitable Campaigns!
  • When To Use Competitive Spy Tools & Manual Spying!
  • How To Reverse Engineer Traffic Sources And Replicate Similar Campaigns
  • The Most Specific Questions You Need To Ask Your Affiliate Manager! serves one purpose…(can you guess what that is)
  • Blackhat Vs Whitehat Module
  • How to Know When to Go Whitehat Or Blackhat To Best Monetize A Campaign!
  • How To Get Accepted By Traffic Networks!
  • How To Cloak For Uncompliant Pages You Want To Promote!
  • How To Run Aggressive Campaigns That Can Bring A Lucrative Cash-flow!
  • Learn What Types Of Pages To Never Publish That Networks Won’t Allow!
  • Discover Which Types Of Aggressive CPA Offers That Make The Most Money!
  • See Exclusive Behind The Scenes Techniques On Tracking URLS And Redirects!
  • How To Use Tracking IDs and Tokens To Lock-In Your Commissions!
  • Profitable Campaign Setup
  • How To Launch Profitable Campaigns Geared To Create Cash Flow!
  • How To Budget, Test And Scale To Become Profitable!
  • Learn How Many Variables To Test When Running Campaigns!
  • Why to Test Tightly And How Many Offers To Start With!
  • Why To Use 2 Completely Different Styles Of Landing Pages
  • How To Determine ROI On Campaigns In Relation To Payouts!
  • How To Become Successful Starting With A Low Budget!
  • How To Scale Up Faster As You Build Your Ad Budget!



Exclusive Guest Modules from Matt Schmitt  – $100,000’S REVENUES using FB  + Shopify

5 Incredible Videos Over Three Modules

Special Guest Modules By Matt Schmitt.
Matt is a master of selling $100,000’s of revenue on shopify using FB ads.
He has generously contributed 6 videos over 3 modules.
Module 1 – Niche Product Selection – 2 videos
Module 2 – Shopify Set Up – 2 videos
Module 3 – Store Sustainability
1 video

  • Module 1 – Niche Product Selection Module
  • Why It’s Crucial To Have A Niche & Product Selected Before You Start Building Your Store!
  • How To Continually Grow Your FB Audience For Years Without Burning Them Out!
  • The One Engagement Emotion That Drives Your FB Ads To A Huge Viral Audience!
  • Why Competition Is A Good Thing And How To Use It To Beat Competitors At Their Game!
  • Discover Which Niches Have The Absolute Biggest Pools Of Buyers And How To Select The Best Ones For Your Offers!
  • How To Understand Nuances Of Any Niche Market And How Important It Is To Find Top Opportunities!
  • Module 2 – Shopify Set up
  • Discover The MVP Model That Gets Your Store Functional And Money Coming In The Door!
  • The One 3rd Party Platform To Build Your Store On To Dominate Virtual Markets Without A Brick & Mortar Presence!
  • How A Relatively Cheap Store Solution Beats The Higher Cost Alternatives!
  • Watch Over The Shoulder On How To Build Out A Minimal Viable Product Store!
  • Discover The Fastest Way To Build Your Store Without A Large Investment!
  • Module 3 – Store Sustainability
  • How To Create a Good Customer Experience And Make Them Like And Trust You!
  • Discover How To Optimize Your Store To Convert More Sales!
  • Discover The Crucial Pages That Get The Most Visits And How To Setup Your Site Navigation To Capture The Most Buyers!
  • Discover How To Engage Your Customers To Come Back And Buy Again And Again!

[Download] Online Seminar Sales Funnel – Jovan Will


Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $997
Download Size: 3.5GB
Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

This content is for members only.

How To SUPERCHARGE Your Seminars And Have Them Working For You 24/7


Well today we want to challenge you work smarter, to learn from my costly mistakes, and to finally work smarter, work less, help more people, and make more money!

We would also like to challenge you to imagine how good it will feel to finally have your best presentations being watched andcreating qualified leads for you around the clock, on autopilot, usually at little to no cost to you.

Just imagine how your business will change when you can recreate yourself and have your #1 Salesperson (YOU), selling for you and marketing for you around the clock. Not to mention, how many more people you can help and serve when your prospects are being SOLD ON YOU before they even speak to you or hear from you.

Imagine the AUTHORITY that you will have when your ideal prospects are watching your presentations and hearing your message all over the web.

And imagine the POWER that you will have when you have finally have full CONTROL of your lead and sales funnel.

Here’s how the Online Seminar Sales System works:

The “Online Seminar Sales Funnel” is a 5-part, step-by-step (walk-you-by-the-hand) video training course, that is guaranteed to help you:

(1) Take any seminar presentation online (or any PowerPoint or KeyNote presentation for that matter)

(2) Drive free traffic to the video presentation (and even $.05 targeted views if you want to turbo-charge it)

(3) Build landing pages with no help from a web developer, and then how to build out the entire lead capturing and automated email sequence in just a few days.

Did we mention that we will teach you how to do the entire process from scratch?

Literally taking you by the hand and walking you through every single step. Even if you have no idea how to upload videos to YouTube, how to send an automated email, or how to get a landing page going.

We actually make the assumption in our comprehensive course that you have never done any of those things before.

Also, there is Absolutely NO need for any camera equipment, a web developer, or even a website for that matter (we teach you how to build proven landing page templates in minutes).

By the time you’re done, you’ll be an online authority more than ever before, you will have your presentations and your #1 salesperson (YOU) out there selling and working on your behalf around the clock, and you will be in position to start creating ideal prospects regardless if you are working, at home in your flip-flops, on vacation, or even sleeping!

And don’t worry, the entire 5-day course is recorded so you can complete it on your own time from the comfort of your own home or office. We even have it mobile and tablet friendly.



In fact, any financial professional who is coachable, and has a desire to improve their marketing can do this.


Automated Lead Funnel On Steroids

Creating the entire sales funnel to magnetically attract and convert qualified prospects from your YouTube videos is probably easier than you think, but it does require some planning.

In this comprehensive course, you’ll get very specific, step-by-step instructions and visual examples on how to build your entire online sales funnel from scratch. We will literally take you by the hand and assume that you have never even seen a YouTube channel before.

We make it easy to understand, exciting to learn, and at the end of the day, it’s all about getting you solid results.

We will also show you how to jumpstart your videos so YouTube notices them quickly, how to “piggy-back” off of similar videos with a lot of views, how to build proven landing pages, and how to seamlessly turn your message into a steady lead funnel.

I’ll even give you our first 3 proven emails for your email sequence. You’ll also learn how to make your content, your story, your videos, and your message more engaging and suspenseful than your favorite novel . . . even if you stink at selling, and even if you can’t write copy to save your life.

You will even receive some pretty over the top FREE BONUSES to help you build even more Authority, and help you receive even more leads. And these free bonuses that we are giving you for enrolling today are worth thousands of dollars by themselves!

BRAND NEW BONUS…How To Self-Publish A Book In 120 Days

One of the bonuses is actually an ENTIRE New Course on how you can write a book (and make money from it) that I will be rolling out soon, and charging a similar amount to the total price of this Online Seminar Sales Funnel. So you will get two products for the price of one!

In this course, we’ll show you how you can build this out so robust that it finally enables you to live that LIFESTYLE you always dreamed of.

We have helped top advisors work from home, make more money, work less (just working smarter), and spend more time doing things that meant a lot to them…like family, giving back to my community, traveling, and my health.

But once these advisors mastered Internet Marketing, and realized how easy it was to replicate themselves online over and over again, all of their LIFESTYLE dreams have become a reality.

Why can’t that be YOU???

Every Tool You Need To

Succeed at Internet Marketing

I’m also going to show you every single tool, software, and template that we use to create all of our leads. And not just the software and tools that we use to create leads from YouTube videos, but all of our many hundreds of Internet leads that we are creating every month from all of our sites.

Let me tell you a quick story.

Years ago when I was just getting started, I dropped $5,500 on a weekend Internet Marketing bootcamp from a popular Internet Marketing guru in Boise.

The creator of the bootcamp taught me every single one of the tools that he was using, and how he was using them. The guy was making a fortune online, and I was dying to know what tools he was using to make it all happen.

And let me tell you, it was worth every penny and then some! I’ve got to spends tens of thousands of dollars more in Internet marketing training and coaching programs.

Since then, we’ve personally launched over numerous high-converting landing pages, that have produced over $500 million in financial product sales.

We let our tools and templates do all of the work!

And we will be showing you EVERYTHING that I learned in my journey, and then how to use them all to start creating leads and authority on autopilot!

These tools (that I will be revealing to you AND showing you EXACTLY how to use) changed the game for us. And although we will present some alternative ways to do all of this for free, the worst case scenario for ALL of the tools and templates that we use is a recurring $57 per month and perhaps a one time $299 ($99 if you use a Mac) fee if you want a professional grade video editing program. For many of you, it will be far less, or nothing at all if you have some of these tools already.

But at any rate, if you are serious about your business, and taking your sales funnel online, you need these tools. Don’t be cheap because it will cost you in the long run.

For instance, if you end up using the free versions of our tools, I can promise you that you will convert fewer leads. And if each lead represents a potential client that could be worth many thousands (or even many tens of thousands), why would you risk losing that to save $57 per month?

Not to mention, the tools and software that I will recommend for you to buy will be game changers in terms of your overall online marketing. We know because they have completely revolutionized the way we build online sales funnels today.

The unlimited landing page templates alone for less than $40 per month have saved us over $6,000 per month in web developer costs… plus, we now have the ability to quickly make a new customized pages without having to track down a developer.

And if you can’t make up $57 per month with just one new client this year, then either you never implemented anything that we are teaching.

And you have my word that the latter will never happen.


Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Inside Online Seminar Sales Funnel Training

  • Online-Seminar-Sales-Funnel-Jovan-Will
  • How to transform any PowerPoint or Keynote presentation into an online lead and sales funnel that is working for you and selling for you on autopilot
  • The exact steps to build the entire online sales funnel from scratch, even if you don’t have a presentation yet
  • How to create a steady stream of online leads so you can finally gain control of your lead flow
  • The breakdown of every single tool, software, and template that we use to create our leads, and our customized sales funnels
  • How to drive free traffic to your videos on YouTube, how to get them found in the YouTube suggested and recommended areas, and how to get your ideal prospects to take action after watching your videos
  • How to create proven landing pages in minutes, without any staff or any web developer
  • How to build out an email autoresponder from scratch using our email templates with any of the following popular autoresponders (Infusionsoft, Aweber, and Mailchimp)
  • FREE BONUS – The full course called, “How to write, self-publish, and market a financial book on Amazon.com in 120 days or less” – from start to finish.
  • FREE BONUS – Learn  secrets to $.05 targeted YouTube views, and how to convert those $.05 views into leads
  • FREE BONUS – “Over The Shoulder” view where he shows you how you could be building the entire sales funnel in 5 hours (including getting 8 leads in 24 hours) all from scratch
  • FREE BONUS – 28+ YouTube training videos from our Ultimate Digital Marketing Recipe which go in-depth on how to WIN on YouTube with some of the coolest tricks that only the Pros know

[Download] Brendon Burchard – Experts Academy 2016


Get Brendon’s step-by-step, start-from-scratch plans for marketing your advice, brand and products online. Grow your list, get followers, sell products, and become a highly-followed, highly-respected thought leader starting this year!

Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $1997
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It’s time to share your voice and create a fortune sharing your advice and content with the world.

Brendon’s NEW training program will teach you how to START, choose your topic, build your brand online, sell products, and finally develop the followership you’ve always wanted.

You don’t need a list, a following, or even a product YET. Brendon’s job is to show you HOW to get those things and build a well-respected brand.

He’ll teach you — just like he has for tens of thousands of students — how people become highly-paid authors, speakers, coaches, online trainers, and social media thought leaders.

You’ll learn how people have started from scratch and gone on to sell their advice, knowledge and content online.

How do people create information products, build huge online followings, and create recurring sales and life-long students? Brendon explains it all and gives you examples, templates, worksheets and tools to help you get going.

You can inspire people with what you know. It’s time to monetize your life’s story, advice and passions. It’s time to become an author, speaker, coach, online trainer, and social media thought leader. Experts Academy teaches you how…

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    Brand new 7-week marketing training course for authors, speakers, coaches, online trainers, and social thought leaders. Modules release each week for seven weeks once you enroll, but you have access to the course for life and can go at your own pace. Brendon takes you on a deep-dive into:

    • how to create your content, positioning and website so you can start building your list, following and career. (This is week #1 in your training)
    • how to stand out and sell anything so you can differentiate yourself and sell great products with confidence. (Week #2)
    • how online trainers and thought leaders monetize their content (week #3). This answers how you to start building your list, creating online courses and webinars that you charge money for, and setup recurring revenue training programs like monthly subscriptions.
    • how bestselling authors write and promote bestsellers (week #4). You’ll learn the process for picking your title, writing a book, getting an agent, choosing the right publisher (or self-publishing), and the difference between the three main bookselling promotional campaigns.
    • how speakers hold events and highly-lucrative and webcasts (week #5). You’ll learn how to speak and sell without traveling through videos and live webcasts.
    • how life coaches and executive coaches get clients and scale their businesses. You know how lucrative coaching has become, but why aren’t you coaching yet? You probably don’t know where to start, how to coach with an effective process, how to get clients, or how to begin more lucrative group coaching. You’ll learn that here in week #6!
    • how social media thought leaders leverage modern tools to explode their traffic and followership (week #7). You’ll get the same step-by-step blueprint Brendon has used to get millions of fans, likes, and subscribers online!
    Every month for the next 12 months, Brendon will be LIVE training you on a new marketing case study. You’ll learn what’s working for Brendon and other leading global experts. You’ll see actual multimillion-dollar campaigns from Brendon, each explained and broken down into actionable steps you can begin.
    Only previously taught at his $10k marketing seminar, Brendon teaches his secret social media strategies that helped him to reach millions with his message. Brendon pulls back the curtain on how he grew his page to 4M followers and shows exactly how you can reach more people with your message too! The 5 video training course releases after the 4-week core Experts Academy 2016 training.
    Our LIVE seminar is a gathering of upcoming experts and hundreds of highly-experienced authors, speakers, coaches, and online trainers. It’s where Brendon teaches his best strategies and orchestrates unparalleled networking opportunities for you to meet potention promotional partners. Our next event is October 27-30th, 2016, in Santa Clara, CA. There is no tuition for you (you save $1997), though you will pay a one-time separate $97 materials fee if you wish to attend.
  5. NEW: BONUS #4: Thought Leader Foundation Course! (Value $997)
    Brendon hosted a LIVE 4-day online world premiere this year, answering all the most common questions he’s received in building his multimillion-dollar empire. Now you get this new training FREE when you register today!

You get ALL this as part of the EXPERTS ACADEMY 2016!

That’s $8,486 worth of bonuses alone!

What’s it worth to have one of the most
successful trainers in history give you
his most effective strategies?

For 10 years, Brendon has been innovating and leading the experts industry.

… 18 online launches that generated over a million dollars each…
… 3 New York Times bestsellers…
… 50,000,000 video views…
… Years of sold-out seminars…
… A who’s-who list of coaching clients and students…
… Over 10 million online followers across branded pages…
… Tens of millions of dollars in revenue and marketing insight…

How does he do it all?

How have his students gained such massive impact and income?

That’s what Experts Academy teaches you.

Let’s get you creating and implementing with more strategy, more focus, more impact.

We can’t do it all for you, and we cannot guarantee your specific results by law and common sense, since we don’t know you. (As always, read the disclaimers at the bottom of this page, and know that any entrepreneurial endeavor is not guaranteed to succeed).

We can only guarantee that this is the best program in the world for up-and-coming thought leaders. If you don’t agree, or if you don’t LOVE the program for any reason, just tell us and we’ll give you a 100% refund.

If it’s not the best training you’ve ever seen or heard of, or if you don’t feel you can do it, then just ask for your complete and speedy refund.

But what’s the alternative?

Why spend a decade figuring this stuff out when Brendon has already done it for you?

Let Brendon shorten your learning curve and give you the same strategies and checklists he uses.

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