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Product Description


Authority Marketing is a 25 page, +6000 word report.

This report was designed to teach people how to strategically position themselves as an authority in their field.

It includes five 3D eCovers with editable flat images included.

Topic List:

  • The Power of Authority
  • Carry Yourself Like an Authority
  • Actionable Steps to Become an Authority
  • You are an Authority – Now What?



Ten 400+ word articles that you can post and repurpose any way you want.  The articles are provided in the following formats: .doc | .txt | .pdf | .pages


  • 4 Ways To Become An Authority In Your Field
  • 5 Recommendations To Be Recognized As An Authority
  • Benefits Of Becoming An Authority
  • How To Become An Authority In Your Field
  • How To Carry Yourself Like An Authority Online
  • How Writing Can Help You Become An Authority In Your Niche
  • Ideas To Help You Reach Authority Status
  • Next Step After You’ve Become An Authority Figure
  • What To Do After You’ve Reached Authority Status In Your Niche
  • Why You Should Try To Become An Authority In Your Niche



This package includes a mini-report that complements the main report.  This guide is perfect to use as “opt-in bait”. It includes it’s own 3D eCover with editable flat images included.  Provided in the following formats: .doc | .txt | .pdf | .pages



The mini-report comes with a ready to use HTML squeeze page.  Editable images included. 



This checklist is an overview of the main report.  It breaks the report into easy to read point form format.  This is perfect for hand-outs. Provided in the following formats: .doc | .txt | .pdf | .pages



The main guide is also broken down into an easy-to-follow slidedeck perfect for presentations. Provided in the following formats: .ppt | .keynote



Included in the package is a high-impact infographic.  This graphic showcases information, tips and/or stats about the main report’s topic.  It is ideal for sharing on social media or blogs. It includes an area for you to quickly add your own branding/domain.  Provided in the following formats: .png (web optimized) | .psd (editable)



These 20 large images (800px by 1000px) are created by our in-house designer.  Each poster includes a quote related to the main report’s topic.  These posters can be shared on your website, blog or social networks.  Provided in the following formats: .jpg | .psd (editable



HTML sales and download pages are also included.  These HTML pages include editable source image files.

A pre-written sales letter is also included.  



Build customer loyalty, and revenue by plugging our post-sale autoresponder into any email marketing software. Provided in the following formats: .doc | .txt | .pages



[YES] Can edit, take apart, add to, or sell as is (personal use only)
[YES] Can be bundled with other products
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Can claim full authorship
[YES] Can alter ecover graphics
[NO] Can be used for opt-in bonuses (newsletter signups, etc.) with the exception of the following, which CAN be used as opt-in bonuses:

  • Checklists
  • Posters
  • Infographic
  • Related Articles
  • Mini Report

[NO] Can publish as free web content (i.e. blog posts, social sites, etc..) with the exception of the following which CAN be published freely on the web:

  • Checklists
  • Posters
  • Infographic
  • Related Articles

[NO] Can sell resell rights
[NO] Can sell master resell rights
[NO] Can sell private label rights

[Get] Create backlinks from high PR websites


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Step by step method for creating backlinks from high PR websites and edu sites

Course Description

This is a step by step method for creating backlinks from high PR websites and edu sites. Creating backlinks is part of OFF page SEO. In this course we will actually create backlinks. Once you understand the methodology and create the backlinks yourself side by side, you will be able to create backlinks from any website yourself. It is always better to create a high PR backlink compared to 1000 low PR backlinks. Also there should be a mixture of backlinks, some very high and some medium. In this course I will show you the procedure that everyone uses to create backllinks. At the end there is an assignment with a list of websites from which you will create backlinks yourself. This course has been updated with edu links and social bookmarking sites and will be updated regularly.

What are the requirements?

  • Computer
  • Internet connection

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Create backlinks from High PR websites
  • Create backlinks from Edu sites

What is the target audience?

  • Those who want to learn Off page SEO
  • Those who want to create Backlinks for their sites
  • Those who want to make money by creating Backlinks for others

[Get] Drive Traffic to Your Blog & Get 1K Subscribers Using Quora (2016)


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Course Description

Want to quickly grow your blog, but don’t know how to get started? Yeah, I know… Marketing your blog is the toughest part of building a successful blog.

But what if I told you that you could get a lot of traffic and new subscribers by just doing what you do best – Write quality content?

Quora is a platform with millions of users who are hungry for great content. No only that, but it’s also an untapped marketing channel that many people still don’t know how to use.

If you’ve tried to promote your blog before, you probably know that the level of competition today is quite high. There are so many bloggers using channels like Twitter and Facebook to reach to their audience, that readers can barely notice your voice there.

Marketing experts know how important it is to take advantage of new channels before they get saturated. And that’s exactly what I want to offer you with this course: I want to show you how you can create a marketing system to promote your Blog on Quora and get a never-ending flow of subscribers for your blog.

I’ve used this same system that I teach in this course to get my first 2000 subscribers. Yeah, right. The name of this course is “Get your first 1000 Blog Subscribers using Quora”. But I wasn’t expecting to get another 1000 while recording this course. So, I hope you don’t mind if you end up getting more than a 1000 as well.

Now, it’s up to you. Do you want to grab this opportunity now or leave those thousands of subscribers to all other bloggers out there? Remember that Quora may get saturated someday. So, it’s better to act quickly.

Please feel free to check the video above if you’d like to know more about this course and see the outstanding results I got from using this marketing system on Quora.

A little bit about myself:

I am an online marketing guy who love to teach and share everything that I learn. I’ve worked with a few startups in the past, and my last accomplishment was to launch, grow and monetize the user base of Fubles in UK.

I am currently working on a new project called Smartlab, where my main focus is to provide quality content for people who want to become a little smarter every day. What I teach you in this course is the exact process that I’ve used to get the 2000 subscribers I have today at Smartlab.

Hope to meet you in my course and help you get a thousand of subscribers as well!

What are the requirements?

  • Watch the video “Is this course right for me” to find out if Quora is the right channel for your Blog or Business.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Create a system that keeps getting new subscribers from Quora every day.
  • Find the right questions to answer: The ones that will get you thousands of views and new subscribers for your blog.
  • Understand the key fundamentals of a popular answer and use it in your favour.
  • Create leads that encourage readers to give away their emails.
  • Create targeted landing pages to convert your Quora readers into subscribers.

What is the target audience?

  • Bloggers who have just get started and want to get their first 1000 subscribers
  • Bloggers who have already an audience, and want to grow their Blog even further without having to spend any money on Ads.
  • Startups or businesses that are looking for new ways to improve their Content Marketing strategy.

[Get] FB Leads Academy – Fred Lam


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This is the most advanced level Facebook training you’ll ever see.

Listen, we’ve invested over $10 Million in buying traffic online, Facebook is one of my #1 sources! Fred Lam will walk you through all the details and the most advanced ways of setting up a profitable Leads Ad from Day #1!

It’s literally like receiving a Facebook Masters Degree.

Course descriptions:

FB Lead Ad Mastery Welcome Video
FB Training #1 – Basic Lead Ad Setup
FB Training #2 – Finding Your Perfect Targeting
FB Training #3 – Lead Ad Strategy- Free Gifts
FB Training #4 – Lead Ads Strategy- Coupon Giveaway
FB Training #5 – Lead Ads Strategy- Webinars

[Get] eCom Conversions – Bradley Long


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The Most Complete Training On Rapidly Growing An E-Commerce Business Using Conversion Rate Optimization

This groundbreaking training is ideal for intermediate and advanced Shopify store owners.

It teaches how to get double and triple-digit improvements in conversion rate using a unique 5-step process.

Your buyers will also learn how to accurately run a split-test so they can measure to the penny the improvements they make.

If your list have previously bought Shopify trainings through you, this is the next logical step for them to take things to the next level!


Boost your Shopify store’s sales by up to 235% without spending an extra penny on traffic

A Special Message to All Shopify Store Owners Who Want to Rapidly Grow An e-Commerce Business:


  • The fastest way for your store to achieve market dominance
  • Why ”best practice” isn’t best for your site
  • The one immutable law of business growth
  • The best-kept secret of e-commerce store owners who get rich!
  • How to be 3x more profitable then your competitors without having to be 3x better than them


As well as covering all the basics about how to setup a split-test, this fast-start module gives your business new light through old windows.

You’ll start to see your entire business as a constantly shifting experiment and you’ll quickly stop deliberating over what will and won’t work.

Your decisions won’t be a gamble anymore.

You’ll put your customers in charge, so to speak.

(On top of this, there’s a fantastic side effect, in the age of social media, companies that put their customers first tend to thrive.)

This game-changing mindset-shift stops you wasting money on the endless changes you’ve been making to your website that you have no idea whether they’re helping or hindering your conversion.

Not only that, but your internal processes will be streamlined by following this simple system for creating split-tests. No more lengthy and expensive website redesigns, your website’s design will be an evolution of winning split-test designs.

But in order to ensure you race out of the starting gate at maximum velocity and on the right trajectory, you need to know which of your webpages have the most wealth hidden in plain sight…


Because you’re in the trenches of your business and you more than likely have built it from the ground up, it’s hard for you to see it as your visitors do.

This easy-to-follow module highlights your biggest testing opportunities by showing you precisely how to drill into your Google Analytics (even if you’re completely new to them) and see how visitors flow through your site.

What you get from this is a quick snapshot of how visitors arrive at your site and where they came from. You’ll be able to see exactly where your visitors are dropping-off in frustration or looping back to other pages in confusion.

This may sound like a lot of work but you won’t be spending long in your Analytics account. Once you’ve gleaned this valuable information and sketched out your entire conversion funnel as a simple flow diagram (this can literally be on the back of a napkin), it becomes your roadmap that pinpoints the pages to focus your split-testing on.

But Google Analytics only tells you what people are doing and not why…


For the most part, the reason why your visitors aren’t converting isn’t apparent to you. But the truth is, you’re surrounded by simple obvious solutions and opportunities that can dramatically increase your income. The problem is that you just don’t see them—yet.

Not only that but, many store owners simply expect their visitors to “notice the shipping costs” or easily find the answers to the myriad of questions going through their prospects’ minds, “it’s all there on the website”.

But the truth is, there are only two reasons why your visitors aren’t converting

  • Poor user-experience – it doesn’t matter how beautiful your site looks, if the user-experience is broken, users will bounce straight back to Google to find a better site or just give up altogether.
  • They weren’t persuaded – either by the price, the product/service or your company.

Of course, to get breakthrough results we need to find out, first-hand exactly why they gave-up on your site.

Unfortunately, visitors who didn’t convert leave your site without a trace. So what can you do to find out what they came for? What would have tipped the balance and persuaded them to take action?

Like I said before, if you owned a real-life, physical store, this would be simple: You’d hear their objections first-hand. You’d be able to ask questions and you’d hear what they mumbled as they headed out the door.

Online it’s much harder, but it can be done.

Here’s how it works, I’ll walk you through step-by-step how to setup the tools you need to uncover what’s turning your prospects off, what’s confusing them and what they don’t trust about your business, product or service.

I’ll show you exactly what to ask your prospects and existing customers to find out what their objections are and what’s broken with your user-experience.

Next I’ll show you how to turn the feedback you’ve gathered into a raft of split-test ideas…


So-called “best practices” don’t work because they are not directly connected to the specific problem YOUR visitors are having with YOUR website.

Because of this, your split-test ideas should be based on overcoming your visitors’ objections or fixing the usability breakdowns that you’ve garnered from your visitors’ feedback.

Here’s a simple example…

Let’s say that your site sells an 3D printers and your research uncovers that your visitors’ top two objections are:

(i) price and

(ii) feeling confused and overwhelmed by the number of product choices offered.

Here’s the thing, there are dozens of ways to beat back a price objection from re-crafting your offer, increasing the perceived value with added bonuses, or demonstrating how alternative options would cost significantly more—to name just a few.

Of course, price is often an objection for many sites so eCom Conversions™ gives you a full module on pricing strategiesalone. Everything is covered from reshaping your offers to demonstrating the full value of your product(s).

You can decide whether to tackle one or more of your objections in a single split-test. There are benefits to isolating changes in a test and there are benefits of creating big, bold tests. (How to decide which is best is covered in detail in the Split-Testing 101 module.)

Here’s how you might shoot down the second objection of users feeling confused and overwhelmed;

Let’s say you currently offer 5 options for your 3D printer.

…Can you reduce the number of options down to three?

…Can you create a wizard to help users reach a decision?

…Can you create a comparison chart that clearly defines the benefits and helps users discern on your behalf?

Do you think that running tests that laser-target these objections will move the needle more than fooling around with the layout, colors or call-to-action button?

This in-depth module walks you through example after example of winning split-tests for every type of e-commerce store in every type of market.

This million dollar swipe file gives you a cavalcade of conversion boosting ideas that can be adopted, adapted and applied to your own split-tests.


In the early days, I was wildly “test happy” I liked to test everything that could possibly—even remotely—influence conversions.

That included all the usual suspects such as headlines, designs, prices, premiums, offers, and so on.

But I also ran quite a few “oddball” tests that most split-testers would never even think of trying, including some veryunconventional designs and approaches to writing web-copy.

After running hundreds of tests on dozens of stores (some winners and a lot of losers), I realized that there are 15 high leverage points on any store that when you pull the lever, they produce results.

I call these 15 levers “Conversion Multipliers” and the eCom Conversions™ training has a module dedicated to each.

Once you implement what I show you and pull the levers, it’s like a one-armed-bandit that’s rigged in your favor!



I’ve read close to 80,000 individual responses to online feedback polls and surveys, live chat transcripts and user tests. And it doesn’t take long to start to see a distinct pattern forming—regardless of the product, niche or store.

What I noticed is that would-be purchasers have a set number of questions that they hold in their “mental shopping list” that you must answer in order to satisfy them that

  • You’re a legitimate business
  • They can easily get in touch if they need to
  • That their personal details are safe
  • They’ll get their money back if something goes wrong

And what I ended up with is a definitive list of questions, concerns and worries that pretty much anyone who buys anything online holds in their heads when they’re looking to purchase from a store they’ve never bought from before.

Miss any item off of this 17-point checklist and you’ll be dampening your chances of making the sale.

But don’t worry, the “Web Shoppers’ Checklist” module ensures you generate off-the-chart results by knowing exactly what to say and do to check every box.



In each the modules for this unique, 24 module online program, you’ll be walked through one of the pillars of CRO success that make-up the eCom Conversions System™.

You can also ask any follow-up questions you have on any of 3 x live Q&A calls.

This gives you the chance to examine, evaluate and inspect each relevant piece of the CRO puzzle before putting it into practice. The Q&A calls let you ask any follow-up questions about what you’ve learned and implemented.

But don’t worry, if you can’t make a call or miss any part of the crucial detail—you can watch the videos anytime in your members’ area.

Because of this, you get a fully integrated game plan tailored to your business, not just a fistful of concepts.


Frankly, I haven’t even scratched the surface of every strategy, tactic, principle, common mistake, philosophy, modality and conversion success formula we’re going to cover in explicit detail during this 24 module program.

Just know we will go into detail on such important considerations as:

  • How to use the handful of tools you’ll need to gather visitor feedback.
  • The four most revealing questions to ask to uncover your prospects’ objections.
  • The sneaky trick to finding out exactly what visitors think of your competitors’ sites.
  • Secret to generating a cavalcade of conversion boosting split-test ideas.
  • 15 quick, conversion multipliers that will work on near-any online store.
  • If your visitors have price objections, what strategies to use to quickly dissolve them.
  • What to say to persuade your visitors to buy from you.
  • How to prioritize your split-test ideas for the quickest impact on your bottom-line.
  • The fastest, easiest way to setup a split-test and have it running in under 5 minutes.
  • The 3 most important factors in determining when to conclude a split-test.

[Get] Azon Profit Code – Lenin Govea


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Value: $19.99
Download Size: 908MB
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(…And How You Can Do The Same)


Unlike the “easy button” methods out there that never seem to work, what Lenin is doing works RIGHT NOW… will work tomorrow… and will continue to work for many months and years into the future…

Lenin has perfected a system for going from zero to six figures with Amazon.

In fact, Lenin’s methods work so well, that he’s helped a selected group of students to finally make money online and succeed on Amazon with what he’s taught them.

And now he’s ready to help even more people do the same spreading his “street smarts” and expertise through this new program!




This is what you’ll get inside:


The Lazy Man’s Guide To Make 6 Figures
A Year On Amazon.

Discover why you’re still on time to catch the Amazon wide and ride it like a pro. In this module you’re going to understand how everything works and why amazon is by far the way to go to make 6 figures a year.

Intro Video + Main PDF


One Click Research: Clicking Your Way
To Million-Dollar Products.

This one step is the most important one when it comes to making lots of sales on Amazon. In this module I’ll show you how to discover insanely profitable products and how to select the best one to start off.

Main PDF  +  Product Discovery Sheet + Decision Making Sheet


Easy Product Development

Let others do the heavy lifting. In this module I’ll show you how to create a product that will sell like hot cakes, and at the same time I’ll empower you to hire outsourcers so they do the grunt job, leaving you more time to enjoy your profits.

Main PDF + Training Video for Outsourcers


Know Your Numbers and Win The Amazon Game

Discover the 3 financial “tricks” that I use to on top of the game, and also see how to keep track of your business so you know immediately if you’re turning a profit or not.

Main PDF + Financial Cheat Sheets


Zero-Risk Investments.

In this module I’ll show you how to find honest suppliers and make sure you never get ripped off. I’ll also cover an ingenious way to make your product stand out from the rest with a minimal investment.

Main PDF


Uncommon Marketing Tactics To Put Your Product Out There, Even If You’re On a Budget.

Let me help you sell your stuff. The fact of the matter is that you may have the best product ever, but if no one knows about it, your chances to make money are slim to none. That’s why, in this part of the training I’ll go above and beyond to show you some fail-safe marketing tactics that will help you promote your product.

Main PDF + List of 100 Top Reviewers, Review Groups, Email Blast Services + FREE Email Blast


The Secret To World Class Customer Service

In this part of the training I’ll show you how to deliver the best customer service to delight your buyers and force them to come back… better yet to recommend you with their family and friends and sell more of your stuff.

Main PDF


Taking Your Amazon Business To The Next Level.

Let me help you even more with your business. In this module I show you a couple more secret strategies I personally use to double my income on Amazon, plus a secret bonus you’ll love and that guarantee that you’ll achieve your financial goals.

Main PDF + Secret Bonus

[Get] The Best of Dan Kennedy


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Value: $197
Download Size: 1GB
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Sneak away with the EXACT same Money-Making Tools and Profit Strategies others paid thousands of dollars for. Follow Dan’s experience-based, experienced-tested, and experienced-proven guidance on how to position you and your business for maximum growth, profits and success. Apply Dan’s systems (the same ones people have used to make fortunes with) and you’ll walk away with reliable, predictable, consistent systems that affordably and efficiently provide you with abundant quantities of quality prospects, customers and clients.

  • Re-invent Your Business for Maximum Growth, Profit & Success
  • Turn Your Mailing Lists Into Money
  • Solve ALL Your Advertising, Marketing, & Sales Problems Fast & Forever


One of the BEST libraries of Dan Kennedy writing and interviews ever assembled. Reveals Dan S. Kennedy’s closely guarded secrets previously recorded for Dan’s clients at their request—now available to you for a tiny fraction of what other’s paid for it.

A Fast Start Guide

Get a quick crash course in the underlying fundamental success principles behind all of the marketing advice & examples Dan teaches. Learn his “step-ladder approach” to building powerful ads that instantly yields results.

15 Special Reports

Give yourself the “Million Dollar Marketing Mind” and instantly improve your ads, coupons, sales letters and more with tips ranging from how to create compelling Unique Selling Propositions to ideas for publishers and marketers of Info-Products to instantly double results and increase attendance at events.

61 of Dan’s Best Monthly Exclusive Interviews

Apply even one secret from these exclusive interviews with successful users of direct response advertising, leading experts, entrepreneurs, famous business authors and speakers and you’re sure to make money. Features Perry Marshall, Yanik Silver, Joe Polish, John Carlton and many others including Dan’s commentary.

The 19 Secrets of Exceptional Selling

Know how much business will be coming in each day with predictable certainty with these secrets to overcoming skepticism and what to do before, during and after the sale.

Six Full Years of the No B.S. Marketing Letter

Receive every jam-packed issue (six years worth) of what members refer to as a “day-long intense seminar in print”. Each issue is packed with advertising or sales letter “makeovers”, terrific examples of “what works”, marketing news, trends and ongoing teaching of Dan’s most important strategies.

More Than 1900+ Pages of Solid, Pure Gold Content From Dan Kennedy

Access a massive library of business, marketing and sales know-how proven again and again to get BIG results.

[Get] Walter Bergeron & GKIC – The Exit Strategy Master Plan

Here’s Your NO-NADA-ZERO Risk Enrollment Form….

YES! Sign Me Up For GKIC and Walter Bergeron’s Brand NEW Program:
“The Exit Strategy Master Plan!”


Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $1497
Download Size: 2GB
Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)
Lifetime-VIP Exclusive

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ACT NOW To Get Straight from the “$10 Million Dollar Man” Himself
The ONLY Comprehensive Toolkit That Provides EVERY STEP, EVERY TOOL,
and EVERY STRATEGY You Need to Sell Your Business For TOP
DOLLAR – Putting More Money Into Your Pocket, Today, Tomorrow,

and For the Rest of Your Life – Even If You Don’t Think You’re Ready
and Your Business Is Barely Even Making a Profit…

YES! I want to put ALL the pieces in place to sell my business for BIG MONEY today, tomorrow, or anytime in the future with Walter Bergeron’s incredible NEW system and toolkit: “The Exit Strategy Master Plan.”

These are the exact same blueprints Walter Bergeron used to engineer his own $10 million dollar payday when he sold his business for top dollar – and now he doesn’t have to work another single day for the rest of his life.

“The Exit Strategy Master Plan” includes a System binder along with 4 DVDs and 4 CDs. You will also get a CD-ROM with all the worksheets in editable form. A separate Toolkit binder that has 100+ examples of legal documents and a special Do It Right Deal Analyzer that’ll speed up the process of selling my business (more on these later).

The strategies I’ll discover in “The Exit Strategy Master Plan” is stuff I won’t find anywhere else… neither in a book on Amazon, or in a course I can find on the Internet. So I’m getting specialized information that could speed up my financial liberation when I sell my business.

Here’s A Taste Of What I’ll Discover In This Program That’ll Put Me On The Path Of Financial Liberation:

  • How to find the ideal BUYER for my business, including examples and worksheets that’ll take me by the hand and guide me through the entire process (this sure beats “conventional wisdom” when it comes to finding out how to get TOP DOLLAR for my business).
  • The secret to getting the top PRICE for my business, including the top 10 potential buyer threats and opportunities. This section by itself is enough to pay for the entire course because it shares little-known “secrets” most business owners will NEVER know when it comes to selling a business.
  • The SYSTEMS I’ll need to create in my business so I can make my everyday business life run smoother, while also making my business more attractive to potential investors.
  • How to cleanly transfer ownership of my business and how to make even more money outside of my deal. This is the “missing link” most business owners forget about when they sell their business, but the “$10 Million Dollar Man” sets the record straight here.

PLUS I’ll Also Get a Toolkit Binder That Comes With
the Following Invaluable Tools – LITERALLY Worth
FAR More Than The Core Package Itself:

  • Shortcut Legal Examples – We all know that when you do any type of transaction in your business there is paperwork, well the same goes for when you buy and sell a business – so Walter provides over 100+ examples for me to use to both speed up the process of engaging my team as well as preparation for selling.
  • Do It Right Deal Analyzer – This tool will make the implementation of this proven system work even easier for me. It will allow me to quickly, efficiently and accurately analyze which companies would be best suited to pay top dollar for my business.

And DO NOT Forget to Include the FOLLOWING BONUSES:

GKIC Special Bonuses: (Worth $394) 

  • BONUS #1: Legal and Financial Basics: Starting, Running, And Selling Your Business by Craig Bradley. 
  • BONUS #2: Developing Your ‘Super Hero’ – Raising Money and How To Sell Your Business by Keith Crandell 
  • BONUS #3: Bonus Day (Worth $553) – This will be a 2-hour session on the day before Info-SUMMIT 2015 in Denver, Colorado where we all meet and we will do Hot Seats with select attendees to boost the rate of implementation of this program. This is worth the cost of the entire program alone because I will be personally guided and specific details can be addressed with my business one-on-one to make sure I’m on the right track.
  • FAST ACTION BONUS: Strategy Development Call – (For ONLY the first 47 to invest in this program – Worth $1,250) I will get to speak with Walter Bergeron for about 45 minutes and develop a strategy specifically pertaining to my business. This will give me all of his big picture strategies about how to grow a business and position it for the right buyer to pay me the most money when I sell.

[Get] Ryan Deiss – Traffic & Conversion Summit 2016


Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $1997
Download Size: 27GB
Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)
Lifetime-VIP Exclusive

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Traffic and Conversion Summit is the largest conversion conference in North America for a reason.


Everything Has Changed …

( once more)

It occurs each year …

Which’s why sinking on your own in obsolete books or compeling on your own to hear uninteresting, impersonal programs and also webinars simply does not produce outcomes.

Things alter.

You require real, upgraded details that in fact functions!

Certainly it would certainly be much better to obtain the info “directly from the steed’s mouth” rather than reviewing it or paying attention to it in a possibly obsolete publication or training course.


Actually, in the last 24 months alone we have:.

Are you as tired this as I am?
Fortunately is, that’s everything about to transform …

You’re About To Get It Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

If you intended to discover a topic … I suggest REALLY discover it, which would certainly you instead do?

    • A) Read a publication created by the # 1 professional on that particular topic, or
    • B) Take that specialist to lunch, “hog-tie” them to their chair and also choose not to allow them leave up until they informed you whatever you ever before would like to know concerning your preferred topic

The solution is evident, best? (Ok, you could intend to hand down the “hog-tying” component, however you understand.).

Most have not done it, or even if they did, they do not do it any longer (besides offering items on “How To Market Your Business Online” … as if that matters).

And also it’s no various when it pertains to expanding your company online …

Well if that situation thrills you, after that I have excellent information …

” While I Won’t Let You Hog-Tie Me To My Chair, I Will Give You the Opportunity To Come ‘Hang Out’ With Me and also Let Me Tell You Everything I Know About Digital Marketing”

Without proclaiming my very own horn way too much, I (Ryan Deiss) am thought about the “King of Conversion” and also the maker of the channel versions utilized by a number of the leading brand names today.

And also the truly unfortunate fact is …

Most So-Called “Marketing Gurus” Confuse Theory With Fact

The majority of do not stroll the stroll …

Extra significantly (and also unlike the majority of the marketer around) …

You could either get a lot of publications as well as aim to figure everything out by yourself, or you could most likely to the specialists themselves and also pay attention to exactly what they need to claim– real-time and also in-person.

My great pal (as well as service companion), Perry Belcher, is the master of web traffic, as well as has a lot more effective start-ups under his belt compared to a room-full of Stanford grads.

    • Launched brand-new brand names in the charm, exterior as well as menswear room. (In reality, opportunities are you’ve seen a minimum of among our advertisements for a minimum of among our brand names.)
    • Partnered with an A-List celeb to introduce a very successful publication PLUS a backend training business …
    • Generated 10s of countless distinct site visitors to our loads of profile residential or commercial properties …
    • Spend numerous, several countless bucks on media as well as advertising examinations. (Don’t go crazy … we would not be investing it if it just weren’t ROI’ing …)
    • Sent more than a BILLION permission-based e-mails throughout lots of various e-newsletters as well as e-mail checklists …
    • Architected and also crafted 126 conversion funnels (finally matter) both for our profile firms as well as for a pick handful of customers …

So once more … we really do this things! (And we’re very dang efficient it.).

By the end of Day 2, your mind will certainly be mush..

What Will These 3 Days Do For You?

Solution: A great deal!

Do not think me? Simply ask anybody that’s been to T&C in the past as well as they’ll inform you. That’s why we want to blend it up a bit on Day 3. This year we’re bringing you ….

Right here’s a peek at just what we carry the schedule as well as simply a smidgeon of exactly what you’ll remove …


The Day 1 style at Traffic & & Conversion top is constantly TRAFFIC, and also this year it’s no various. Yet along with discussing the most recent fads and also modifications in the website traffic networks, we’re additionally doing unique outbreak tracks on PODCASTING and also MARKETING AUTOMATION. A few of the subjects we’ll review consist of:.

    • Why SEO is essentially DEAD, and also the brand-new 3-letter phrase that’s changing it. This allows … I suggest REALLY BIG! Actually, I forecast that this is the session everybody will certainly be speaking about on Facebook as well as Twitter, as well as you do not wish to miss it.
    • Exactly how we’re able to overcome 30,000 one-of-a-kind site visitors a day to an almost new website, all naturally … mainly from Pinterest!
    • Enter the inbox. Email deliverability has actually been a warm subject for many years, as well as it’s just mosting likely to be more crucial over the following 12 months. That’s why we’re committing a whole session to obtaining your e-mails provided AND opened up and also clicked …
    • Facebook natural. Assume natural social media sites is dead? Thinking of exterminating your Facebook web page entirely? Do not comply with the listened to! Excellent web traffic could be had from Facebook as well as Twitter … and also it’s cost-free. You simply need to recognize ways to do it the proper way (and also luckily that’s precisely just what we’ll be showing you).
    • Neuro-Targeting Inside Facebook. The best ways to promote to ONLY one of the most targeted leads you currently recognize satisfy your consumer requirements as well as have the capability as well as need to get.
    • ” Page Leaping”. Most individuals polish over material advertising and marketing since they do not comprehend it or have actually screwed it up in the past. Right here is a FACT: Content make up a complete 2/3 of our web traffic on Google and also Yahoo. Most importantly, it’s wicked-cheap and also it transforms far better compared to search.
    • Automate Your Business. Wish to see exactly how the DigitalMarketer group automates basically all our advertising? We’ll reveal you … consisting of all the devices as well as solutions we make use of to earn it occur.

Which’s simply Day 1 …


Since you understand how you can obtain all the website traffic your organisation demands, exactly what do you made with it? That’s just what Day 2 is everything about, due to the fact that on today we’ll concentrate 100% for sale and also conversions. This year we’re putting unique focus on SELLING WITH VIDEO as well as the combining of CONTENT AND COMMERCE because these are 2 of our greatest developments of the last 12 months.

We’re not cream color tower scientists as well as writers. We’re down in the trenches … much like you.

And also below’s the hook: I’m mosting likely to open up the bathrobe as well as inform you whatever I recognize. The excellent, the negative, and also the unsightly. It’s called, the …

Below’s simply a little sneak peek of the subjects we’ll be showing you on Day 2:.

    • 3 kinds of automated, evergreen sales projects that actually earn money while you rest. (That’s not buzz. These projects are completely automated, so they’ll help you also when you’re out of the workplace, vacationing and also yep … asleep.)
    • Take These Campaigns!.?.!! Swipe 3 of our best-converting advertising and marketing projects (duplicate as well as all) to utilize in your personal company …
    • The Great YouTube HACK! A lot of online marketers are still neglecting YouTube. Why? It’s the 2nd biggest online search engine, and also our 3rd biggest resource of web traffic. We’ll reveal you just what we’re doing, as well as just what’s actually operating in YouTube today …
    • Does blogging in fact create sales!.?. !? Yes … yet just if you release this meticulously crafted, 3-part “blog site launch” approach …
    • Conversion Models Explained. Recognizing that there are 2 standard conversion versions aids. Recognizing the one individuals make use of most creates approximately 10X the outcome of the various other.
    • ” Google-Friendly Landing Pages” Facebook as well as Google are obtaining an increasing number of stringent on just what they will certainly and also will certainly NOT enable from marketers. Luckily, after investing numerous, numerous thousands of countless bucks each month on media, we have understandings and also information, as well as we’re sharing both with you!
    • Captain Hook. Many marketing experts miss out on the hook … as well as they stop working. In my point of view this is the SINGLE BIGGEST FACTOR in a deals success of failing. We’ll reveal you exactly how we establish ours or even assist you to reveal your own in a course workout. (WARNING: This Session Is Rated: Aaargghhhh!!!!)
    • Throat-Grabbing Headlines. If they do not review it they cannot acquire it. That’s why the best heading authors on the planet make HUGE incomes. I’ll reveal you how you can “obtain” their ideal ZINGERS to draw your viewers in like a mobile house in a twister.
    • Psychic Sales Designs. The style aspects you choose for your web site could make as a MASSIVE distinction in depend on, readability, list building and also sales conversions. With our finest tweaks, methods as well as evaluated aspects you will certainly squash it!

And also once again, this is simply a sneak peek … a little fragment of the strategies as well as methods that will certainly be you at T&C.
I’m dead significant … and also no & this isn’t really among those” reverse psychology”


On Day 3, we prefer to make a minor pivot far from strategies and also towards the STRATEGY of advertising as well as service development. This is a time to relax, kick back, as well as allow your mind open to a few of the greatest chances our company believe will certainly show up in the following 12 months.

Still, the session highlights over ought to be sufficient for you making a smart choice on whether this occasion is appropriate for you. Yet prior to you determine one method or the various other, below are some extra “Special Features” you must understand about the Traffic & & Conversion Summit:

    1. All material, no pitches. I stated it earlier as well as I’ll claim it once more: This is a material occasion! You’re coming right here to discover … not to get. There’s a time and also area for system marketing, however this right.
    1. Restricted visitor audio speakers… you obtain generally Perry Belcher and also me for 3 days directly (for far better or even worse).:o-RRB- Module-based training. The training will certainly be provided basically, 45– 60 min components with sufficient time permitted inquiries as well as conversations. Simply puts, if you have an inquiry concerning an idea that we’re providing, you’ll have time to obtain a response. If you’re still reviewing this, after that you’re most likely beginning to


believe this occasion is for you. Yet do not be successful of on your own, since … … below’s the unfortunate, unfortunate fact: Opportunities are the Traffic & Conversion

This year at T&C, we’re additionally having unique outbreak tracks simply for AGENCIES, as well as an additional track for OWNERS AND EXECUTIVES on exactly how they could arrangement their organisation procedures to plan for the development they’re concerning to experience.

Summit STILL isn’t really for you.

See, I informed you this was entirely various …

Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About “Marketing Events”

Ok, I’ve provided you a preference of just what we have in shop for you at the Traffic & & Conversion Summit, yet allow me ensure you that I’ve left A LOT a lot more unspoken compared to claimed.

points a great deal of marketing experts attempt to do. Below are the realities: This occasion is costly. I want to think about it as” reassuringly pricey “since it indicates

  1. it there will not be the typical wannabees as well as chuckle-heads playing around irritating everybody. Simply puts, if you’re a PLAYER, you’ll really feel right at home.If you’re on your last dollar, however, and also you’re treating this service as a last-gasp initiative to prevent insolvency, repossession or a few other awful economic scenario, my hope is that the cost for this training will certainly frighten you away.It’s not that I do not wish to assist you … it’s simply that you’re not all set for this degree of training yet. This is occasion is about sensible, appropriate strategies and also approaches that MAKE MONEY … it’s NOT one of those inspirational, repair your head, “rah-rah feasts” created
  2. to earn you really feel great also when you’re still broke.So if you’re the type of individual that requires coddling or inspiration, please keep away. You’ll be let down, and also we’ll be irritated. The Traffic & Conversion Summit is for individuals that wish to take their organisations to the following degree, as well as that agree to place the initiative and also financial investment that’s needed to get to that degree.