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At Last, You’ll Have A Step-By-Step Process & All The Tools You Need to…


(HINT: The process looks something like this…)

7556223-0-image01Every day, more and more people are shopping online.

According to research from eMarketer, ecommerce sales nearly doubled from 2008 to 2014…

And they’re on pace to nearly double again by 2019.

With more people shopping online, there are fewer people shopping in stores…as you can see in this chart from the Wall Street Journal:

7556218-0-image00The writing on the wall is clear: if you sell products directly to consumers, you NEED a high-converting ecommerce store.

even if you already have a profitable physical store.

And if you’re a marketer or an agency, you NEED to know how to improve sales for your ecommerce clients.

Here’s the problem:

As more companies enter the ecommerce marketplace, the competition is growing fierce. It’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the noise.

“Mediocre marketing” just won’t cut it.

And that’s exactly why we can make this claim…

(HINT: The process looks something like this…)

7556223-0-image01-768x594At Last, You’ll Have A Step-By-Step Process & All The Tools You Need to…

Source: http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702304419104579325100372435802

(…Who Actually Know What They’re Doing)

What’s the one thing that separates a successful ecommerce company…

…from an unsuccessful one?

Of course it’s important to offer high-quality products and provide top-notch customer service.

But those things—by themselves—aren’t enough.

After all, you could offer the best product in the world…

But if nobody knows it exists…

If nobody knows how great it is…

Then nobody is going to buy your amazing product.

That’s why the #1 thing that separates successful ecommerce stores from unsuccessful ones is great marketing.

In your gut, you probably know this is true.

Knowing exactly how to get your products in front of the right people… Persuading those people to buy… And maximizing the value of each and every transaction…

(Over and over again…)

…is the key to ecommerce success.

That’s why we created the Ecommerce Marketing Masterclass & Certification program.

This program will teach you absolutely everything you need to optimize any ecommerce store to generate more sales & profit.

You’ll know how to optimize an ecommerce website, how to generate ecommerce traffic, how to write ecommerce emails, and much more.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • How to build excitement while reducing buyer’s remorse and refund rates with a solid pre-arrival email sequence
  • How to structure your shopping cart & checkout pages to minimize cart abandonment and maximize revenue
  • The 12 most critical features to look for when choosing a help desk that will help ensure you are giving your customers a positive & memorable experience
  • Our top 5 tips for writing highly profitable ecommerce emails (hint: use images to sell the click)
  • The 8 components of our “Core Store Architecture,” and why every ecommerce business NEEDS to have these 8 things on their website
  • The #1 mistake to AVOID when writing product descriptions, and the top 7 product description best practices that will help make your products more compelling & desirable to visitors
  • How the proper use of a single ecommerce widget can create an immediate 12-25% increase in your average order value
  • Exactly what to put on your “About Us” page to foster trust and start building a strong connection with your visitors
  • How to increase sales with the strategic use of product videos (hint: shoppers who view a product video are 174% more likely to purchase)
  • The 11 specific things you should put in your website header, and why you should employ a “double header” to ensure a seamless user experience
  • What the “Firestone Footer” is, and how to use this credibility-boosting format to encourage visitors to consume the message of your brand
  • How to structure your category pages to maximize your conversion rates (hint: this layout is different for category pages with few products vs. those with many products)
  • Why product description pages are the #1 most important pages on your website, and the 12 winning elements you must include on EVERY product page to maximize conversions
  • The 9 features your reviews widget needs to have, and the #1 best reviews widget we recommend to all ecommerce businesses
  • What a “discount ladder” is, and how to use this properly in your email sequences to maximize sales & revenue…while keeping your average order value as high as possible
  • The 3 specific videos you need to create, along with what to say in them and where to put them on your website
  • What “smart automation” is, how to use it, and why this is an essential feature for ecommerce stores
  • How to create a highly effective cart abandonment email sequence that convinces cart abandoners to return and complete their purchase
  • The 3 critical elements you need to create a compelling brand persona and story that resonates with today’s shoppers
  • What a “win-back campaign” is, and how to use them to increase return visits & repeat purchases
  • How to create package inserts that increase product consumption and encourage better customer satisfaction
  • Why it’s absolutely critical to have a prominent search bar in your website, and how to analyze your website search data toimprove your product offerings (did you know that 30% of ecommerce revenue comes from the 5% of visitors who use your search bar?)
  • Which ecommerce platform you should be using, and how to decide when (and if) it’s a good idea to re-platform
  • The exact structure of a winning ecommerce homepage, plus 7 homepage best practices you should follow to encourage visitors to stay on your site (hint: homepages rich with content win in today’s ecommerce landscape)
  • The secret of our 4-step content amplification process that builds a strong relationship with your community and gets people coming back to your website on a regular basis
  • How to collect & leverage conversion assets (like customer pictures, video reviews, and other forms of social proof) you can use to increase conversion rates on your website

The opportunity in ecommerce is huge and getting bigger everyday.

But with big profit potential…comes big competition.

No one can afford to figure this stuff out by trial and error.

To succeed in this market, you need a repeatable, consistent, and effective SYSTEM to drive ecommerce profits.

One that works over and over, across all industries. And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you sign up for the Ecommerce Masterclass.

If you’re interested in becoming an Ecommerce Marketing Master, then I have just one question for you:

Are You A “Doer”…or Just a “Talker?”

(or…Why You Might Want To Get Certified)

Let’s face it: Marketing experts are a dime a dozen.

So how do you separate those who “walk the talk” from the ones who merely…


That’s the problem!

And at DigitalMarketer, it was our problem, too. You see, we don’t just teach marketing best practices, we actually DO MARKETING for businesses that we ACTUALLY OWN.

We aren’t researchers. We aren’t journalists.

We’re business owners running companies (both online and offline) in B2B and B2C markets selling everything from cosmetics to camping equipment to industrial water filters and everything in-between.


…so we know how hard it is to find truly skilled people who know what they’re talking about.

And that’s why we created the “Ecommerce Marketing Mastery” course and certification.

We built this certification to train our own team members, but in the spirit of “open sourcing” our business (which is what DigitalMarketer is all about) we’re now making this certification and training available to the world.

In short, we’re making it available to YOU…

[Get] Lazy Consultant System – Mitch Miller


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“Who Is Mitch Miller And Why Is He Saying These Terrible Things About Consultants?”

Say Goodbye To Proposals, Accepting Low Fees, Begging For Business, Or Competing With Those Other Sheep Ever Again… It’s Time To Step Up, Put On Your Big Boy Pants, And Start Acting Like The Powerful, Respected, Bad Ass Consultant I Know You Really Are…

The Real Secret: You Need To Seem Larger Than Life

This is the secret I was referring to and nobody wants to admit it.

They usually play the whole “anti guru” shtick, and make no mistake, it works very well – just don’t fall for it yourself!

It’s a damn smart strategy to play the part of the guy who is “just like you” who happened to “stumble upon something cool” that works and needs to share it with the world.

But re-read my statement above and you will see the magic phrase… Play the part. It’s an act. It’s a PERFORMANCE.

And that, my soon to be rich friend is the secret to this entire game and the reason you have been struggling so far. This entire game is a performance.

Even the guys who don’t seem like they are acting… are usually the best actors.

Don’t get me wrong – it doesn’t mean they are not authentic, it simply means they are masters at controlling your perceptions of them…

They are gaming you.

And even though they may have you believe they are just being themselves, the real truth is  every move is calculated on some level… at least in the beginning until it becomes who they are.

Like an actor who can move you to tears, or a speech by someone like Martin Luther King
, or watching Tony Robbins move mass amounts of people with his energy and way of being.

Take an authentic powerhouse like Gary Vaynerchuk. I doubt he sits at the dinner table with his family acting like the intense, passion dripping nutcase he does in his videos. Of course not. He puts on a show for you.

He has carefully crafted a persona for us – he takes who he is, cranks it to level 10 then adds a dash of swagger. Watch his stuff, don’t think for a minute he’s not entertaining you!

As he should… as we all should… this is the game of sales – never forget you are being sold, and never forget to sell… and selling is a performance.

Everyone Puts On A Show

Watching Stone Cold Steve Austin entertaining and engaging 90,000 people at a live WWE event made it crystal clear to me:

People NEED to believe in someone larger than life.

The infamous Frank Kern said in an interview he had with Joe Polish many years ago that his public persona was crafted. He literally said “My online persona is the embodiment of the person my market wishes they could be”.

Many people believe Frank is “just Frank”, but what he shows you is planned, calculated, and strategically thought out in advance. This is the truth of becoming elite in this game, and you better start playing by the real rules if you want to get to the top.

Learning how to perfect your persona is the missing link you need to SELL YOURSELF.

Tony Robbins said: “I constructed this fucking Tony Robbins guy. I constructed him, I created him, he was me, but I built this motherfucker… I created this motherfucker standing here.”

When it comes to selling ourselves and our services, we are always putting on a show.

You do it now, whether you realize it or not – we are always trying to put our best foot forward.

The real question is: How good of a show are you going to give them?

Your role models don’t tell you all of the little manipulations they do in order to control the way you see them, and truth be told, many are too dumb to know they are even doing it.

But before I reveal the details of the program

Here’s Another Quick Tip You Can Use Right Now:

DITCH the business cards.

DITCH the laptop.

DITCH the briefcase (do they even make those anymore?)

The more successful a person is, the less “stuff” they carry with them to meetings and public gatherings.

Think about it.

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump ain’t walking around with a briefcase. He ain’t carrying around his laptop computer either.

Low level people lug around these things in front of other people.

There are always rare exceptions, but look around you, and study the greats – I am telling you it’s true.

So one secret for you right off the bat, is to not be seen with things that project lower status!

By showing up to a meeting, networking event, or seminar with nothing but your powerful charisma and outfit (Which I discuss at length in the program), you convey power and high status.

Taking notes in your head instead of your phone, shows you are high up on the totem pole, so remember:

Nobody seeks advice from the wise man at the bottom of the hill…

It’s The Little Things Dude.

And another “little thing” that makes all the difference, is not being available for random incoming calls.

Again, name a very important person you can just ring up?

I dare you to try it.

Track down someone super important and try to reach them. Go ahead, call up Elon Musk… you ain’t getting through!

They got like, things to do.

Status is everything in this business.

People MUST perceive you being in high demand. Diamonds would be utterly worthless if the supply was greater than the demand, and so would you.

Use this universal law to your advantage.

One more thing

Stop Answering Your Damn Phone!

Not answering will save you time and allow you to serve your clients better.

I was going to wait until you bought the program, but Would you like to know another secret you can deploy right now that will instantly boost your status and make clients begin chasing you?

Here it is:

Find someone of the opposite sex, and have them record your brand new, high status voicemail message.

“Hi, welcome to _____. Because of the high demand for _____’s time, we are no longer taking incoming calls from non-clients. If you are a current client, please leave your message after the tone and I’ll immediately book you a phone appointment with ______. If you are considering becoming a client, please visit www.yourwebsite.com/application to fill out a simple questionnaire. If we think there may be a fit, I will book a 15 minute appointment between you and ______. Thank you.”


Do you see how powerful this is? It says all the right things about you:

You respect your time and theirs

You are in high demand

You quickly take care of current clients

You are picky and have an intake process

You are making them chase you for once

The most common objection I get to an approach like this is “Won’t this actually scare away potential clients?”

No, and here’s why:

Any potential client who doesn’t respect you as an authority WILL eventually undermine your advice and expertise anyway.

I am sure you have dealt with this before.

I have many times.

I mean, they hire you as their expert, then proceed to tell you exactly how to do your job!

It’s whacky,

As much fun as it is to vent and get pissed off, the truth is it’s our fault because we haven’t set the right tone from the start.

You’re either the buyer or the seller my friend.

In this business

You Must Take Control

It’s not a 50/50 deal here, don’t ever delude yourself.

They are hiring you because they need help getting control over a specific area of their business that is currently out of control.

Therefore to be of any help to them, you need to be the one to take control! Or they’ll just go screw it all up like they always have…

It’s critical you are the one that takes control.

And one of the ways you do this is by dictating the terms of the relationship from the very beginning.

You Must Become Their Most Trusted Expert

In order to be trusted, you need to be respected. In order to be respected, you need to be seen as powerful in their eyes. The voicemail strategy I gave you is a great start.
And listen, the biggest, most “smack you in the face” logical reason you MUST implement a system like this in your business right now is this:
Being the person who always responds quickly and at the drop of a hat is not sustainable long term.
First of all, it becomes part of your reputation that you are the guy who is easy to get a hold of.
This is a good thing when you have a few clients, but what happens as you become more successful?
Well, the more successful you get, the less you can be available.
Pretty soon you are available less and less, and people start to get pissed off and annoyed.

Because you created an expectation that you can’t live up to the more successful you get… that’s not smart.

The secret is to create an expectation from the start that allows you leeway.

It’s ok to buy pants that are a little big on you – you’ll grow into them. It’s the same with how you conduct business. You want to act more important than you really are so you can grow into it and keep your reputation intact along the way.
The reason my entire approach is to do the opposite of everyone else is not because I am a prick… sure, that’s part of it.
My way just works better than the alternative.

No More Grunt Work…

Just do the right things, and let your new power positioning do the heavy lifting for you.

I don’t want to give away too many secrets here, I want you to invest in my program, but I will quickly share a few universal truths about human behavior that will explain exactly why you need to begin doing these radical things I am talking about.

3 Laws Of Consulting

Just like the law of gravity, there are certain laws of positioning and client getting that will do the hard work for you, and here are a few to think about:

1. People want what they can’t have

2. People want what others want

3. The more difficult it is to get to you, the more they desire to get to you

Ask yourself – Have you been using these laws to your advantage, or have you been acting too available and needy just like everyone else?

Most people walk around begging for business like some pathetic shell of a consultant, hoping people want to work with them. I say fuck all that.

Since when did following the majority ever give us a breakthrough?

It’s Time You Start Living The Good Life Right Now

I truly believe virtually everyone is doing it wrong.

If they were doing it right, we’d have a lot more success stories out there – but what do we see instead?


Most people fail to reach their business goals literally.

And like I said earlier, it’s all the little things that add up to sink your status and importance in the market…

Do you still give “proposals”? If so, there is nothing more stupid.

Instead, use the word “action plan”.

Sure, it’s just a play on words… but it will make all the difference in your ability to close deals.


Remember, you want to be the trusted expert.

Like a doctor…

Does your doctor propose anything to you?

No… he diagnoses and prescribes – he doesn’t propose jack shit, and neither should you.

You are the expert, you know what is right – so stop proposing and start prescribing!

And right now I am prescribing my course to you, and here are the details…

How To Travel The World, Live Like A King, Be More Respected, And Other General Badassery

The course is broken into 3 sections.

1. Preparing yourself for domination

2. Self promotion and getting clients

3. Playing the game and closing the deal

I share many of my trade secrets including:

How to become a trusted and popular authority FAST

The 4 Big Consulting Traps That Will Keep You Broke (Do not fall into these)

The Dirty Little Secret Of Superiority (Why you need to feel “above” your clients to even have a chance at helping them)

7 Creative And Sneaky Client Getting Strategies To Deploy If You are low on Money

How To Have Rock star Level Charisma (Command attention and respect everywhere you go)

Developing Your “Character” and constructing your public image

How To Take A Powerful Picture Of Yourself (Photography and video advice)

Integrity, morals, and ethics – When to play fair, when NOT to play fair

Reputation 101 (Discover what a reputation is actually made of (I GUARANTEE it’s *not* what you think it is)

How To Design Your Reputation And Create Your Own Legendary Status

Seeing Through The Matrix – How To Use Your New Reputation To Bend Reality (and clients) to your will

How To Survive A Media Scandal Or Bashing From Your Industry

If You Must Get Clients Cold Right Now… Here Is EXACTLY How To Do It.

Discover the secret of Self Aggrandizement, and Circus Thinking

How To Make A Big Deal Out Of Small Things (Never be fooled again by people doing it to you)

The “Pizza Boy Method” to getting any important person to talk to you

My Step By Step Guide To Writing And Publishing Your Own Book (and releasing it on Amazon) In A Short Weekend

Understand Fake Media VS Real Media and how you can be talked about in the news very easily

The “Rent A Celebrity” Strategy

The “Schwarzenegger” Strategy

How To Exercise Power And Control Over The Client

Understanding Frame Control And The Hidden Game Of Frames

The Magic Of Takeaway Selling

Advanced Takeaway Selling Advice

How To Close The Deal – My six step system including exact phrasing

All Possible Objections You Will Get And Exactly What To Say To Overcome Them

What To Do If Your Client Resists Your Advice

How To Price Your Services properly so you get big money and get it UPFRONT

Fee Presentation Mistakes (What NOT to say – odds are you are throwing away money right now…)

When to know to fire a client, how To Fire Clients, and exactly what to say so it’s not awkward

[Get] 10 Dollar Time Bomb + VIP – Ben Adkins


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Learn the Complete Method to Creating Digital Products that People Want to Buy (and how to sell them even if you don’t have a ton of money to spend on advertising).

Inside you’ll Learn How to Take the Knowledge in Your Head
(or any expert that you know) and Turn it into A Digital Instruction Manual that Can Be Sold Online.


PART 1: How To Guarantee Success Before You Do Any Work.

  • How Normal People Create Digital Product Businesses That Work.
    You’ll Learn the Secret Daily Habits and Mindset Tweaks that have helped Thousands of Normal People create Digital Product Based Businesses and Leave the Daily Grind of having a 9-5 Job.
  • Hungry Buyer Finder Secret #1
    You’ll learn about a very special website that we use to create some of the most profitable products out there. This one secret is a goldmine and special if you’ve ever felt stuck trying to decide on what to sell.
  • Hungry Buyer Finder Secret #2
    Believe it or not, you’ve got a power income stream running a business in your town right now. We’ll show you exactly how to leverage that and turn it into a profitable digital product.
  • Hungry Buyer Finder Secret #3
    What if there was a way to guarantee that a large group of people purchased your digital product? And… What if you could help out your favorite local cause in the process? (this secret makes it a reality).
  • The “One Question Recycler” Technique
    You’ll Learn how you can create one product and turn it into multiple income streams with about 5 minutes of extra work.
  • The Buyer Cage Questions
    4 of the Most Important Questions that you can answer about the potential buyer if you digital product. Once you’ve answered these you’ll be able to create a product that will be impossible for your target customer to ignore.

PART 2: How Create a Digital Instruction Manual That Sells

  • The First Time Writer Fear Busting Technique
    Most people out there think of writing is something that they hated back in Junior High. In this section you’ll learn why you are perfectly suited to write a digital book (even if you hate writing) and how it ends up being a lot of fun.
  • The “Write it in 5 Days” Formula
    You’ll see exactly how to write, edit, and format your digital ebook in just 5 days. This formula will change the way that you add value to the world and the way you make income forever.
  • How to Design the Perfect Book Cover
    You’ll master how to make a great looking cover for your ebook in about 20 minutes using our Pre-Done Templates.
  • How to Make More With Income Multipliers
    Why just settle on making money with your book when you can embed some power money makers right inside of your digital book. You’ll make income multiple times just by adding these simple things to your book.

PART 3: Setting Up Your Digital Product To Sell
(our million dollar setup revealed)

  • How to Write Your Sales Copy in 30 Minutes
    You want people to really understand why your digital book will solve their problems… but maybe you aren’t great at writing persuasively. This section will show you why that doesn’t matter and how to sell online using a very simple tool.
  • How to Setup a Sales Page For Your Product
    You’ll see the exact way that we setup webpages that sell our digital products like crazy. Once you see how easy it is, you’ll be able to set you own sales website up in under and hour.
  • How to Take Money for Your Product
    Taking payments online isn’t easy unless you’ve got a guide. We’ve processed millions of dollars in sales online and will show you exactly how to do it. NOTE: You don’t have to be a Geek to Do this.
  • How to Instantly Deliver Your Product to Customers Online
    We’re not leaving anything out. We’ll show you exactly how to deliver your product to your buyers right after they purchase from you.
  • How to Put all of Your Buyers on an Email List
    One of the secrets to building a real business online is to set yourself up to sell your new products to people who bought your last product. This all happens with email. We’ll Show you How.

PART 4: How to Get in Front of a Ton of Buyers.
(even when you don’t have a ton of money to spend)

  • Buyer Traffic without Ads
    You’ll learn exactly how to sell your product without having to      spend a dime on ads. Our “Buyer Magnets” are the secret behind      why anyone can make their first $1000 selling their digital    product.
  • Buyer Magnet #1: The Devil You Know Method
  • Buyer Magnet #2: The Online Ghost Writer Method
  • Buyer Magnet #3: The Facebook Group Chip Shot Method
  • Buyer Magnet #4: The Instagram Royalty Method
  • Buyer Magnet #5: The Fund Raiser Power Play
  • Buyer Magnet #6: The Network Rebrand




The VIP Experience Package Includes:

  • Access to the Live VIP Experience Session with Ben Adkins
    On this special call you’ll get a behind the scenes look at how Fearless Social CEO, Ben Adkins, scaled his first $1000 dollars in Online Sales (from selling a $7 product) into a multi-million dollar per year business.
  • Professionally Prepared Notes of Both Session
    Super Busy with your Existing Business? Skip the Calls and Watching the Replays and Just Take Advantage of our Professionally written notes.
  • The “Best Purchase Ever” Email Sequence
    The Secret to Building a Business with Your Digital Products is in the Followup. You’ll Learn about how we Help Customer Understand that they made the right decision buying from us (and how this leads to future sales).
  • The “Freebie First Sales Machine” Explained
    You’ll Learn the Secrets Behind Getting Email Addresses from Your Target Audience and Turning those Email Addresses into a Full time Income.
  • Adding Money with Upsells (full walkthrough)
    Once you start making sales, you’ll want to make sure you can add opportunities for your customers to buy more from you. We’ll show you exactly how we do it (it’s easy once you make the first sale).
  • How to Sell Digital Products with Facebook Ads
    When you’re ready to start hitting a mass market (after you’ve made 5-10k without ads) you’ll want to start using Facebook Ads. We’ll show you the right way to sell digital products with Facebook Ads.

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The Near Me Industry Is Wide Open & Traffic Numbers are Through the ROOF – Watch Me Build A Site From Scratch To Ranking… Full Disclosure Of Process…

  • angel-cruz-near-me-domination-768x671
  • Tapping into Google Micro Moments that capture high conversion CTR
  • Capitalize on “Near Me” Websites as The Trends Continue to Grow
  • Learn how to generate 80% organic mobile traffic within 30 days
  • Over The Shoulder – New domain setup to Page 1 Rankings
  • Advanced SEO Hacks to see rankings within 10 days
  • Build SEO Traffic Assets that can be used for Client SEO, Affiliate, Lead Gen, CPA + More
  • Rinse and Repeat Blueprint to Scale Your Assets

[Get] Marketing Funnel Automation 2016 Notes – Tim Castleman


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How Average Marketers Can Create  Multi-Million Dollar Funnels

Presented By:
Todd Brown,


You’ll discover…

  • 3 ways to INSTANTLY make your product stand out from everything else being offered to your prospects
  • One simple trick that helped Agora Inc. go from $15 million to over $150 million per year! This has NOTHING to do with copy, offers, traffic, product development, or building a team… This one thing will change the way you look at business and growth forever!
  • Tips and tricks that the world’s best copywriters use to connect with their prospects and quickly turn them into buyers… (Don’t worry, you can use this too even if you’re terrible at writing copy — this works for ANYONE!)

Agora Financial’s Newest Copywriting Technique That Cranks Out Million Dollar Promotions In 14 Days Or Less…

You’ll discover…

  • How to write lightning fast copy even if you’re not a copywriter and have “blank screen syndrome” every time you sit down to write
  • The one page “Sales Flow List” that saves you time and prevents you from filling your copy with boring facts that hurt conversions
  • The one thing Joe does with his marketing team each week that guarantees every sales promotion makes at least one MILLION dollars (discover how you can “copy and paste” this simple formula into your business!

Presented By… Joe Schriefer,

Agora Financial Executive Publisher.

The Hidden Marketing Funnel Message Structure That’s Generated Millions Of Dollars For Todd…

Presented By…Todd Brown,


You’ll discover…

  • How to “set the hook”… 5 things you must do at the beginning of every marketing funnel if you want to ensure your prospects hear every word of your message
  • The simple method you can use to make your prospects want your product before you even mention it
  • Stop guessing at the length of your funnel or how many steps you need to profit… you’ll get a step-by-step guide for easily determining the perfect length of any marketing funnel

The 8 Things Your Offer Must Have If You Want To Get Double-Digit Sales Conversions

You’ll discover…

  • 11 types of offers and how to use each one of them for quick bumps in your conversions
  • The 7 things you MUST know about your competition to get the highest conversions possible
  • An old-school copywriting trick that knocks prospects off the fence and gets them to buy (this trick alone can make you six figures

Presented By…Lawton Chiles.

Copywriter for Digital Marketer and Frank Kern

The Highest-Converting Email Follow-Up Sequence Working Today

Presented By…David Perrera.

E5 Funnel Agency Director

You’ll discover…

  • The one thing you must know before you write a single email if you want to maximize your profits from your email list
  • The best way to increase conversions of your unconverted leads in your email follow-up sequence
  • Boost sales conversions by harnessing the power of “email funnel alignment…”

The Backend Marketing Ascension Process That Can Bring You 260% Or More In New Bottomline Profits…

You’ll discover…

  • The secret of “The Backend Score” and how to use it to instantly know the best offer type to make your customers next
  • How to know when the time is right to present your first backend offer to your new customers
  • How to exponentially increase your profits by focusing on this one segment of your email list

Presented By…Teddy Garcia,

Marketing Funnel Mad Scientist

How Eddie Went From $1,719 To $2.2 Million Dollars In Sales In Just 36 Months

Presented By…Eddie Coleman,

New Millionaire Marketer

You’ll discover…

  • How Eddie created his own expert-level marketing team that stuffs millions of dollars in his pocket starting with less than $2,000 in his bank account (money, or lack of it, is NEVER an excuse)
  • Get the exact steps to Eddie’s growth which has him on pace to make $4.5 million in 2016
  • The simple exercise you can do to quickly discover exactly what offers to present to your marketplace Plus, a lot more!

The Paint-By-Numbers Process To Double Your Business In 2017

You’ll discover…

  • How to properly plan products, projects, and setup your marketing calendar
  • The key to properly projecting your financials so you’re setup for big success
  • The key to mapping out your backend, finding new traffic, and getting a firm grasp on your customer acquisition strategy

Presented By…Damien Lanfranchi,

Chief Operating Officer

The NEW Marketing Funnel Model That’s Completely Unknown To Average Marketers…

Presented By…Todd Brown,


You’ll discover…

  • The under-the-radar marketing funnel being used right now by the biggest direct response companies to get thousands of continuity customers (the best part is, no one in the IM world is doing this yet… you could be the first!)
  • How to use this powerful model to ethically make a fortune giving other people’s products away for FREE
  • The simple steps anyone can follow to setup this “top secret” funnel right away (regardless of prior online experience or tech skills)

The Big Opportunity In 2017 – How To Acquire Customers Using The Brand New Facebook Live Funnel…

You’ll discover…

  • Why Facebook Live is so powerful and how to get in on this very rare window of opportunity for some of the easiest money you’ll ever make online
  • How to get started with Facebook Live even if you have no FB fans currently…
  • How to make your Facebook Live streams stand-out from the crowd with very inexpensive, pro-level apps that no one is using

Presented By…Curt Maly,

Blackbox Social Media

[Get] Rapid Scaling Matrix Masterclass – Nicholas Kusmich


nicholas-kusmich-rapid-scaling-matrix-masterclassTop FB Ads Strategist, Nicholas Kusmich, Reveals…

The Rapid Scaling Matrix (MasterClass)

How to Scale Your Winning FB Campaigns to multiple 5-figure daily spends

WITHOUT compromising your ROI.

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Value: $697
Download Size: 540MB
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Discover My Proprietary 4 Stage Campaign Scaling Formula

In this training I reveal my proprietary 4 stage, staggared formula to scaling out your FB Ad campaigns to up to $80,000+ a day WITHOUT compromising your lead / customer aqusition cost or ROI.


In this accelerated training you will discover…

  • The 4 Stage Scaling Formula
    The exact 4 stages (in that specific order) to scale so you can spend without hurting your metrics
  • The Magic Metric
    How to never lose money with your ads and literally build in your ROI before you even begin. You’ll also discover what specific metrics to watch for to know when you scale and when to bail!
  • The Ponds, Lakes and Oceans Formula
    How to train your pixel to do most of the heavy lifting for you when you go to big spends and high-level scaling…
    and so much more…
    NOTE: This will be your only oppportunity to access this training at this price

It also includes:

The Anatomy Of A Perfect FB Ad Webinar

[Get] The Launch Grid – Ryan Deiss


Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $1995
Download Size: 4GB
Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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launch-grid-logo-smallWHAT IS THE LAUNCH GRID WORKSHOP?

1. A Tested and Proven Framework

Launches don’t have to be risky. During the Launch  Grid workshop, you’ll soft launch your idea and  find out if your market wants what you’re selling  before you spend a lot of money on advertising, or waste a lot of time on product creation.

Launch Grid gives you a proven, step-by-step plan for launching (or re-launching) your business or brand. It takes you all the way from idea, to testing for market fit, to creating awareness, getting that first sale, and beyond! We didn’t invent the launch process, but we have perfected it.  And now, we’re giving it to you…

2. Identify Your Market. Clarify Your Value

Knowing who should serve is one thing… FINDING THEM is an entirely different challenge. During the Launch Grid workshop, you’ll not only identify your ideal customer, you’ll also locate them, and build perfectly scripted “Awareness Campaigns” that get your brand noticed…even if you’re unknown, today.

3. Your messaging Will Write Itself

Do you know exactly what you should say on your home page? What about your ads, and emails, and landing pages? What about your “elevator pitch?” You don’t have to guess.

The Launch Grid will tell you EXACTLY what to say, and when (and where) to say it so your message is both noticed and affirmed…

4. Know It Will Sell BEFORE You Launch It

Launches don’t have to be risky. During the Launch  Grid workshop, you’ll soft launch your idea and  find out if your market wants what you’re selling  before you spend a lot of money on advertising, or waste a lot of time on product creation.

5. Getting Your First Sale…And Beyond!

Launch Grid is NOT a formula that produces “One Hit Wonders.” During this workshop, you’ll craft a “Predictable Selling System” that will get you your first, PROFITABLE sale.  But it won’t stop there.

Once your “Predictable Selling System” has been tested in the marketplace, it can easily be scaled into more and more sales, making Launch Grid a framework for business growth…not merely product launches.

How Does It Work?


  • PART 1- Value Proposition & Messaging

In part 1, we’ll clarify your value proposition and positioning. We’ll map out your “Value Journey,”architect your first “Awareness Campaign” and craft the messaging that will form your“Predictable Selling System.”

  • PART 2 – Soft Launch & Market Fit

In part 2, we’ll soft launch your new offer and test for market fit. Well utilize risk-free and cost-free methods to “soft launch” your offer, so you can test your idea before you even build your product.

  • PART 3 – You Will LAUNCH!

In part 3: You. Will. Launch. You’ll set a date, you’ll activate your pre-built “Awareness Campaigns”and you’ll allow your pre-tested “Predictable Selling Systems” to convert total strangers into rabid buyers and raving fans.


Each week for 6 weeks you’ll complete a new step in the launch planning process, and by the time we’re finished you’ll have all the assets you need to successful execute “The Perfect Launch.”

  • Module 1: Building Your Launch Grid

This is where it all begins! In this module, you’ll begin to compile all the assets you’ll need to execute your launch. You’ll identify your “Customer Avatars,” craft your “Statement of Value,” and brainstorm the “Entry-Point Offers” that will convert strangers into buyers.

  • Module 2: Architecting the Value Journey

There is a formula for delivering (and extracting) value from a market, and you’re about to learn it. In this module, you’ll map the 8-step “assembly line” process that will transform complete strangers, into interested prospects, into excited buyers, into raving fans and, ultimately, brand ambassadors.

  • Module 3: Constructing Your Predictable Selling Systém

Now that you have a completed “Launch Grid” and “Value Journey,” it’s time to turn this framework into fully functioning assets. In this module, you’ll build your first “Minimum Viable Offer,” and prepare to test your messaging and value proposition in the “real world.”

  • Module 4: The Soft Launch

Launches don’t have to be risky and expensive, and in this module we’re going to come as close as possible to “Failure-Proofing” your launch. The first step is to validate your assumptions on paper, and assuming things look good you can initiate a “Test Launch” that (with a little luck) will result in your very first sale!

  • Module 5: Ascension and Onboarding

Once you’ve proven that your “Awareness Campaigns” and “Predictable Selling Systems” are working as planned, the next step is to architect the post-sale process that will simultaneously decrease refunds and churn, and increase customer values and overall satisfaction. Don’t ignore this step…it’s critical!

  • Module 6: Getting Your First Sale…And Beyond!

At this point, all your assets are in place and your systems and assumptions are fully tested and validated. It’s launch time! In this module, you’ll set your launch date, and YOU. WILL. LAUNCH. And then…YOU. WILL SCALE. Get ready, because things are about to get very interesting (in a very good way).

[Get] FB ADvantage Local – Rick Mulready


Local Business Owners: Is It Really Possible to Attract More Local Customers… While Reducing Your Marketing Budget?

Follow My Simple, Proven Facebook Ads System To Generate A Consistent Flow Of Leads, Sales And Customers For Your Local Business…

Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $997
Download Size: 1.9GB
Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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  • The Foundation for Growth & Automation:You’ll learn why Facebook ads are the easiest and quickest way to scale and automate your business today.
  • Creating Your Game Plan:Every profitable Facebook ads campaign starts with a game plan and one of the easiest ways to create yours is to start with your end goal and work backwards. I’ll take you through this process step-by-step, so you have a clear picture of a sales funnel that puts your profits on autopilot.
  • 5-Step Formula for Creating a High-Converting Sales FunnelYou’ll learn the key components of a 5-Step formula for creating an automated Facebook ads system that brings in leads and sales every day.
  • Master “Traffic Temperature”:When it comes to creating a profitable strategy, a critical part is understanding who you’ll be targeting your ads to. In this lesson we’ll dive into the who, what and why of “cold,” “warm” and “hot” traffic.
  • Pixel Best Practices:Facebook pixels are part of the foundation of your automated system of leads and sales. You’ll learn everything you need to know about how to use them to maximize your profits and get the best results possible.
  • Know Thy Rules:Facebook has strict advertising policies, so you’ll want to be clear on what they are so you can keep your ads account in good standing.


  • Who’s Your Ideal Customer?:Targeting is THE most important aspect of your Facebook ads system, because if you’re not showing your ads to the right people with the right message, you’re wasting your money. Here you’ll get laser-like clarity on who to target your ads to.
  • Laser Targeting Made Easy:Facebook knows A LOT about its users and we as advertisers get to tap into this data when targeting your ads. Understanding your targeting options will help simplify and ensure you’re showing your ads to your ideal audience.
  • When & Where:Facebook gives you several options for when and where you want your ads to appear. I’ll share with you the two areas on Facebook where your ads need to be for getting leads and sales every day.
  • How to Target Other Facebook Pages:One of the cool things about Facebook ads is you can target your ads to people who like other Facebook pages in your niche— hello brand new audiences of potential customers! This lesson will show you how to get the most out of Facebook’s “Detailed Targeting” function and more.
  • Ninja Targeting Strategies:This is where targeting your Facebook ads gets REALLY fun. You’ll learn the what, when, why and how to target your ads to people on your email list.
  • Retargeting Fun:My favorite and MOST effective targeting strategy! You’ll learn how to target your Facebook ads to people who have visited your website. Whaaat?! Yep, this is one of the best ways to lower your cost per lead and reach a very qualified audience.
  • Lookalike Audiences…Huh?:Did you know that you can target people with similar attributes as your Facebook fans, your email list and your website visitors? Yep, they’re called Lookalike audiences and they’re a critical part of your Facebook ads automated strategy.
  • Don’t Forget Your Friendly Facebook Fans:Targeting your ads to your Facebook fans is a great way to reach a very qualified audience on the cheap. Don’t leave this targeting option out with our simple step-by-step strategy on how to captivate this audience with your ads.


  • How to Setup Your Ads:In this lesson you’ll be introduced to the most powerful way to create your Facebook ads— say it with me “I love the Power Editor.” Power Editor is a free tool within Facebook that I recommend you use for your ads. I’ll walk you through exactly how to use Power Editor to create your ads.
  • Campaign, Ad Sets & Ads:There are 3 parts of the ads setup process— campaigns, ad sets and ads— and we’ll simplify each part, so your marketing strategy is setup for success.
  • How to Write Ad Copy that Converts:In this lesson we’ll simplify the 3 elements of highly converting ad copy, so you can write great ads every time. And, you’ll learn simple tricks for writing ads that connect with your target audience as well.
  • The Secret to Images That Catch Attention:An eye-catching image is key to attracting your target audience’s attention. You’ll learn what kind of images tend to perform the best and how to create them yourself while staying within Facebook’s ad policies.
  • The Power of Video Ads:Video is a great way to connect with your target audience because they get to experience you visually— and Facebook loves video! I recommend and will show you how to split test video ads against image ads to see what works the best. In this lesson you’ll learn the video format to follow and the ingredients of highly successful video ads.
  • Landing Pages that Convert:Every ad needs a landing page and in this lesson we’ll cover the elements of a high converting landing page. We’ll also take you through building a page in a matter of minutes with LeadPages. You’ll then use the checklist to finalize your own landing page.
  • How to Measure Your Conversions With Facebook’s Pixel:A critical part of generating leads with Facebook ads is knowing where they came from. By the time you finish this lesson you’ll be a pro at tracking conversions with the Facebook pixel.
  • Pricing & Optimization for the Win
  • How Much Should You Spend On Ads?


  • Your Ads Are Running, Now What?!:I’m so glad you asked. In this lesson you’ll learn best practices for optimizing your Facebook ads for the best results possible.
  • Troubleshooting Poor PerformersIn this lesson you’ll learn the key metrics to look at when diagnosing a poorly performing ad and suggestions for fixing it. Follow the troubleshooting roadmap for step-by-step guidance.
  • How to Make Sense of Your Facebook Ads Reporting:Understanding Facebook’s reporting in the Ads Manager tool is a critical piece of your automated ads strategy. Depending on the success of your ads, adjust your budget, or pause the ads. Your Ads Manager will be your new best friend, you’ll learn tips and tricks for analyzing and interpreting your data to improve your results.
  • Best Practices for Scaling Your Ads


  • The Courting Method:The key to selling your products or services with Facebook ads is building a relationship with your target audience so they know, like and trust you. We’ll dive into what this means for your business, so you set up the right follow-up strategy and you’ll have a list of excited clients ready to buy.
  • The Email Follow-Up Sequence:Since most people won’t whip out their credit card as soon as they click on your ad, adding them to your email list and following up with them via email is a great way to build trust a long-lasting relationship with prospective clients. I’ll show you the EXACT email sequence I use to further the relationship with my audience, so you will maximize sales and long term customer value. (Swipe files for webinar email sequences and “standard opt-in” email sequences included!)



Network, generate ideas, get feedback and support from fellow entrepreneurs and business owners who are growing their business with Facebook ads right along with you. Ah-mazing interactive community hosted by The FB ADvantage team!


How to Get Paid to Build Your Email List & Grow Your Following

Just getting started building your email list? Don’t have much of a following on Facebook yet? This bonus will teach you step-by-step how to get paid to grow your email list and grow your following on $5 a day with Facebook ads.

[Get] Webinar Mastery Academy PRO – Jon Schumacher



Attention Webinar Marketers Special Webinar Offer For You…

…get more sign-ups and more sales from every single webinar you host, even if you’ve failed before, guaranteed.

Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $1497
Download Size: 1.8GB
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Quite literally, “The LAST webinar program you will EVER need to join.” A proven, step-by-step system that has brought in tens of thousands of signups and sales to entrepreneurs just like you. By using our simple, A-to-Z system, you can put an end to your webinar sales struggles so you can FINALLY create the kind of INCOME and IMPACT you deserve.


Dear Future Profitable Webinar Host,

If you are an online entrepreneur who has started hosting webinars but are not getting the kind of signups and sales that you know you should be getting, you have come to the right place.

If you are looking to start hosting webinars in your business but want to learn the right way, the “strategic” way of doing so, this is the program you have been looking for.

Maybe you have already tried hosting a webinar and it fell flat.  175 people registered but only 11 showed up and you just spent $800 on Facebook Ads, yikes…

Or maybe you’re getting people to sign up and even show up but you just can’t seem to make enough sales.  59 people were on your webinar but only 1 bought….or maybe none!

If this sounds like you, I have good news.  I have been there. I too have hosted webinars that “bombed.” But after hosting over 200 live webinars, several worth over 5-figures, I have figured out a repeatable system for getting consistent results.

If you would like to learn about a step-by-step, click-by-click, A-to-Z system for creating, promoting, and monetize your webinars, then read on.

You see, after making my first few thousand dollars using webinars, I was able hit the ground running.  Hundreds of students flowed my way and joint venture partners started approaching me to host webinars for their audiences. I started growing like gangbusters using the power of webinars and partnerships.

If I can do it, you can do it, too, with my support!

In less than a year, I generated enough income to safely leave my healthcare career, as a physical therapist, and concentrate full-time on running my online business. I have been living a life of ultimate freedom while working with amazing people from around the world.

Now, I am eager to share how I can help you take your webinars to the next level, so you can generate the cash you need to create a lifestyle you love. I am excited to introduce you to the Webinar Mastery Academy!

To Your Webinar Success,

Jon Schumacher, Creator of the Webinar Mastery Academy

Why the Webinar Mastery Academy is Different

The Webinar Mastery Academy is NO info product. It is an intimate school of webinar learning. A complete online experience and group coaching program with three main pillars of webinar learning.

  1. Fast Action Learning Classes: 12 stepbystep multimedia masterclasses, product development worksheets, headline templates, example slide decks, and email swipe copy. All designed to give you a complete fillintheblank
    system to create a professional level webinar campaign.
  2. An Exclusive Online Community: You can ask a SPECIFIC question at your convenience and get an answer within 24 hours (except weekends).
  3. Monthly group coaching, open office hours, and guest expert webinars for continued support and advancement of your webinar skills.


Introducing the Webinar Mastery Academy

The Webinar Mastery Academy is an online experience that will teach you the 12 core components of a successful and profitable webinar campaign. This isn’t theory or fluff. It’s not about shiny objects or flash.

This is about teaching you the “fundamentals” of strategic webinar marketing that work, and most importantly, HOW to implement them.

What You Will Learn Inside the Academy….

Module 1 – Pain, Product, Profit:

Four simple steps to selling exactly what your audience wants, every time. Learn four simple steps that will allow you to reverse engineer the entire process. Know exactly what your audience wants to buy from you on your webinar.

Module 2 – Hell-Yeah Headlines and Registration Pages:

Hook your ideal audience with conversion crazy headlines. Learn the building blocks of high converting headlines and registration pages. Create the perfect hook.

Module 3 – The Four Step Selling System:

Four proven steps to structuring your webinars for sensational sales. How you structure and present your webinar can make the difference between getting zero sales and getting a solid conversion number. Includes sample slide decks that you can follow to success. Learn a simple four step system I have used to sell our products like hot cakes.

Module 4 – The Sign-Up Stampede:

How to get people out-of-their-minds excited to sign up and show up every time. An overview of the 3 P’s of webinar traffic and when to use them. Get email swipe copy examples to make sure you send signup inducing emails to your following.

Module 5 – Double Your Show-up Rates:

Learn why a poor show-up rate is one of the biggest holes in your webinar funnel, the #1 evergreen strategy for getting more people to show up, and six different tactics to increase your show-up rate.

Module 6 – Present Like a Pro:

Learn how to give a live webinar presentation that is so engaging, your audience has to stay until the end (and your offer). Avoid the common mistakes that sabotage your webinar and steps to prepare before you go live.

Module 7 – Fortune in the Follow-up:

If done right, 70% of your sales will come after your webinar is over. Learn the three pillars of effective webinar follow-up. Includes email swipe examples and follow-up templates.

Module 8 – Knowing Your Numbers to Scale Up:

Learn the key metrics that will allow you to comfortably spend more in advertising to scale up your webinar attendance and revenue.

Module 9 – Webinar Lead Magnets and Indoctrination:

Stop flushing your Facebook advertising dollars down the drain by sending people, who have no idea who you are, straight to your webinar. Learn how to build a simple lead generation system to get the right people to your webinars for less.

Module 10 – Hosting JV Webinars:

Learn how to approach potential partners to reach new audiences and expand your business using webinars. Where to find partners, what affiliate tools to use, and the flow of a joint venture webinar are all covered here.

Module 11 – Facebook Advertising for Webinars:

Learn how to leverage Facebook paid traffic to fill your webinars without breaking the bank. Click-by-click, step-by-step screenshare tutorials that will show you exactly how to set up the three types of webinar Facebook ads. This could be a course by itself!

Module 12 – Automated Webinar Funnels:

Create a simple and repeatable automated webinar to build your audience and make sales on autopilot. Learn the pros and cons of automated webinars, when and why to use them, the tools needed to build one, and some extra considerations that are only for automated webinars.

[Get] Client Acquisition System – Frank Kern

Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $3997
Download Size: 3.3GB
Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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The Client Aquisition System is a five week online class specifically for consultants, coaches, and professional service providers.

During this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to determine your ideal number of clients by reverse engineering your income targets and lifestyle goals.
  • Exactly how much to charge per client in order to have the perfect practice.
  • Your most valuable work that produces the most revenue.
  • Which prospects are likely to pay you the most …with the least resistance.
  • How to use Omnipresence to magnetically attract those prospects to you.
  • How to convert your ideal prospects into highly interested leads using the Low Hanging Fruit, Midlevel, and Cold Campaigns.
  • How to convert leads into clients using the collaborative close, interview-takeaway, and discovery day methods.