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Master Your Minutes is a life-changing time management and productivity training program designed by New York Timesbestselling author Kevin Kruse. It’s based on the world’s largest study of ultra-productive people—survey research on 4,000+ executives and qualitative interviews with 200+ self-made millionaires, CEOs, high tech entrepreneurs and even Olympic athletes. 

Who Is Kevin Kruse?

Kevin Kruse is the founder and CEO of The Kruse Group, and previously started several other multimillion dollar companies that won Inc 500 and Best Place to Work awards.

Kevin is also a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of several books and is also a contributor to Forbes and Huffington Post. As a keynote speaker and executive coach Kevin has taught leadership and the Master Your Minutes system to Fortune 500 executive teams, non-profit leaders, and even to generals in the US Marine Corps.

5 Module Training For Extreme Productivity And Greater Balance

This program is the result of research into thousands of working professionals and interviews with hundreds of highly successful people. You are going to get 5 video training modules personally taught by Kevin Kruse, who personally uses the system in his own life.

Module 1: Master Your Priorities

• The Time Bank

• The Wheel of Life

• Your Most Important Task (MIT)

Module 2: Master Your Calendar

• The Downside of To-Do Lists

• From To-Do to Scheduling (Time Blocking)

• How To Stop Time Thieves and Say “No” Without Being Rude

• Save 8 Hours A Week With DDR Questions

Module 3: Master Your Email

• The London Power Tactic To Cut Email By 54%

• 4D Habit To Get To Inbox Zero

• Email Processing With 321Zero System

Module 4: Master Meetings

• The 5 Meeting Flaws

• The Silicon Valley System To Cut Meetings By 33%

• Creating Meeting Cadence

Module 5: The Procrastination Cure

• Assessment: How Severe Is Your Procrastination?

• The 4 Procrastination Styles

• The 9-Step Procrastination Cure

High Quality Training Available Anywhere and Anytime

You can literally hit the play button on the very first video just 2-3 minutes from now.

• Immediate access to 5 Complete Modules

• Video, audio and transcripts of every session

• Quick Start Action Plan (PDF)

• Watch videos on multiple devices

• Listen to the audio on the treadmill or during your commute

BONUS: Quick Start Action Plan

You’ll also get beautifully designed ready-to-print templates, worksheets and reminder cards so you can increase your productivity immediately.

[Get] Endless Free Leads 11.0

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Module 1
Create Your Page And Brand

1. How to attract a continuous flow of prospects ( old friends, new friends and total strangers ) who are eager to hear what you have to say.

2. How to position yourself as an AUTHORITY or EXPERT in any field.

3. The secrets to creating INSTANT RELATIONSHIPS with complete strangers.

4. The LATEST ATTRACTION MARKETING concepts that draw people to you.5. Branding secrets that make you irresistible to everyone.

6. How to dramatically increase your visibility and exposure.

7. How to make everyone curious, eager and excited to meet you, learn about your business or products and buy what you’re selling.

8. Daily actions that result in daily sales.

Module 2
Connect With Perfect Prospects

1. How to quickly find your ideal client or prospect that is a perfect fit for your business!

2. How to connect with everyone you know in your existing warm market and have them begging to buy from you.

3. How to connect with complete strangers and sell them anything.

4. How to target perfect prospects with laser precision and insure everyone you contact accepts your friend requests and answers your messages.

5. How to save time by avoiding negative and pessimistic people.

6. How to avoid getting suspended or terminated for contacting people you don’t know.

Module 3
Communicate And Qualify

1. I’ll provide you with proven questions, strategies and scripts that will subtly and discreetly qualify everyone you talk to, so that you have to talk to fewer people about your business while increasing sales.

2. How to reduce fear, stress, reluctance and anxiety for good when talking to complete strangers.

3. When it’s okay to talk about your business and when it may be smarter not to.

4. How to start a conversation with anyone in any profession.

5. Scripts for determining someone’s interest in your business.

6. How to deal with the skeptic.

7. How to close the sale on the initial contact.

8. How to bring tough prospects to their knees.

9. How to get your prospects to request a business presentation.

10. How you can easily get your prospects selling themselves to you.

11. The magic questions and phrases that will have your prospects saying “yes” before you even (complete) your presentation.

Module 4

You can talk to LOTS of people but if you don’t know how to close them and make the sale, you’re wasting your time! So, I’ll show you how to easily and efficiently make sales on a daily basis or bring new people into your business. and eliminate rejection. Closing is a skill you must master and it’s easier to do than you think when you’re talking to the right people.

1. The FIVE Closing Questions that walk people into your business.

2. How to understand the closing process for any sale.

3. How to create a sense of urgency when closing.

4. How to apply these closing skills to face-to-face and phone conversations.

5. How to make YOU an unstoppable social media closer!

Your browser does not support the audio element.

“Social Media is solely responsible for my business going from $150K a year to $750 a year and growing, and it all happened in a relatively short period of time. I met two of my biggest business builders on Facebook using your methods! There are masterful ways to do it that will save you time and when you work with pros like Max you get there much faster, I highly endorse him and urge you to Plug In!”

~Ronda Coallier, Million Dollar Earner Isagenix

[Get] John Assaraf – Winning the Game of Money


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What You’ll Discover

6 Ways You’ll Feel and Be Unstoppable While Using This Program

Would you trust a rigorously tested, scientifically backed, and evidence-based program for releasing your subconscious blocks to money? Because, when you do, you’ll discover a stress-free road-trip to financial success where you’ll…

Rewire and retrain your brain to embrace empowering new attitudes, beliefs and habits around money so you can have the income and the lifestyle you deserve.
Release your brain’s old thought patterns and habits, like procrastination and poor organization, that limit you financially and replace them with ones that will help you achieve a greater and greater abundance — with less struggle.
Be part of a private online VIP coaching  group where you will learn with John Assaraf and Mark Waldman and over 17,000 Complete Winning the Game of Money Coaching and Brain Retraining System members who will encourage, support and nurture you to shatter the glass ceiling of your income… every single day.
Program your brain to filter out the inner C.R.A.P. (Conflicts, Resistance, Anxiety and Problems) that are holding you back from your happiness and success.
Train your brain to use the same systems, strategies and models multi-millionaires do to consistently create more wealth
Imprint upon your brain your deepest “why,” and allow yourself to be inspired to create a big impact in the world, so you can fulfill your highest potential.
Level 01 – Finding Financial OpportunityIn this level, you will begin to increase your level of awareness of financial opportunities all around you and it will prime your brain with the beliefs required to achieve financial abundance or success.Level 02 – Attracting WealthThe focus of this level is to raise your internal set point and bring your consciousness into alignment to attract greater levels of prosperity, abundance and wealth. You will increase awareness around your money story, along with any deeply rooted beliefs and perceptions you have held, while reinforcing the positive beliefs from Level 1.Level 03 – Tenacity & ResolveIn this level, you will retrain your brain to strengthen your inner resolve, persistence and tenacity, so you can produce greater financial results.Level 04 – Releasing Your Stories & ExcusesIn this level, you will learn how the unproductive or destructive self-image and money stories you tell yourself repeatedly keep you stuck in a cycle of achieving the same undesired outcomes over and over again. It is time to stop this pattern now and release them once and for all.

Level 05 – Increasing Wealth Feelings

Emotion drives behavior. This level will train you to think and feel wealthy, so you automatically resonate with earning more money. Experience firsthand what it feels like to be wealthy, as it becomes grounded in your body and emotions — and start to increase those feelings now.

Level 06 – Being Creative

By the time most people are in their 30s, the majority of their creative neurons are no longer being used. The daily audio will support you to reactivate your creative neurons using your imagination and higher intuitive function, so you can bring creativity into the ways that you earn money and help you generate more imaginative ideas than ever before.

Level 07 – Accelerated Wealth Re-programming #1

This advanced level uses the “overload principle” to creatively bombard your conscious and nonconscious mind for maximum neural pattern creation, incorporating a combination of each of the previous levels’ methodologies and content.

Level 08 – Accelerated Wealth Re-programming #2

In this advanced level, we use the “overload principle” to go deeper and reinforce your conscious and unconscious mind’s positive neural pattern to create the required mental pathways for attracting wealth.

Level 09 – Accelerated Wealth Re-programming #3

Hold onto your cerebral cortex as the gamma frequencies in this level cement the most powerful Accelerated Wealth Reprogramming content in the world. This will give you the ultimate in clarity, focus and laser-precise abilities to accomplish your financial and life goals.

Level 10 – Letting Go Of Your Money Fears

Get ready to let go and release any of your fears, worries, anxieties, or stress around money in this level by training your brain to trust your intuition.

Level 11 – The Beliefs & Habits Generator

Now that you have cleared out old programming and primed your brain with new empowering patterns, it’s time to adopt updated, productive beliefs and behaviors that support abundance. In this advanced level, you will learn a simple method to consciously create, impress and install the beliefs and habits of your choice. With a little practice and imagination, you can actually choose what you believe.

Level 12 – Mastering Your Money Focus

In this level, you will reinforce your ability to choose a financial target and follow through to its achievement. From this point on, you can start to tell yourself a brand-new story about money, with consistent, successful results.

[Get] Chris Lee – Niche Site Course V3.0

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The best-selling SEO course that teaches you step-by-step how to build high-traffic, high-income niche sites.


This course lays out my exact strategies for every stage of the niche site building process from choosing a niche and doing keyword & competition research to building out the site and acquiring powerful backlinks that boost rankings.

It’s a step-by-step system that you can follow to build out your own site into a full-time income.

The Niche Site Course will teach you everything you need to know about building massive, high-traffic authority sites.

It’s built in a start-to-finish format. So that every step of the way is covered in easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand tutorials.

So you can save months or even years of your time spent doing things that just plain don’t work.

So you can get a massive head start to succeeding online rather than trying everything out yourself and making mistakes along the way.

I would have crossed my initial goal of $100/day so much faster if I had something I could refer to and just follow step-by-step.

Rather than read random blog posts and articles, if there was something that just took me through every process along the way and showed me what I should be doing, and what I shouldn’t.

It’s so much easier to get from point A to point B if you have a proven blueprint to follow.

The Niche Site Course has 5 core modules


  • The Complete Niche Site Course: The complete step-by-step training course includes all the course units and modules. Everything you need to build and grow your own profitable niche site to a full-time income.
  • 3 Month Checklist: The checklist to keep you on track doing the right things that ensure growth, and guides you through the first months of the process. Everything that you should be doing, and when.
  • Advanced Deep Dives: Even more in-depth training on the most important strategies taught in the course.
  • PDF Cheatsheets: Helpful PDF cheatsheets for you to print out and keep handy by your desktop.
  • 3 Premium WordPress Themes (not sold anywhere else): For the longest time, I’ve been using my own custom built WordPress themes for my niche sites. I’ve decided to package them up and offer them as bonuses. Sleek and simple themes designed specifically for speed and performance in your niche sites.


Over half the battle with succeeding with niche sites depends on your research and preparation.

I’ll show you how to avoid the most common mistake that people make here.

Mess up your niche & keyword research, and you’ll potentially spend time and money on a project that was bound to be a failure before you even started it.

My method of niche and keyword research ensures that your site is on a path for success.

So that whatever time and effort you put into it, you see a financial reward that’s significant and “worth the effort.”

From choosing a niche, choosing domain names, planning out your site for future growth, and doing keyword research and competition analysis.

Everything is covered from start to finish: My complete process of everything I go through before site launch.

PLUS: A complete explanation of my most important strategy for creating authority sites. There’s a fundamental difference between sites that make $100-$500/month and sites that make $5000-$10000/month. Steal my strategy for Pillar Keywords and Pillar Posts and use them to grow your sites to a larger scale of traffic and income.

PLUS: If you have trouble doing competition analysis to decide if a niche is worth pursuing, I have a complete walk-through of me doing competition analysis for an example keyword. Everything that I look for, all the tools I use, all the metrics I look at… all covered in this in-depth analysis.


Okay, so you’ve done your research. You’ve found a niche, chosen your keywords, and have everything planned out. That doesn’t mean you should now put up a site and start building links to it.

We need to do 2 things: Set up our site for success, and plan out our authority site structure.

Learn my techniques for setting up on-site SEO, inter-linking, my essential plugins I use for all my niche sites, and how to create your inner posts as you grow out your site.

PLUS: My authority site structure. Planning for growth before building the site is SO important if you want to take your site to a full-time income. Take my authority site structure DIAGRAM and use it for structuring your own niche sites.

If you want to build a monster website with millions of visitors, structure is essential.


This is where it starts to get really exciting. Learn my complete backlinking strategies for my authority sites. Stop wasting time with ineffective techniques and spammy link packages. Start link building like a real SEO.

The exact strategies I do for all my niche sites, and the strategies I’ve used when working at an SEO agency building links for high-revenue clients.

There’s a reason I’m not worried about having such a large portion of my income rely on Google… I don’t build links that trigger penalties. I build links that algorithms reward, not penalize.

This section will change the way you link build.

Start earning powerful, natural links that ACTUALLY make an impact on your rankings. Learn my backlinking techniques where even a SINGLE link can make a difference to your site’s authority and rankings.


As you might already know from reading my blog, Adsense is the main way that I like to monetize my niche sites.

Because I rely on Adsense for my full-time income, I’ve vigorously tested every aspect, combination, setting that you can name to MAXIMIZE my revenue.

Learn how I configure my Adsense settings, and how I make sure I’m making the maximum from my websites.

You’ll see all my tips and secrets that I’ve accumulated over the years.

PLUS: Steal my layout. Learn how to optimize your site and lay out your ads to increase your RPM. My best performing layout across all my sites revealed through an easy-to-visualize diagram.


Putting all the pieces together. Dive even further how everything you learned from the course is put together using a general timeline.

The entire step-by-step strategy is broken down into a timeline to give you an even clearer picture of HOW to get started, WHAT you should be doing, and WHY.

What to expect in your first few months of building your site, what tasks you should be working on during this time, what goals to be striving for, and what outcomes will be produced and when?

If building niche sites ever seemed complicating and frustrating this will make everything clear.

New in v3.0

Every year, I make some updates to the course based on student feedback, and changes in the SEO landscape.

The result? A more in-depth comprehensive guide from start to finish. Based on user feedback, and new updated strategies, I went back to the beginning of the course, creating more in-depth lessons and making sure that every question was answered, and added on a few course units as well.

This update brings 3 new lessons:

1. How To Deal With Google’s Keyword Planner Update
2. Want 6 Easy Links From a DA79 Website?
3. Scholarship Link Building: A Very Powerful Strategy That Can Produce Some Enormous Results

An update on how to work around Google’s Keyword Planner update, which now only gives exact search volume data to paying Adwords customers. If you’re not an Adwords user, this may have been disappointing news for you. Well, I’ve added some sweet solutions for you that gives you all the functionality back again.

Another update are 2 new link building strategies I’ve been trying out with success. I give you the exact scripts, and show you the results I’ve been able to get with them.

These are the easiest (powerful) links I’ve ever built for my sites.

[Get] Robert V Nava – FaceBoom Ads Academy

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FaceBOOM Ads Academy Contains the A-Z training that you’ll NEED to truly succeed with Facebook Ads for Ecommerce. From the basics of introducing you to the patform, to the more advanced stuff like evergreen campaigns, we’ve got it all.


How To Build Your Marketing Profile, WITHOUT Breaking Your Budget.

You don’t have to invest huge, thousand-dollar sums into plans that might not work. We’re giving away every secret we have on creating effective social media campaigns, from the very basics on creating effective ads to the industry secrets on driving traffic that pays for itself.

If you’ve never sold with targeted ad copy before, don’t worry about it. We’ll get you up to speed so you always know what we’re talking about, guaranteed.

How To Establish A Brand And Build Your Own Audience

It’s the marketer’s dream come true – well, sort-of. We’ll show you how to create a brand beyond just the products you’re selling, and build an audience for your products so every click is warm traffic.

A Constant Stream Of Case Studies

We’re not just about showing you what we’ve done that works, we’re dedicated to showing you why. These vetted case studies will provide up-to-date information on everything that’s working in the industry right now – and everything that isn’t.

Cutting-Edge Campaign Scaling Techniques

Think selling to an audience of 1,000 is the same as an audience of 1,000,000? We’ll show you how to go beyond building a product, and how to move into building an empire.

Creating Long-Term Ads That Keep Paying

Creating viral, new content is important, but so is building content that you can fall back on – ad copy that can last you for months before needing a revisit. This program gives you the tools to create long-lasting tools to keep your store running indefinitely.

PLUS, You’ll Get To See The Inner Workings Of My Own Stores!

If you’ve ever taken advice before this, you know that the how is just as important as the what. Finding tools can be difficult, but not impossible – but finding successful examples of how they’ve been used (the most important part of the process!) can be a daunting task.

You have to either beg existing businesses to let you see them behind the scenes, or you’re stuck with trial-by-fire applications for yourself – just keep throwing things at a wall and seeing what sticks. With this adacemy, though, you don’t need to worry about the results, because I’ll share mine with you. These techniques aren’t just cheap tricks to get into your wallet – I use them, they work, and I want to show you how they can work for you, too.

When you join FaceBOOM Ads Academy today, you’re getting an exclusive look at the inner workings of my own business – from the products to the ad copy to the development process. This includes my own hands-on approach to the techniques I’m going to be teaching!

We Start At The Top – You Get An Insider Look At How To Make Sense Of, And Create Social Media Campaigns

We’re not gonna sugarcoat it – social media advertising can be a complex, terrifyingly daunting task. If you’ve never done it before, or you’ve never managed multiple successful campaigns across half a dozen platforms – we’ve got you covered. The first module of this course talks in-depth about making sense of Facebook ads and social media marketing. From the terminology to the planning process, we’ll take you through from start to finish and make sure you’re perfectly equipped to undertake any marketing task.

See My Personal Tips And Tricks For Writing Ad Copy That Doesn’t Just Drive More Traffic, It Gets You More Sales – Guaranteed.

What goes into good ad copy? Before this course, you might’ve thought to yourself, “I can write ads myself – it’ll be just as good as some commissioned copywriter!” And you’re not wrong – anyone can write good advertisements, if they’re trained. But without that training, you’re just lost in the dark – throwing your ads out into the eyes of your customers, just trying to see what works. That’s a process that will cost you a lot of time, and a lot of money.

Skip the uncertainty. The second module of my course shares my secrets to creating successful ad copy – not just taking shots in the dark. From the hook to the value proposition to the call to action, my course will show you everything you need to know about building advertisement campaigns that work so well, they’ll practically market themselves.

[Get] Emergency Medicine Boot Camp Course

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The Original EM Boot Camp Course Delivering the Core EM Knowledge Base.

Designed for PAs, NPs and Primary Care Physicians.
The Original Emergency Medicine Boot Camp course has been designed by a nationally recognized emergency medicine faculty to provide participants with the essential information needed to practice in a modern-day emergency department or urgent care center. In addition to the detailed clinical content, each presentation will emphasize key documentation and risk management concepts.

The faculty consists of award-winning emergency medicine educators specifically chosen for their in-depth knowledge of emergency medicine, their ability to present information with passion and energy and their prior experience working in a collaborative environment.

[Get] Dr Patrick Gentempo – Vaccines Revealed Docu-Series 2017

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You’ll discover the most cutting edge news and just released evidence – from over twenty of the world’s authorities and experts.


You’ll be on the forefront of the latest discoveries and get released evidence from over a dozen of the world’s authorities and experts.

Watch this exclusive release in its entirety – just sign up below today.





According to the HSRA (Government Website) 88 of the 108 cases settled the first quarter of 2016 were for injuries and deaths due to the flu vaccine, making the flu vaccine the most dangerous vaccine in the U.S., harming and killing more people than all the other vaccines put together.

It’s practically guaranteed that mandated vaccinations will affect our kids, our grandchildren, our parents, our friends and loved ones.

It’s a horrifying thought, but it’s the reality we’re facing.

Children’s lives are at stake, and they are suffering and even dying due to ignorance and misinformation about what vaccine risks and injuries really are.


Our mission is to prevent vaccine injury and death and to promote and protect the right of every person to make informed independent vaccination decisions for themselves and their families.

We will not stop until the entire world is educated and empowered with knowledge exposing the truth about vaccines.

The all-or-nothing dynamic that exists with the vaccine hubbub completely polarized the issue and prevents any reasonable discussion from taking place. Either you accept all of the CDC’s recommended 69 doses of 16 vaccines between birth and age 18, or you want to bring back measles, polio, and probably the black plague.


Over the last decade, we’ve produced award-winning documentaries providing answers and revealing alternative health solutions. We’ve traveled the world, interviewed the top authorities and filmed thousands of hours to bring the essential facts about GMO’s, Big Pharma and Vaccines to the forefront.

We’ve launched 3 full-length documentaries on these subjects, and have had over a million people watch our award-winning documentary films online.

Mandatory vaccinations are about to open up a new land-grab for government control. Other medical issues seem to pale in comparison to forcibly medicating millions against their will. Voluntary and informed consent are essential in our individual rights, and without it, we do not possess true freedom.

We have dozens of luminaries and experts presenting the absolute best and most up to date advice and material for parents who really want to know what is going on behind the scenes.

[Get] Ultimate Video Ranking + OTO – How To Finally Dominate Ranking Videos AT Will


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OTO: Click Here
Value: $67+$39
Download Size: 1.9GB
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We spent 2 years proving this Model within Local Niches, Various other Niches
and Launch Jacking

What will amaze you is that we have Held #1 Page 1 thru every Penguin,
Panda and every other Animal Thrown our Way…

Against any Assault from Competitors who tried to Budge us from Our Gorilla Glue
(trademark is theirs) that we used to keep our #1 Ranking.

Now imagine these ARE your Videos Ranking for the Long Term in these positions.

HOW much will you earn in these ranking positions?

We could Hype up Our Sales Page but that’s just not my style, so let me show you my PROOF…

Even Directory Sites Like Angie’s List and Home Advisor fall beneath our Videos.

When have you been able to achieve those results?

Unheard of until Now… And We Are Talking Page Rank #1
on the 1st Page of Google!

On YouTube we are even more Dominating!

In our Test Model we held 9 of top 10 positions for Our Keywords and 36 of top 40 Videos, yet we did this with NO Backlinks, NO Views per se, NO Channel Authority (RPI) And Buried those who did to page 4!

Now let me start off by saying the First Model I Designed was far more Efficient than I had ever Dreamed it would be. I actually had 36 of top 40 Videos on YouTube for the Targeted Keywords in a competitive niche.


What you’re About to Learn makes that Model look basic and outdated, which it isn’t (2 years at #1 Page 1 for most keywords still holds today).

Imagine, What if, You were Able to Dominate ANY Niche, At Will,
and it Didn’t matter how Competitive the Niche is!

Multiple listings: Notice the same Phone Number,
this after 2 years holding the Top 3 Spots!

It Takes The Same Effort To Do Something Right!

Notice the date the videos were Uploaded August 27, 2014,
yet they still hold their Rankings Today.

I like to call them High Priority Links, which we will teach you how to get
On Demand with no Hoops to jump thru.

We Did a Screencast of Our First System Results to show you
what we Initially Achieved.

Watch The Video Below To See Just How You Can Dominate Just Like This

Well, let me Give you a few Teaser Points just so you have a
Glimpse of what will be Revealed.


Just so we could show Live Results, Now Remember we have a far More Enhanced System today then this Model.
What is Included in This Course? 

Well, let me Give you a few Teaser Points just so you have a Glimpse of what will be Revealed.

A Secret place where you can Add a Second Description but hide some extra Secret Stuff where the Spy software can’t find it.

A Hidden place I tested this week. Even in the Video description, you can use only 5,000 characters Max, I was able to paste in Successfully 23,460 Words and spy Software has no way to find it. What could you add into that?

Use your Imagination!

What about the Hard stuff? Can the System Really Rank for that Stuff?

A partner and I recently took on a client who needed to brand himself as an expert in various different fields.

His problem was that many powerful sites including some high authority directory sites were preventing him from dominating the front page of Google.

As you can see from the results below, it was really not such a tough assignment for us.

A Friend Recently spent $5,000 trying to Move them and Failed to Budge them even a single Spot before Giving Up (should have called Us) so check out the images below (notice they are all recent Uploads)

What is Included in This Course?

Well, let me Give you a few Teaser Points just so you have a
Glimpse of what will be Revealed.

The exact silo method that Gives you More Authority than Aged YouTube Accounts, ones with AUTHORITY, Views, Back linked and Social Shares they may have.

And the Ability to PUSH those Pages down to where the dead Bodies reside. The Exact method of using your Targeted keywords in a way Google and YouTube just Loves and will Reward you for doing this way Every time.

The Most Powerful method of using RSS Feeds for your Videos that Grabs the Authority of major sites in your Niche and Transfers that Authority to you.

We show you which Rules you think you Know but are Myths and which ones that Apply you must Follow but, how they can be Manipulated to Benefit You… Penalty Free and Immune to any Changes by Google.

We show you the Secret of the Universe, where to get Backlinks so powerful they become Priority Links Over riding all Other links, even the Best Ones.

We show you not only just how to get an Unlimited Amount of Backlinks any time you need them and best of All these Backlinks never Break. These links Never Get Penalized and have so much link Juice they overwhelm everything else. We Expose All the secret Places inside YouTube, that most either Don’t Know About or Under Utilize.

We show you the Secret of How to work from inside the “SYSTEM” instead of trying to manipulate it from the Outside Looking In. Learn how to Notify Google your Video is Relevant to Specific Keywords (this is a Monster). So, are you.


We have an entire System Loaded


There is way too much to actually List it all. But we have tutorials of each step, each method as well as follow along Pdf’s for each section (7 Courses in 1).

Stop Buying Course after Course Looking for a Few Lonely Nuggets when you can

Own the Goldmine!

Want Results like this? Dominate at will? What Niches do you want to “OWN”

Price Increase in 7 days will be Permanent Pricing $149 so Act quickly

[Get] ConjureGram Instagram Outsourcing Authority

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Download Size: 920MB
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Watch the video to see the outsourcing strategies we used to fully automate our Instagram traffic AND our entire business to 7 figures:

Read this very carefully as your about to receive our best offer ever exclusive offer limited to the first handful of ConjureGram buyers only…

that can set you up with a six figure income faster than you think completely hands-free.

Sure, ConjureGram is going to do most of the heavy lifting in building your Instagram account and driving traffic.

But, what if there was a way to fully automate your Instagram growth without having to lift one finger…

and not only that, but automate your entire business growth 100% as well?

Want to know a major secret guys at the top don’t want you to know about?

The truth is, 7-8 figure marketers don’t really run most of their business, if any of it. Yep, all these major marketers 8 figure business owners like…

…include ourselves use outsourcers, freelancers, or employees to run 99% of their business.

In fact, take a look at the numbers I’ve done from just one PayPal account of mine alone this year:

Think about it…

There’s no WAY I could have possibly made that money just hustling by myself or even with softwares alone.

I actually relied on outsourcers, freelancers, contractors for 99% of the work… yes, including the page you’re reading.

See, that’s the secret I and other top online business owners use to reap all the profits for a certain industry…

while everyone else in that niche has to fight for scrapes of what’s left… and let’s us scale our business 10x faster leaving everyone in the dust, fighting for what scraps of traffic is left.

So, the question is… what’s the secret to building a team of A+ outsourcers or staff to do all the work for you…

even if you don’t think you have enough money to hire one?

Perhaps like me, you’ve noticed there isn’t any solid training on how to actually hire outsourcers and scale your business. Mainly because the guys who’ve done it want to roll up the ladder and protect their profits.

However, because I know you’ve invested in my ConjureGram and are 100% committed to automating your Instagram account and business I want to let you in on an exclusive automation training called…

Inside Outsourcing Authority you’re going to learn secrets like…

  • How to immediately begin outsourcing tasks for profit and free time even if you don’t seem to have any budget available
  • What tasks you should outsource first in your business for immediate impact starting this week
  • How to get outsources integrated into your business fast without having to teach them everything from scratch and wasting more time
  • Where the most talented freelancers and outsourcers for lowest price and how to get them to agree to work on your projects
  • How to get outsourcing help that does an A+ job and won’t disappear after you spend time training them
  • How to approach and outsource many different tasks correctly and cheaply including ghost writing, content writing, software development, graphic design, and more
  • 3 Tips to become 10x more productive you can begin doing immediately – When you should hire your first full time employee and how to guarantee it’s an A+ hire from the start
  • My secret script that quickly shows which freelancers & outsourcers will actually deliver on their promises & which will just over promise and under deliver
  •  Where to go other than just Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr to find quality help fast
  • My secret Rolodex of the best tools and softwares to used to automate tasks and FAR more than that. This works for any aspect of your business, not just traffic or Instagram as well.

And the best part?

You don’t need to be earning 6 figures online to start hiring outsourcers and freelancers to scale your business, Instagram accounts, and save months of hard work.

In fact, it’s more important in the beginning to outsource your traffic because then you won’t waste months on a strategy or a marketing campaign that’s going to fail anyway.

Heck, after watching the videos for this master training, you’ll be so good at outsourcing you can charge to grow other businesses Instagram and social accounts for them…

or even flip the growing Instagram accounts you manage for big time profit.

Don’t think you can do this alone!

This is embarrassing to admit, but when I first starting outsourcing a few years ago I was scammed for over $2000 for a software I was trying to develop.

On top of that, the designers for my sales pages did a terrible job and didn’t complete the tasks on time & I&almost had to shut down my business right from the start.

I’ve made all the hiring and outsourcing mistakes for you, so you don’t need to lose money and lost months of precious time on bad freelancers.


Like I said, there’s no solid outsourcing and automation training out there today… and there’s a reason for that.

We can’t let everyone get access to these important automation and growth strategies so we’re opening this up only for the next handful of ConjureGram buyers only. 

That means if you leave the page you won’t be able to get access… not even at a higher price.

The only place you can get this type of training is at private coaching sessions that charge about $3000 a pop.

However, today you can get access for far less as a special offer to those buyers who I know committed to already automating their Instagram growth and their business.

So don’t wait. Pick up Outsourcers Authority training suite today before the price increases and it goes away for good.