Sophie Howard – Product University

Are you looking to build an online business but struggling to get started?

Despite all your research you’re not completely convinced you are on the right tracks and you don’t want to waste your money making an expensive mistake choosing the wrong product or platform?


Amazon has always been a great place to launch and scale product businesses and it still is a great place for you to start your online business. It’s getting tougher to find ‘clear water’ with new profitable products but I’ve been continually adding new products and brands using my Minimum Viable Brand strategy.

It’s a technique that’s serving me and my current clients well. We work on quality products that are a breath of fresh air in the crowded, ‘me-too” world of cheap Chinese factory plastic junk. Any product I develop has to meet certain criteria which means it’s far harder to copy, source and sell. These brands are also highly attractive to other businesses, so as well as earning cash through sales, you can also sell the entire business when you fancy a 7-figure payday. Having just done this, I can tell you it is well worth the nervous early days to push on through and get started now!

The mainstream approaches to selling on Amazon and using research tools means everyone ends up squabbling over the same few products. Not the case in my Amazon world. We use the best bits of Amazon’s fulfilment, trusted brand and volume of ready-to-buy customers. But we are building real businesses, not just trading products on Amazon.


Product University is a membership group so when you join you’ll start at the beginning of the training getting the foundations on strategy and mindset. Then we’ll get into product selection strategy and product sourcing (not so much Alibaba!), sales funnels to promote your products, social media, paid advertising, partnerships and much much more. Check the curriculum section to see the full breakdown of topics we cover.


BONUS ONE is a special bonus we include as well as the main modules is the Amazon Navigator course. This is my signature $5000 USD Amazon training program which you get access to if you sign up to Product University for 12 months. This means you get all the content for selling on Amazon as soon as you sign up. An amazing offer to help you get started and moving with the skills and confidence you need to sell your products online.

Product University will help you keep your strategy and mind clear as your start your products business. There are so many courses, tools and new shiny objects out there it can be hard to stay focused. We all worry about Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) when it comes to the tips an tactics of running an online business.

You’ll start your education in a structured, organized way. You’ll have a program to learn and implement as you go so you never feel overwhelmed or lost. You’ll be able to visualize your business, your products and brands and know the ideal customer you are looking for before you start sourcing or spending your money on products. Believe me, I have helped some very traumatized coaching clients who started on Amazon, made poor product choices and now need to relearn a strategy that actually works for product selection and branding.

You’ll be part of a community of putting new skills into practice – upskilling and learning but in a very applied way. You’ll even receive a certificate of completion at the end of the year! You’ll have all the skills and confidence to get out there launching and selling your own products. Building a REAL business- one with systems, innovative products, a high performing team and most importantly of all –real profits.

The other advantage of this amazing skill set is that you’ll be able to work on other people’s online businesses if you need to earn some extra cash short term. Your skills will be a huge asset to potential partners or even selling other people’s products on commission.

Why You Should Join Product University

Joining Product University means the end of those wasted days aimlessly trawling for products online. No more nervous launches where you’re not quite sure how your product will fly. No more worrying about other sellers undercutting you, out marketing you with the same products or where you’re competing solely on price. If there’s one thing you’ll learn in Product university it’s to NEVER sell “me-too” products – a guaranteed losing strategy!

You’ll save hours by not feeling compelled to watch every webinar from every internet marketer who’s email list you’re on – we’ll keep you current and up to date with the strategies that work today!

You’ll also make fantastic contacts and new friends in the private Facebook group – a place to ask your newbie or advanced questions and find moral and technical support as you start your online business.

In the weekly webinars you’ll feel part of a high powered community of people just like you – taking their business seriously – committed to succeeding and taking steps week by week as you develop strategy, tactics and products together.

If you don’t join Product University you’ll be stuck wondering about how the 6 and 7-figure sellers do it. You’ll be hanging out for tips and tactics without a real sense of strategy- just chasing the leaders rather than thinking for yourself and leading your own business. You’ll be investing in yourself by joining Product University and many of the skills go well beyond Amazon and products- but reach into other areas of business and life. A great attitude, approach, team and sharp implementation.

If you don’t commit to learning and growing you’re actually going backwards as there are so many other new players who are upskilling and existing sellers who are branching out.



Diversifying from Amazon, or starting out totally new is daunting…

There is SO much information you don’t know where to start or who to trust. Time is short, there’s simply never enough of it. You’re desperately trying to pick up skills and strategy and confidence and cash flow and a product or service to sell and it just all starts to spin at bit!

That’s where I can help you get a grip on a clear plan to get from uncertainty and overwhelm to a clear strategy that suits you! Together we’ll map out the landscape of e-commerce. As your guide I’ll help you work out a path through all the business models, platforms, channels and tools that work for you.

I’m not selling you courses or software so you can trust that my only interest is in seeing you get the skills and confidence to get started and implementing a smart, passive income and scalable business plan. I measure my success on the results of your new business! Some of those results can be measured in sales, but we also take into account how well automated, scalable and unique your business is.

Product University is the education and support you’ve been looking for to get started and selling. It is a community for people like you who want sensible advice from someone who’s done it before. The technical skills change over time but there are fundamental business skills, processes and mindset that need to be in place in every single successful business. Together we will build these skills.

Here’s What to Expect:

By Joining Product University you’ll have your hands on the latest and most effective ways to start, launch and scale your online products business. You’ll learn all the core skills, develop the right mindset and pick up the tactics and tips that are working now. This is your one stop shop to stay up with the play in the world of selling products online!

The video training modules follow a logical sequence and are very practical and ready to apply in your own business. My teaching style is easy to follow and caters to newbies and experienced sellers alike.

Simply watch the videos at a time convenient for you and start mastering these skills you NEED to be successful with an online products business.

These transferable skills and strategies make Product University unique…

The primary focus of Product University is to ensure you have the skills to do smart research, savvy business planning and smooth execution as you build your online business. We work on the ‘how’ as well as the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of your business. I’ll even do a LIVE “over the shoulder” demonstration of how I source, brand and launch my products! Week by week we’ll go through the process together and I’ll share the thinking behind the actions. You’ll see exactly what I do myself, brief others and how I make decisions. This insider experience is totally unique and will be such a great way to learn the art of product selection!

A secondary benefit is the community you become part of. A network of like-minded, curious business owners who are committed to succeeding with your online businesses.


If you’re wondering how it works and what to expect, read on:

Video Training Modules

In Module One we’ll cover goal setting, planning for success and getting helpful habits and mindset so you’re working productively and on the right stuff!

In Module Two the focus is on the all-important Product Selection Strategy and we’ll start the LIVE product launch I’ll do with you watching over my shoulder.

Module Three is all about Sales Funnels– leading to Amazon for most of you but we’ll look at a few other options too so you are aware of all the pros and cons and can choose the best option(s) for you.

Module Four is all about your Virtual Dream Team– giving you sanity, clarity and your freedom. As well as being able to ditch the tasks you hate and recruit a world class team of operators helping you to build your business

Module Five we learn how to SELL ON AMAZON!  The whole set up, listing and launch as I do in my own 6 and 7-figure Amazon businesses

Module Six is a customer centric few weeks – understanding the psychology, behaviors and avatars you need to have to be able to sell easily to your ideal customers. This is fun stuff that most people get wrong. They focus on products not the customers – we’ll leave them in our dust!

Module Seven is where I share the systems, tools and processes to scale. This means your sales can climb without a hitch, you stay sane and when it’s time to sell your business everything looks ship-shape and easy to take over. Stuff in your head is pretty hard to sell! We look at automation and the all important TEAM!

Module Eight  is where we get serious and look at how the 7-figure sellers do it and how to up-level your own business and skills.

Module Nine is a focus on reports, finances and taking a look at the most common mistakes made so you can avoid them and save time, money and embarrassment.

Module Ten is all about partnerships to grow, reach new channels and save your cash flow pinches by working in smart ways with other people.

In Module Eleven we look at exits and next level moves to take your business to new platforms and channels. If a Sales funnel is right for your business, we’ll be showing you the best ways to set those up, along with paid advertising, social media and working with bloggers and influencers. This module is super exciting, changes all the time and is where you can really experience rapid growth. But you need the basics in place first so your business doesn’t implode.

In Module Twelve we look at your progress and work on your plans for the next year ahead. We look at the team around you, skills required and link back to lifestyle and personal choices, including working to leverage your own talents and strengths.


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Sophie Howard – Product University Contains: Videos, PDF´s

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Brent Dunn – Pop Ads Domination

Sale Page: Click Here
Value: $97
Download Size: 670MB
Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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What Topics Does the Course Cover?

1. Understanding the type of traffic you are buying

As performance marketers, our job is to match traffic with offers. What that means is we need to find people interested in our products or services.

Instead of going in blindly like most advertisers, you’ll learn not only how to increase your chances of finding traffic that converts for your offer, but also how to avoid competitors stealing it from you.

2. How to fully take advantage of the targeting options PopAds provides.

PopAds has TONS of targeting options which can be overwhelming.

In this course you will learn what each targeting option does and the best time to use them.

Knowing this section alone will likely allow you to make your current campaigns profitable.

3. Structuring campaigns for efficiency and scale.

When working with PopAds, it’s important that you setup your campaigns in such a way that allows you to find and edit them quickly.

I teach you exactly how I’ve managed hundreds of campaigns at a time on the PopAds platform by showing you how I structure my campaigns from the ground up.

Charles Kirkland – 8 Week Lead Agency Coaching

Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $997
Download Size: 8.6GB
Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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The 7 Step “Lead Acquisition Sytem” That has online business paying you $1000 to $10,000 per Month to Manage Their Facebook Ads

How to start, Outsource and Scale a Lead Generation Marketing Agency…Even If you are Starting From Scratch

To Create …One Hundred 6 Figure Online Lead Agency Owners…

What’s Include?
+ Module 1: I’ll show you how to find a niche where you can be the big fish in a small pond. You will learn how to find profitable niches and how to identify one to stay away from. Picking the wrong niche is a fast way to go out of business.
+ Module 2: I’m going to show you how to setup your bank account payment processing and back office create branding, marketing materials, proposals and contracts, and find, hire and manage VAs.
+ Module 3: I will show you how to find your #1 client by using Facebook, LinkedIn and email. Your Client is out there and is going to hire someboby. It might was well be you. I’ll give you the templates, email follow ups, and sales scripts to use to close the deal
+ Module 4: Now that you have a client it’s time to impress them with your results. I’ll show you step-by-step how to get results and how to clearly communicate the results to the client with numbers they can understand.
+ Module 5: One you solve your client’s lead gểnation problems you can focus on offering other value-added services to grow your bottom line
I’ll teach you how to upsell client to web hosting, autoresponder, website design, email marketing, and webinars with the highest returns and least amount of work for you.
+ Module 6: Multiple Client can be alot to manage, but I’ll teach you simple strategies to managing your clients without dropping the ball. Keep your client happy without pulling your hair out.
+ Module 7: Reporting is a necessary evil, but it does not have to be burdensome or difficult. I’ll show you how to setup your reporting so it only take 7 minutes per week per client to send them reports that give them the high level numbers they need to see.
+ Module 8: VA’s and outsourcers are wonderful resources and can save you lots of time while adding so much money to your bottom line. I will show you how to use your VA’s and outsourcers to scale up your agency to handle more clients and offer more value-added services to get bigger and bigger clients.

Duston McGroarty – 1st Page Academy Update 1

The Most Comprehensive and Proven 1st Page Ranking System On the Plane


 Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

Week #1: Discover Hidden and Untapped Keywords

  • You’ll discover how to really dig deep and find hot money keywords
  • Determine quickly, in advance, whether or not a keyword is worth taking the time to rank for
  • You’ll learn how much competition is too much and when it’ll be a breeze to get 1st page rankings
  • Get access to my down & dirty competitive research blueprint
  • Watch as I dissect, inspect, and review the most popular keyword and SEO tools on the market today
  • You’ll also get access to my Search Ranking Calculator so you can estimate your income before you decide on a keyword


Week #2: How to Quickly Knock Out 1st Page Worthy Content

  • You’ll learn exactly what the search engines want in a 1st page worthy piece of content and how you can quickly give it to them
  • Discover the secret “Copy Cat” technique that’ll not only ensure a 1st page worthy piece of content but will also set you up for a massive number of backlinks
  • You’ll get access to my Longtail Keyword Article Template—a fill-in-the-blank method of writing a 1st page worthy piece of content in a snap
  • You’ll get access to my content outsourcing system that I’ve used to outsource many 1st Page pieces of content
  • You’ll learn how to find the most relevant, related keywords (LSI keywords) and how to strategically “pepper” them throughout your article


Week #3: How to Setup Your Website for Massive Conversions

  • Why you absolutely HAVE to use WordPress if you’re just starting out and looking to achieve fast results
  • You’ll get access to my list of required WordPress Plugins to be sure you achieve the highest rankings as quickly as possible
  • Learn which website layout gets the best click through rates (CTR) and where the best places to put your CTA’s are
  • Discover my Sneaky Sidebar Method that boosts your CTR’s through the roof and allows you to double or even triple your income from each article
  • You’ll learn whether or not you should include comments, a footer, a search box, an RSS feed, social media links, sharing options, and much, much more!


Week #4: How to Quickly & Easily Land Relevant, High-Quality Backlinks

  • If you’ve followed the training to a “T” in the first three modules, this module shouldn’t be necessary but it can quickly speed up your results
  • Learn my go-to sources for extremely easy, and long-term, backlinks from high authority websites
  • Discover what a Private Blog Network is and whether or not it’s necessary
  • You’ll learn how to analyze the top 10 results, find their current backlinks, and how to legally steal them from right under their nose
  • There are common backlinking strategies happening right now that could be detrimental to your website—find out what they are how to avoid potential catastrophe
  • Discover how to get 1st page rankings by linking to your OWN content and how linking out to other sites could also boost your rankings
  • And much, much more!

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Duston McGroarty – 1st Page Academy Contains: Videos, PDF´s

UPDATE 06/27/2017

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Ezra Firestone – Advanced Ecommerce Email Marketing Update 1

Jon Bowtell and Sam England – eCom Domination 2017 UP1

See How Chad Went From Nothing To $42,000.00 In Just A Few Weeks Following This Paint By Numbers System

98% of solopreneurs who become part of the eCom Domination Tribe will be able to build their own profits online – which you can rely on, for as long as you want, with the option to sell it for a hefty profit at any time!





This is an explosive “30,000 foot bird’s eye overview” training that will shine a new light on your old understanding of what ecom is all about. We’ll shatter myths and beliefs about ecom and show you why you haven’t been able to absolutely crush it yet.


Do you know what your ideal customer profile looks like? This module will show you which questions you should ask yourself about a potential niche. We’ll tell you what to sell, and even show you a few secret tactics for identifying red-hot niches. We’ll even dive deep into analytics of your competition, so you can use their data to “spy” on the demand for consumer products.


Warning! Not every wholesaler is a good business for you to work with! Who will be the BEST product supplier for your ecom business? We’ll show you how to avoid dealing with middlemen, how to properly contact consumer goods manufacturers so you get a good response, and even show you a sample call to a manufacturer that yielded a valuable connection worth $100,000+. But best of all, we’ll train you on how you can “keep it local” and buy from suppliers right in your community, so you can feel more your trust and stability in your business.


Even if you’ve never built a website ever before in your life… You’ll learn everything you need to get your ecom website up and running. From purchasing your domain name, to writing the most important pages of your site, to making product listings – everything is explained, step by step.


How cool would it be to have Amazon ship your products for you? Once your online store is up and running, getting approved for FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) is a piece of cake. We’ll show you how to tap into the biggest global distribution system in the world, and prepare you for the difficulties in logistics that may come as a result, by showing you how to “keep it simple.”


Ebay is a perfect buyer traffic trap. We’ll explain how you can use eBay to bring pre-qualified visitors to your store, where you can make sales without having to pay eBay a dime for it. We’ll even show you how to do extra market research on eBay in case you do wish to sell there, plus provide you with useful tools and resources to make this process easy.


To make your store stand out, you need outstanding content. Sounds easy, until you’re burdened with the task of making it. Luckily, thanks to simple outsourcing sites like Fiverr, great content is easy to make, and very affordable. We’ll show you how to generate amazing product listing content without having to take a computer class on video editing. Even if English is not your native language, your store will look and feel 100% official.


This is a never-ending battle for eCom store owners: where to get the traffic?  Even though our primary training revolves around FREE traffic, we decided to break down our other traffic sources one at a time. When you do all of this at once, an avalanche of buyers will rush to your store. It’s amazing, and you need to see it to believe it.


We’ll focus heavily on Facebook here, because it’s the #1 best and largest traffic generation system available to most ecom store owners. With over a billion users, this is the go-to place to find your ideal buyer target. There is more than one way to get traffic from Facebook, and we’ll show you all of them, inside this module.


Want to save up to 95% on already-cheap wholesale prices? When you buy products wholesale, they are sold to you at a price that’s much less than retail. But when you’re buying surplus & liquidation lots, you save up to 20x more, allowing you to profit BIG time. This module will show you where to find these lots + what red flags to avoid.


Want to start your own brand? Thanks to white labeling, you can. This is for advanced ecom business people who have capital to invest into ready-made products which they wish to sell with their own brand name.


Here, we discuss the “smooth edges” of your business, namely: customer service, credit card processor perks, and PayPal’s flexible shipping options.


In this final section, we’ve included LIVE training which we’ve done with our students – a whopping 19-hour collection of insane deep dives into our clients’ problems and our newest industry discoveries.


We’ve created an in-depth course on ecom which has helped thousands of people get their business on its feet, with no prior experience.

This is a collection of cheat sheets, blueprints, ebooks and audio training.

As soon as you get started, you will have instant access to over 9 hours of easy to follow, easy to implement video & audio training to get you profiting on your eCom journey right away.

“Contacts Unlocked” (PRICELESS)

You also get unrestricted access to Jon’s “Little Black Book”, providing you with the real life contacts he uses to run his business.

Insider knowledge is everything, and Jon’s contacts can help you achieve bigger profits by leveraging their success, knowledge and skills too!

That’s more profits – for doing LESS work



The ability to INSTANTLY create any 1 store, product listing, or customer funnel, is worth the investment in the course. Yet that is only about .01% of what you’re getting as an ECOM DOMINATOR.

Tap into 30 years of wisdom in the ecommerce business, divided up into step-by-step COPY US exclusive videos with training that you will NOT find anywhere else.

Experience a complete transformation of your income streams by adding new ones and

maximizing any you currently have.

Create basic product listings + advanced upsell opportunities automatically – ones that sell.

Build a piece of virtual real estate that can be sold later on.

Limited time discount available right now, during this 5-day launch period.

No overtime work, just simple straight-forward tasks that anyone can do.

No experience required in any particular ecom platform.

No advertising spend necessary to start making money.

No recurring fees to stay in the course or to participate in our community.

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Jon Bowtell and Sam England – eCom Domination 2017 Contains: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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[Get] Online Marketing Classroom – Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton Update 4

Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $97
Download Size: 9.9GB
Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

This content is for members only.

The aim of Online Marketing Classroom is simple:

To provide you with information and resources to accelerate and guide you to online business success.


  • – Training
  • – Tools
  • – Templates
  • – Blueprints
  • – Traffic Plans
  • – Services
  • – Community

But the way we do it is different to how you’ve probably learned online previously… you see, Online Marketing Classroom isn’t about ‘one off blueprints’ (how most people provide training online)…

… it’s a comprehensive curriculum.

There’s a reason why schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutes plan out detailed curriculums… THEY’RE MORE EFFECTIVE.


The first major difference with Online Marketing Classroom is that we divide our training up into ‘Business Labs’.

Business Labs are specialized training zones that focus on one particular business model. Each Business Lab gives you:

  • – Training
  • – Tools
  • – Workshops
  • – PDF’s
  • – Examples
  • – And MUCH more, all related to a specific business model.

In total, we have SEVEN different Business Labs:

The Business Labs are built around key marketing resources and training – Each Lab contains:

What’s Inside Online Marketing Classroom?

Here’s a full run down of what you will find inside the members area so you know exactly how you are getting today…


We deliver cutting edge content via our live classroom training sessions EVERY single month. These workshops will assist you in ALWAYS keeping 100% up-to-date with the online landscape and one step ahead of your competition!

The focus of each workshop is on what strategies are working NOW, both for us in our own business, as well as in online marketing in general. You can replicate this information into your own business.

Each webinar is added to the member’s area and will be available to download, in case you miss the “live event”.

Of course, you will also receive the slides as well as any supplementary guides, spreadsheets and audio files. Examples of recent workshops include:

  • You Tube optimization secrets for massive traffic
  • Secrets of scaling with social traffic
  • Making a killing with the world’s biggest buyers engine
  • 4 websites + 4 weeks = $100K per year (step by step)
  • Facebook traffic plan for niche websites


If you need to launch a new way to bring in cash in a hurry  …or if you want to quickly add an additional income stream to an existing business, these cheat sheets will provide the PLAN, the FORECAST, the BUDGET and the RECIPE for doing so.

They are incredibly comprehensive and will give the exact methods in a “do this …do that” format so you will be able to implement the instructions at a rapid rate and start profiting from them as fast as possible.
We update or add additional Cheatsheets every 60 days, but as of today, the cheatsheets you will get instant access to are for the following business models:

  • Making Money with Affiliate Marketing ( 72 pages )
  • Selling Physical Products Via Amazon FBA (163 pages)
  • Selling Kindle eBooks (28 pages)
  • Making Money With Fiverr (46 pages)
  • Local SEM (Online Marketing) Consulting (110 pages)
  • Udemy Course Marketing (70 pages)
  • Selling Your Own Information Products (103 pages)


As we know, traffic is the life blood of the internet and it is an absolute fact that no matter how brilliant a service, product or business is, if no one knows about it, it will end in disaster 100% of the time.

Lack of traffic is the #1 reason why people fail to breakthrough online, and that is why over the past few months we have been hard at work producing a series of EXTREMELY high quality step-by-step traffic plans based on EXACTLY what is working in our own business.

We will be sending you a new or updated ‘Traffic Cheatsheet’ every 60 days which you can take full and immediate advantage of to increase the exposure, revenue and profits of your business, no matter what model you are following and what you are selling.


We have been developing our software suite for years and you will get instant access to the full ‘All Star’ lineup with immediate effect.

We constantly develop & roll out new functionality and have a team of in-house programmers dedicated to development who track what is working and changing to keep the software as effective as possible.
Here is a selection of some of the Online Marketing Classroom software…


“Crowdforce” is ONLY available with an Online Marketing Classroom membership and is not for sale to the rest of the world.
CrowdForce SOLVES the traffic problem – in fact, using it guarantees REAL free targeted TRAFFIC by using a series of automated systems that we have been optimizing and developing over the past two years.
With CrowdForce you do the work ONCE, and get automated traffic forevermore! We (along with our members) use this tool EVERY single day and make a TON of money with it. The actual details of how CrowdForce works and what it does is strictly members-only information! That is all we can say about it on this public webpage!


Bounce Breaker allows you to effortlessly convert more of your visitors to money by deploying three separate tools…

1. The Pop-Up

This tool allows you to display dynamic and customized pop-up message boxes on your websites. It’s the ideal way to recycle exiting traffic and also allows you to seamlessly build an email list.

2. The Attention Grabber

The Attention Grabber software allows you to build slick ‘floating banners’ that hover in the corners of your website. Select from a range of pre-made designs, or dynamically build your own.

3. The Billboard

Billboard Bars sit nicely at the top or bottom of your web page, and allow clickable messages to follow visitors throughout your website. Billboards are ideal for list building and for re-directing traffic to your most lucrative pages.

CrowdForce and Bounce Breaker are just scratching the surface of what is included in the Online Marketing Classroom software suite. Here are some other tools that you will get instant access to…


Domains on Fire is a real-time research tool for finding recently expired (or about to expire) domain names that rank (or ranked) in the top 10 of Google for certain keywords with high traffic and commercial intent. Once you find a domain, you then register it and either flip it or re-rank it for profit.


We have recently released this amazing new software tool into Online Marketing Classroom which randomly plucks out potentially profitable ecommerce niches in a matter of seconds. No matter if you sell products via Amazon or through your own eCommerce store, you will find this tool totally invaluable!


An incredibly powerful tool that helps you uncover profitable keywords for your niche as well as analyzing the backlinks for all the websites that rank in Google for each of these keywords. With this information, you can then try to secure similar backlinks for your website, or search for similar backlinks using CrowdForce.


Ebook LaunchPad is a premium, all-in-one suite of tools for Kindle which will help you make more money selling your digital books on Amazon’s marketplace of rabid buyers. Tools include a niche detective, a description generator, a BSR tracker, a book formatting tool…and more!


Although having Trust Seals on your site can TRIPLE your conversions, they can cost (when getting all 3 types) over $1000 per year PER WEBSITE if you buy through the big brands! Well, NOW you can get them (and as many as you like for as many sites as you like) at ZERO cost as a perk of being an Online Marketing Classroom member.


FunnelizerPRO is a plugin we have been have been developing to make it easier to grow an email list. It allows you to setup simple (yet powerful) squeeze pages on any WordPress installation. We all know that the money is in the email list. Funnelizer PRO makes it easy to build your list fast!

In addition to all these tools and services, we will also be releasing FIVE new Conversion Tools in the next few months and also have some VERY cool new functionality in the pipeline for some of the existing tools.

Brennan Dunn – Mastering Project Roadmaps

Introducing: Mastering Project Roadmaps

Everything you need to increase your conversion rates, make your time more valuable, and set yourself up as a premium consultant.

In the summer of 2015, I got a Skype call from a long-time student of mine: Ben Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of Neon Roots. He took both Double Your Freelancing Rate and my Consultancy Masterclass, and we’ve also done off-and-on coaching sessions over the last 2 years. I knew he was successful and his agency was growing, but what I heard next from him blew me away:

“Brennan, I’m on track to do over a million dollars this year just selling Roadmapping alone!”

I dug deeper and found out that he’d standardized Roadmapping (or as he branded it, Rootstraps) as a prerequisite for all client projects.

He’d done hundreds of Roadmapping engagements, and even had to acquire a consultancy in Uruguay just to handle all the new projects that he and his team were closing.

He was exactly who I was looking for.

Here was somebody who had a treasure trove of raw data at his disposal, and who also had to go through the process of transitioning away from a project-first sales strategy.

I immediately knew I wanted to work with him to merge our two distinct styles of Roadmapping and put together the ultimate resource to help freelancers and agencies understand, sell, host, and deliver great Roadmapping engagements.

So over the years, we’ve been compiling raw sales calls and email exchanges with clients, generalizing the documents and materials we both use to pitch Roadmapping into a turnkey package that will help people start offering Roadmapping to their clients immediately.

I also flew out to Los Angeles to meet Ben and produced over 5 hours of in-depth and systematic video lessons and analysis.

The final product is guaranteed to equip you with the resources, documents, knowledge, client feedback, and everything else you need to Master Project Roadmaps.


  • Over 5 hours of in-depth instruction and case study videos
  • Worksheets and accountability that help you create your own Roadmapping offers
  • A downloadable cheatsheet that maps out and summarizes the entire course
  • 30 days of unlimited access to live coaching from Brennan and the DYF team
  • Lifetime access to the Freelancers Guild
  • Contracts that help you close Roadmapping engagements
  • All the beautifully designed templates you need to sell and host Roadmapping
  • Raw sales call recordings, email swipe copy, and other extras


Who is Brennan Dunn?

I’m Brennan Dunn, and for the last decade I’ve been working with clients. I started out as a freelancer, and after 3 years my business grew to an agency of 11 employees and a $2 million in annual revenue.
I love freelance consulting, but I’m hell-bent on helping other freelancers learn how to master the BUSINESS of freelancing. A lot of us (myself included) started freelancing because we’re technically solid… but end up learning the hard way being successful is much more than just being good at what we do.
In addition to this course, I write and podcast weekly for my audience of over 40,000 freelancers. I’m also the founder of, a website personalization tool.


Who is Ben Lee?

Ben’s the founder of Neon Roots, a web agency based in Los Angeles, California. When he started his business, he was just another web development and design agency.

Over the last few years, Neon Roots has grown significantly. They’re doing multiple millions of dollars a year in revenue with a client roster that includes Epson, Tony Robbins, Snoop Dogg, and other entertainment and technology companies.

What fueled this growth? Rootstrap, a unique spin-off of Roadmapping that Ben developed with Brennan over the last two years through 1-on-1 coaching and the Consultancy Masterclass. Neon Roots is on track to doubling their revenue and size this year again as they continue to ramp up the value of their Roadmapping offerings.

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Brennan Dunn – Mastering Project Roadmaps Contains: Videos, PDF´s

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Anthony Morrison – Fan Page Domination 2017

A very comprehensive list of what you get Fan Page Domination Online Training

Fan Page Domination To Become A Successful Social Media Marketer

  • Complete 3 Phase Step by Step Training
  • Over The Shoulder Case Studies
  • Monthly Updates At No Cost
  • Live Meetings With Students
  • Ask Questions And Get Answers Instantly
  • See What’s Working For Other Students
  • Full Support Staff Ready To Help You
  • Quick Response Times
  • Perfect To Help Even Beginners Get Started

When you discover FanPage Domination and The “armbar” bonus you will be receiving

1 – The Full FanPage Domination “Done for your system along with all training and support mentioned by Anthony in the call

2 – Lifetime access to Auto-engage – you cannot get this ANYWHERE else – meaning that it is a simple point and click system to automessage people that comment on your FB posts and page. It will also put them on your “FB list” which has oe 89% open rates for fast and easy promotions. You cannot get this ANYWHERE else- this is an exclusive bonus from Anthony just for my list

3- I will be providing you with the “Armbar Bonus” in which I am making a series of documents and videos that teach you exactly how to integrate FPD, Autoengage and everything with your Mage/eCom business

SalesPage (more info)  Archive

Anthony Morrison – Fan Page Domination 2017 Contains: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Tim Karsliyev – Insta Traffic Mastery

Insta Traffic Mastery


There’s a reason Facebook paid $1Billion to acquire Instagram back in 2012 while Instagram was still just a baby – they saw the future.

Today, one of the most powerful platforms any entrepreneur or business owner must master is Instagram, and right here, right now, you have that opportunity. You can become an Instagram Master!

This world-class, extremely powerful yet very comprehensive course has been created by one of the biggest Instagram influencers alive today – Tim Karsliyev (owner of accounts such as @dailydose and many, many others). With reach of over 150million followers through his network, Tim breaks it all down and shows you how it’s done.

No stone is left un-turned – you will learn everything from A-Z and become an Instagram MASTER.



  • 1. This is where the future is going, especially for marketing and business
  • 2. Engagement, Influence, Celebrity
  • 3. Traffic generation and monetization
  • 4. Become a Powerful Promoter



  • Complete Instagram Mastery A-Z
  • Learn directly from Instagram mega-influencer – Tim Karsliyev (over 150M+ reach)
  • 10 Modules
  • Q&A In Each Module
  • Resources
  • Advanced Strategies, Tactics and Hacks
  • Bonus material
  • And much, much more!

Curriculum For This Course


Introduction to Insta Traffic Mastery.


In this module you’ll learn about account setup strategies, bio, Instagram security and different types of accounts.


In this module you’ll learn strategies for publishing content, right pictures for account, tools for design, account design and Instagram videos.


In this module you’ll learn posting strategies, power hashtags and time zones, getting to know your audience, Insta bombs, cross promotion, growth groups, account clean up and follow/unfollow strategies.


In this module you’ll learn about influencer growth, paid shout outs, KiK and Telegram.


In this module you’ll learn about important tools and resources for your account and engagement analytics.


In this module you’ll learn about strategies for promotions: link in bio, Instagram lead magnets, power of DM, power of stories and how to build a large email list.


In this module you’ll learn about elements of an ad, your customer, ad message, and picture / video design.


In this module you’ll learn all about influencers and how to connect and work with them strategically to take your account and business to the next level.


In this module you’ll learn about the power of networking for personal and business purposes.


In this module you’ll discover some of the most secretive and guarded strategies and hacks big influencers use to dominate and how you too, can use them! Please keep this material private as it is very powerful.

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Tim Karsliyev – Insta Traffic Mastery Contains: Videos, PDF´s

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