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The 3 Road Blocks of a Successful Subscription or Membership Program:

  • Successful Subscription Roadblock # 1.
    You obtain stuck aiming to utilize costly and also complex subscription software application (you do not require it in spite of exactly what some expert, that was possibly offering the software program, could have informed you).
  • Effective Subscription Roadblock # 2.
    You aim to construct a registration program in a specific niche that simply isn’t really ideal for persisting earnings (not all particular niches deal with Subscriptions as well as Memberships).
  • Effective Subscription Roadblock # 3.
    You believe you need to remain to develop brand-new material month after month to proceed feeding your membership or subscription program and also please your clients (you do not as well as you should not).

Below’s Just a Little of What You Get Access to Inside:

( outlined for you in easy-to-digest detailed video clips)

  • An Uncensored Look at a Real $100K Generating Subscription Program.
    I’m not somebody that simply educates an idea. I check it and also improve it to make sure that I could reveal you something that actually functions. I’m mosting likely to take you behind the scenes of a real membership program that follows this precise design (it’s done very well for us). Simply seeing the “digestive tracts” of this suffices in order to help you created your very first effective registration program.
  • The “10,000 feet View” of the Subscription Model I Use as well as just how it functions.
    You’re getting a complete sight of just how the “Snap on” Model functions and also just how it mixes a lots of points that you’ve most likely found out about as you’ve learnt the on the internet room … however places them with each other in a version that ACTUALLY WORKS. Yes … You could do this also if you’ve never ever obtained it ideal prior to.
  • The Real Reason Why You Don’t Need Membership Site Software.
    Reality: Until you’re transforming 50k a month online, you do not require costly subscription software program. I’ll reveal you the best ways to do every little thing with a couple of simple to construct websites, an autoresponder, and also your favored purchasing cart.
  • The Shocking Reason why you Should Only Create a Defined of Content for your Membership Site and after that Stop … and also Never Start Again.
    If you truly wish to construct something that makes you loan month after month, you should obtain it from your head that you have to maintain developing material each month. That could seem weird, yet you’ll see precisely why on the in.
  • How you can Build a Subscription on the “Psychology of Collecting”.
    This is the core of why our Subscription Programs are so “sticky”. As soon as you recognize just how this functions, you’ll have the ability to develop subscriptions that obtain individuals to stick when they’re in.
  • The EXACT Audiences that you Should Sell a Subscription To.
    Admit it. Not all target markets are developed for membership programs. Quit aiming to require a Subscription Program on people that will not join as well as simply allow me reveal you the precise target markets that will.
  • The 2 Types of Content that Get Subscribers (and also maintains them)
    This is the core of every little thing. As soon as I reveal you the ideal target markets to target, you’ll simply should understand just what kind of web content they will certainly pay you over as well as over once again for. I’ll reveal you within.
  • Ways to Create the Special Content that Makes it Work.
    I’ll additionally reveal you a foolish simple manner in which you could develop the web content for your membership program. It takes a little job, once it’s done, it will certainly make you cash for several years. (and also truly … it’s not that much job when you contrast it to a great deal of the important things you’ve done that have not operated in your service.)
  • A Full introduction of the best ways to develop the Pages that Power it.
    You’ll see how you can produce every little thing that makes the subscription job. You could develop this things regardless of what your favored web page manufacturer. (WordPress, HTML, Clickfunnels, Leadpages, and so on all job) NO MEMBERSHIP SOFTWARE NEEDED.
  • A Full review of ways to Power all of it with an Email Autoresponder as well as Cart.
    As soon as you develop the web content and also web pages you simply have to produce the “minds” to supply it and also see to it you earn money quickly. I’ll reveal you precisely just how I do it (and also trust me … you could draw this off also if you do not utilize the very same autoresponder or purchasing cart that I do)
  • My Subscription Secrets for Making More Income Fast.
    I cannot claim a great deal right here … Just understand that this is the Secret Sauce that you additional as soon as you obtain whatever developed. You’ve possibly seen me utilizing this things in my very own organisation however you could have missed out on just how everything interact.
  • The best ways to Create my Flagship “3 Pronged Snap-on-Subscription Style” Asset
    This is my preferred component of the Snap on Model. When you develop points the manner in which I’m mosting likely to reveal you within, you’ll in fact be developing 3 points at the same time. One to develop a targeted checklist (that you could market to later on), One to Build a Monthly Income, as well as One Asset that you could cost a great one-time cost. Place them completely which’s when the magic takes place. The very best component … you obtain 3x the cash Generating Assets for simply 1x the job.

Specifically What You’re Getting Inside the Advanced Package:

  • A Private Look Inside a Real $9.95/ m Subscription Program.
  • Behind the Scenes of a $67/m Subscription Program.
  • An Over the Shoulder Look at a $199/m Subscription Program.
  • My PRIVATE Snap on Model Subscription Page Templates.
  • My PRIVATE Subscription Signup Grabbing Sales Script Scripts.

[Get] 90 Day Year – Todd Herman

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Achieve More Business Growth in the Next 90 Days Than You Did All of Last Year…


Will the next 90 days be the ones you FOREVER look back upon as the ones that totally transformed your life and business?

About Todd Herman

Todd Herman, runs 2 boutique consulting and advisory companies. One serves professional, Olympic and amateur athletes and he’s worked with athletes in the NHL, Real Madrid, NFL, Pro Golf and numerous other sports.
His other consulting and coaching company serves high level executives and entrepreneurs.

In the business world, he’s become the performance and leadership advisor to two self-made billionaires, Cisco Executives, members of the Spanish Royal Family and numerous entrepreneurs.
His professional programs are in 19 of the Fortune 50 companies, delivered to over 200,000 professionals annually in 73 countries. In 2010 he was honored at the Cannes International Advertising Festival with being “The World’s Greatest Salesperson”.

He’s been featured on Sky Business News, The Today Show & Today Show Australia, the NY Times, CBS Radio, Huffington Post, Business Insider and the Boston Herald has called him a “Training Superstar”.

How this program is different

How The 90 Day Year Is Different From
ANY Achievement or Productivity
System You’ve Ever Tried


A New Standard of Proof The World’s First-Ever Third-Party Validated Achievement System

The word “proof” has become a deceptive misnomer in the online marketing world.
With authors and course creators ascribing the term “proof” to any supposed system that worked for them and them alone.
Operating under the flawed “it worked for me, so it must work for everyone” logic.
Sorry… but that type of BS won’t cut it here.
You deserve better,
Your business deserves better.
And it’s not up to you to carry the burden of trust…
But on myself and the entire 90 Day Year team to carry the burden of proof.
To put our systems and frameworks through the ringer… and only serve them up once we’re absolutely CERTAIN they will work for you.
Proof is not anecdotal.
It’s data driven.
It’s third party verified.
And it’s about time that someone set a new standard for transparency, honesty and accountability within the online learning market.
That’s why my team and I went to extreme lengths to not just cherry-pick the testimonials or case studies that strengthen our cause…
But to invite independent third party auditors, researchers and neuroscientists from the world’s most prestigious research institutes to VALIDATE the success claims of the 90 Day Year system.
The end result:

The world’s first fully vetted and *PROVEN* achievement system that you can plug yourself into with 100% confidence.


So many personal achievement “systems” fail to consider the human element.
They treat us like robotic, mechanistic beings…
With ambitions that could fit neatly into a box.
And the supportive habits and routines that should somehow magically be permanently programmed.
Those systems aren’t build upon fundamental human principles.
They’re built upon shaky ideals.
And when we inevitably fail to follow the “system” (which we’re not wired to follow to begin with)… we immediately blame ourselves.
Doubting our efforts and commitment instead of pointing the finger at the broken model we were trying to squeeze ourselves into.

But here’s the thing…
Life doesn’t happen in a to-do list.

It happens in the real world.
And the reason the success rate of the 90 Day Year is unparalleled in the industry, is because it appreciates your nuances and takes into account the complexities of being an entrepreneur in 2016.
It understands that sh*t happens…
And it has the built in mechanisms for reflection and course correction so that the winds of craziness never blow you too far off track.
Flexibility and adaptability are BUILT into the system.
So that you can become a FULLY expressed high performer without having to sever any of your “inconvenient” parts.

And that’s the ONLY real way to sustain your success over the next 90 days (and all the 90 Days after that).


The world’s most powerful “achievement software” is still the one sitting between your ears.
But the second most powerful achievement software?
It may just be the one sitting in your hand.
We built the 90 Day Year Accelerator Software to perfectly mold around you and your big goals.

It’s adaptable, responsive, and actually gets smarter the more you use it.

Over time, based on your interactions with the app, it will begin to serve up custom recommendations on how to best optimize and organize your day based on what TRULY causes you to perform at peak levels.
One 90 Day Year member calls the software “an achievement automator” while another power user said it’s like putting “biohacking on autopilot”
Whatever you decide to call it – you’ll be constantly supported by a powerful and intelligent pocket-sized coach, helping you achieve things with more speed and clarity than ever before.

Introducing The 90 day year The only Achievement System Proven To Help You Escape Overwhelm, Boost Profits And Build A Wildly Successful Business… WIthout Burning Out

Why 90 days? Why this works

The perfect length of time

  • 90 Days is long enough to achieve something impactful in your business and short enough to keep an entrepreneur’s motivation high enough to get it completed. (A natural problem for many entrepreneurs.)

Increased motivation

  • When it comes to the mind producing natural motivation towards the achievement of a goal, 90 days acts like the horizon line to the mind. When our mind can see the outcome we’re striving towards, the intensity of our motivation increases.

Proven by research

  • Several studies have shown that 6 month and 1 year goals are more likely to go unachieved. Humans natural tendency to overestimate what they can achieve in those time-frames then causes discouragement and self-doubt. (If you’ve battled with missing your goals in the past, The 90 Day Year will turn those goals into successes.)
    It creates a natural theme to your next 90 days. It creates a natural sense of urgency and momentum over the days and weeks in your 90 Day Year.

90 day year Creating Powerful Momentum … Learn how to create more customers, sales, products/services faster and with less stress than anything you’ve done before

Operation UnPack!

One of the powers of this program is getting business owners and achievers out of the story they often tell themselves about, “what’s possible”, because they’re making decisions based on false information.
Operation Unpack! Videos and Fill-In-The-Blank Playbook delivers key insights BEFORE any goals, projects or actions are taken because you’ll be uncovering the same mistakes you may be making, uncovering weaknesses in your current plans, magnify the strengths you have as a business owners. Which all combine to help you change the trajectory of your business and personal leadership and have revenues grow just like the hundreds of entrepreneurs that have already experienced the 90 Day Year System.

The 90 Day Year Video & Workbook

The 90 Day Year Video & Workbook: This is the framework Todd has used this to create massive shifts in the speed that clients start and complete projects. Entrepreneurs are naturally great at idea generation and dreaming up solutions, but struggle with execution.
Todd’s 90 Day Year is the cure for poor execution and a weakness for goal achievement. If your second half of 2015 lacked the level of growth, revenue and achievement you were hoping for, then your second half will look VERY different. It’s not how you start, but how you finish!
If 2015 lacked the level of growth, revenue and achievement you were hoping for, then it’s time to arm yourself with the advanced success systems PROVEN to drive up your most needle-moving metrics and make 2016 your most profitable campaign yet.

The Fill-In-The-Blank

The Fill-In-The-Blank Exercises & Workbooks allow you to easily follow along with Todd’s prompts so by the end, you’ll have a complete roadmap to sprint into 2016 with epic success.
On the other side of this course is a greased slide waiting for you to launch into an amazing, frictionless path of personal and business growth!

4 Mastery Modules Access The Mental Frameworks, Mind Shifts & Powerful Success Systems Needed To Unleash World Class Performance


In this module, you’ll learn the keys to selecting the right goals for you to direct your time and energy towards, so you impact the bottom line profits, systems or products. You’ll Be led through a full spectrum audit of all the key areas in your business (lead generation, automation, sales, financial systems, HR, product development, research, etc.) which will uncover where you have the greatest opportunity for growth and potential pitfalls. This way you don’t repeat the same mistakes of the past and instead take action on goals that will kick your 2016 off with momentum and confidence. This is the part that separates the pro’s in business from the amateurs. Most people want to hide their heads in the sand and never take a good hard look at the ‘Data Lens’ and then they wonder why they’re spinning their wheels not getting any traction.

  • Learn the true source of mental toughness, and how you can tap into it to create major lasting impact in your life and business.
  • We’ll dive even deeper into the O.P.P. Goal Achievement Framework and you’ll learn the nuances of achieving the goals you set so you have maximum probability of hitting your targets.
  • Finally, we’ll wrap-up this module by creating your O.P.P. Goal Achievement blueprint and move you into positive decisive action. By the end of this module, you’ll have created a powerful and motivating vision for 2016 with a clear goals that will have an immediate impact on your business!

Remember This 8 Phase Method For Achieving Tremendous Growth In Your Business & Personal Life is waiting for you to hit the play button right now…


Forget “productivity hacks”.
This is the ultimate model to manage your activities and save valuable time.
The average entrepreneur can double their revenues with this system ALONE. In fact just one of our students 3X’d his revenue in just 59 days.)
This daily scorecard allows you to:

  • Instantly calculate the monetary value that your daily activities produce in your business.
  • Track, measure, and grow your personal R.O.E. (return on effort) and get clear on which activities amplify it, and which threaten your bottom line.
  • Immediately know which activities you should outsource & delegate in order to make the monetary value of your own personal output grow (Hint: Even self-proclaimed “expert delegators” are often shocked to see the hidden energy leaks they still have in their business).

You’ll learn the keys to strategically creating a day that will deliver measurable impact on your businesses growth. You’ll learn what elements make up the difference in the days of people producing thousands, tens of thousands or millions of dollars a year. This simple framework can be implemented immediately and give you a clear idea of what your growth will look like weeks and months from now. Real high performance doesn’t need ‘hacks’. Work in a solid system and the system will take care of the results.


All about simplicity & subtraction. I’ve told people for nearly 2 decades now that my main role as a coach isn’t to add more stuff to their lives, but actually to subtract the nonsense that keeps them from performing at their highest levels.
That’s why I developed a simple but powerful framework called the PRADA Procotol.
In the PRADA Protocol, you’ll:

  • Discover the “Dr. Seuss Effect” and how a simple shift in your thinking will turn a perceived weakness into a powerful strength. If you struggle with trying to free your mind from the constant barrage of ideas, opportunities and decisions you’re hit with daily, you’ll devour this advanced strategy.
  • You’ll see examples of how other successful people in the arts, entertainment, sports, business and leadership, use this every day to cultivate peace of mind and a calm sense of control…(busy entrepreneurs need this more than anyone!)
  • Remain in a state of high performance (instead of decision fatigue) by learning how to optimize, automate, and align all your major business decisions with your desired outcomes.
  • Adopt the “Thinking Model” to help you think more clearly, speak more confidently, act more decisively, and free yourself from the demands that other people constantly place on you.


This is truly the difference between how a pro and an amateur approaches their day.
If you struggle with inconsistency, constantly oscillating between intense bursts of action and long droughts of inactivity, then I’m going to give you a mental framework that will completely transform the way you produce results in your business.
We’ve had busy stay-at-home moms running businesses with tons of distractions use this to pull themselves out of the heavy weight of self-criticism and judgement so that they feel great about what they’re accomplishing for their family.

And I’ve also had multi-million dollar entrepreneurs pull themselves out of patterns of ‘busy work’ that don’t serve the long term goals of their business, transform into entrepreneurs that actually get to spend time with family and friends AND feel good about it!
In the ROAR of High Performance, you’ll learn:

  • The 4E’s to mastering a winning routine… and how you can use it to create powerful momentum that moves you towards the achievement of your biggest outcomes.
  • Why so many entrepreneurs, despite their best intentions, FAIL to maintain a consistent routine and easily slip back into damaging habits.
  • How to lace your physical environment with powerful mental cues and success triggers that keep you on focused and on task.
  • How to defend yourself from the dangerous entrepreneurial whiplash between emotional highs and soul sucking lows… and instead maintain a steady arc of satisfaction, momentum and growth.
  • The PROVEN 90 Day Roadmap
  • 2 4 Mastery Modules
  • 3 Private Facebook Community
  • 4 Accountability Partner Program
  • 5 8 Live Support Sessions
  • 6 Bonus #1: The 90 Day Year Accelerator Software (Value: $97/month)
  • 7 Bonus #2: The Performance Masking Protocol (Value: $997)

[Download] Smart Funnel Formula – Todd Brown


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The Next Evolution In Marketing Funnel Strategy Is Upon Us…

Finally… Double-Digit Sales Funnel Conversions Are Now A Reality…

Watch Your Sales Soar With Your Own “Smart Funnel” That’s

Dynamic, Responsive & Interactive… And Persuades Your Prospects To Buy… Like A Living, Breathing Sales Person!



From Todd Brown comes a brand new free video training series that hands you the next evolution in sales funnel strategy, design, and technology.


[Download] Todd Dowell – The Warriors Circle Shopify Mastermind


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Todd Dowell Presents The Warriors Circle Shopify Mastermind….

Are You Ready To Get To $10,000 Per Month Online, and Work Less Hours?
Steal All Of My Secrets For Pulling In $1,000 Days With Shopify In Record Breaking Time!

Watch This Personal Message From Todd Dowell On…..”The $52k Shopify Blueprint”

Wait before you read any further let me tell who is This NOT for!

This isn’t for anyone who doesn’t have dreams to travel the world!

This isn’t for you if you don’t want to make $10k per month

This isn’t for you if you don’t want to build a following

This isn’t for you if you don’t want to invest into your future

This isn’t for you if you sort of want to play small!

I’m looking to help YOU make 6 figures in your business

Steal My $52k Shopify Blueprint!

Do You Want To Learn How to Make $100K a Year?

If, you were wondering if i just popped up overnight, and made $1.5 mil in sales you’re wrong!
I actually use to be a truck driver, and later on forklift driver making OK money. It wasn’t enough as i had a mountain of bills to pay each month including taking care of my son.
There is one thing that i can tell you…..

If i could do it YOU CAN TOO.

This is why i’m giving you a chance to steal my steal my $52k shopify Blueprint! from me to apply to your business, or to help you create a 6-figure business from scratch.

You Deserve Better….

from struggling marketer to a marketing warrior

– I’m going to take you through my get results shopify formula secrets.

– I’m going to show you how to setup your facebook ads from A to Z for extreme profit

– How to swipe and deploy your competitors winnings ads, and items in your store

– What apps to install in your store for high conversions

Bonus My custom webinar structuring templates from my recent $21.5k mini launch

Bonus Live demo case study of live funnels i build

Bonus My 100% automated qualified prospect getting process

Bonus Selling high ticket on autopilot

What You’re Getting Today!

– 1 Hour Live webinar class every Monday on how to setup your ads, any new facebook updates, finding winning ads, most effective product bundling secrets for higher roi, Q&A plus live store critiquing!

– 8 Module step by step training videos showing you exactly how to setup your store from start to finish with a brand new store. All the apps you need, theme to use, price points, variations, adding products to your store, and much more!

– Access to all the mastermind past replay webinars

– Exact process to setting up your facebook ads, pixels, scaling up your ads, setting up campaigns, swiping and deploying video ads, and when to kill your ads!

– Where to find suppliers for your items!

– Where to outsource fullfillment

– Where to hire a team to do all your work

– Access to our facebook mastermind support group

– Unlimited access to as many live webinar sessions

– Access to future programs, and teachings of new income streams

Bonus automated webinar funnel setup videos for selling your own coaching

Bonus Traffic sources for your automated coaching funnels

Bonus How to price your own coaching program

[Download] Chris Beatty – Local Lead Mastery 2015


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Value: $297
Download Size: 2GB
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Week 1
Get Your Initial Setup Completed & First Site Live. We’ll be turning on auto backups, teaching you how to clone your assets, and getting your feet wet.

Week 2
The goal of this execution checklist is to make the final edits to your Lead Gen sites, and to officially start your marketing campaign.

Week 3
The goal of this execution checklist is to jumpstart your marketing campaign with low hanging fruit.

Week 4
The goal of this execution checklist is to really get into link building, building out local landing pages with local spinner, deploying some automation and finally doing a competitive analysis to see what else we need to do to compete organically.

Week 5
The goal of this execution checklist is to get a sales process down that you can scale for your lead gen sites. Building a clean list to market to, how to use our swipes, the most common objections, and what to do when a prospect says “yes”,

[Download] Million-Dollar – Copywriter’s Toolkit – Bob Bly’s

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Value: $49
Download Size: 2.9MB

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Product Description:

Ready-to-use copywriting forms… checklists… model contracts… boilerplate agreements… sales letters… “copywriter’s roughs”…


Dear Copywriter:

Almost all small businesses use a variety of forms, letters, boilerplate documents, and checklists to manage their marketing, sales, accounts payable, accounts receivable, client relations, business planning, bookkeeping, and other business functions.

For many businesses, such as rental property owners, you can buy forms customized for that industry. A landlord kit, for instance, might have rental agreements, model leases, eviction notices, and so on.

Now, in The Copywriter’s Toolkit, you get all the forms, checklists, model letters, contracts, and other documents you need to start and run your freelance copywriting business.

I did not develop these forms in a hurried afternoon just to make money selling them to you as an e-book. I created them as I needed them during my 25 years as a full-time freelance copywriter – and used them in a freelance copywriting business that has grossed, so far, many millions of dollars in revenues.

Copywriters ask me to share these proven business tools with them almost every single day!

Rarely does a day go by when I don’t get at least one e-mail or phone call from a copywriter who wants to see the forms, outlines, and other documents I routinely use in my copywriting business.

Now, in The Copywriter’s Toolkit, you get a complete collection of every form and standard document I’ve used to earn millions of dollars in freelance copywriting fees over the past quarter of a century!


  • Marketing communications audit – simple questionnaire that helps potential clients communicate their marketing needs when they can’t articulate exactly what they want on their own. Page 42.
  • Copywriting fee schedule – shows you what I charge for 27 different copywriting projects including ads… sales letters… direct mail packages… white papers… and more. Page 6.
  • Dear Marketing Professional lead-generating letter – one of the sales letters I used to launch my freelance copywriting business… generated a 10% response whenever I mailed it. Page 21.
  • Standard copywriting agreement – the project confirmation I send to all clients. They must approve and return it with my retainer before I start work on their copywriting projects. Page 33.
  • Testimonial letter – form letters to solicit testimonials from satisfied clients as well as obtain permission to use unsolicited testimonials. Page 103.
  • Online copywriting fee schedule – detailed descriptions of more than two dozen online copywriting assignments and the fees I charge for each. Page 37.
  • Kill fee schedule – given to clients to let them know what they owe you should they cancel a project once it’s started. Page 47.
  • Copywriting information kit – the fulfillment package I send to potential clients interested in my copywriting services… has helped generate millions of dollars in copywriting assignments. Page 63.
  • How to prepare for a copywriting assignment – a handy checklist of the background information the client should give you – and the questions you should ask – before you start writing their copy. Page 58.
  • To-do lists – the 3 types of to-do lists every copywriter should keep… and what should be on each. Page 68.
  • Copywriting manuscript format – shows the format in which I submit copy to my clients. Page 111.
  • Sample e-zine – one of the most effective ways to market yourself as a copywriter online is by writing and publishing a free e-newsletter… here’s the winning format I’ve used to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in service and product sales for over half a decade. Page 25.
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements – ensures the client that you keep his business activities and data confidential. Page 18.
  • Telephone scripts – scripts for making cold calls to potential clients as well as follow-up calls to sales leads. Page 94.
  • Copy platform memo – shows how to propose your idea for the ad or mailing to the client for his approval before you actually write it. Page 83.
  • Invoices and collection letters – to improve your collections and cash flow. Page 99.
  • Copywriter’s roughs – pre-drawn layouts for direct mail packages, brochures, print ads, inserts, vouchers, and other copywriting projects… eliminates the need for you to draw and redraw pencil layouts by hand. Starts on page 115.
  • Niche market sales letters – sales letters that generate inquiries for copywriting service from specialized niche markets including software and publishing. Page 14.
  • Query letters – how to convince the editors at important marketing publications your clients read to let you write articles for them… and maybe even pay you for the privilege. Page 98.
  • Sales lead tracking form – keep track of leads, prospects, and the status of potential jobs without costly computer software with this simple form. Page 102.
  • Copy critiques – simple format I use when writing copy critiques. Page 106.
  • And many more…
Copywriters Rave About Bob Bly’s Toolkit

“I had to write a note to let you know how much I appreciate your Copywriter’s Toolkit,” writes Bill Cornell. “After 8-years as a professional copywriter, I can truly say that I use it at least once a week. The examples are great and it’s written for fast reference. I keep the Copywriter’s Toolkit right next to my dictionary and thesaurus behind my desk. Thanks for the great information.”

“I purchased your kit last year and it’s excellent. I use it extensively. The best tool is the kill fee schedule. I mention I have one in my quotations and I find it sets expectations brilliantly. New clients respect it and I find they ask for it. And if perchance they have to can a project (rare) they quote my kill fee back to me. I find it prevents sudden changes of mind and demonstrates I value my time as well as theirs. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made.” –Nicky Jameson

“Bob, do you have any idea what you’ve done for me? The Copywriter’s Toolkit is incredible! I’ve been sopping up information from the book all morning, stuff that I’ve been unable to find anywhere. It’s everything I’ve been trying so hard to figure out … and getting nowhere. You have set me free! I can fly! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” –Jean Newbold

“The Copywriter’s Toolkit is stuffed with everything you need to be successful in the copywriting business — from contracts to sales letters — all there for you to use in your own copywriting business,” says Robert Heiney of Barnesville, GA. “Your small investment in this book will save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars over other programs that deliver less.”

“It took Bob Bly 25 years to pile up all the copywriting sales letter templates… boilerplate contracts… checklists… client letters… and other documents that make his career possible,” says John Forde. “But you can have them all at once… in a million-dollar toolkit that he’s practically giving away…”

“The Copywriter’s Toolkit is an incredibly useful resource,” says copywriter Peter Savage. “I’ve purchased many products aimed at copywriters over the years; this is definitely among the most helpful, and probably the best in terms of value for money. Great stuff.”

“I think you’re crazy to sell this Copywriting toolbox for so little, when it’s almost a complete ‘business in a box.’ Having to collect and write all this for myself could easily take years and could cost tens of thousands of dollars. I’m glad I bought it!” –Gabor Wolf

“I bought your Toolkit last month and wanted to thank you. I have a client in the flooring business who needed some testimonials for me to include in the sales letter I’m writing. I tweaked your letter to fit his business and he has already received several responses. He had been trying unsuccessfully before the letter.” –Alice Zyetz

“The Copywriter’s Toolkit goes right to the heart of the business, revealing the intricate systems you’ve developed over the course of your career. It’s truly a c rash course in running an effective copywriting business — an absolute must for anyone who’s decided to take that plunge.” –Mistina D. Bates

“I have just downloaded your toolkit and it is a great resource. The toolkit is a good frame of reference where model letters/templates etc are concerned for teasing out what a client would like to achieve.” –Chris Ruane

“The Copywriters Tool Kit provided me with a TON of useful information plus valuable forms and templates. It’s helping me manage my copywriting business more professionally and more efficiently.” –Scott Martin, Copywriter, Charlotte NC

“As copywriters we are all too busy to re-invent the wheel with every project and prospect. Thanks to “The Copywriter’s Toolkit,” I can focus more of my limited time and energy where it’s needed most: on finding clients and fulfilling assignments. Thank you for helping my streamline my workflow and make my marketing collateral more compelling.” –Anthony St. Clair, Copywriter & Editor, www.antsaint.com

“I just received my download for the Copywriter’s Tool Kit. Although I haven’t had time to go through everything yet, I have glanced through and found a wealth of useful information. Thank you also for the 17 Marketer’s Secrets. I appreciate your willingness to share the results of your years of hard work! Thank you!!” –Phyllis C. Whitney

Act now and save $30

If I added up all the hours spent planning, writing, testing, and refining the tools in this collection, and then multiplied by my current hourly rate, it would come to well over $25,000.

Of course, you could hire a lawyer to draft some of these forms for you, at about $200 an hour. And most lawyers don’t know or understand the copywriting business.

But my Copywriter’s Toolkit won’t cost you $25,000… or $1,000… or even $200.

Instead, the price for this comprehensive forms kit is just $79. But when you order this week, you get it for only $49 — a $30 savings off the cover price.That comes to less than a dollar a document … and less than I charge for just 10 minutes of my time!

The Copywriter’s Toolkit is a 172-page e-book… which means it’s available for immediate download. No shipping costs. And no waiting.

As a licensed purchaser, you get the e-book as well as unlimited rights to use the forms, model letters, and other tools in the toolkit as is… or customize them to fit your own copywriting business. It’s your choice.

[Download] GEMS Mastery (Human Interaction Training Course) – Dani Johnson

GEMS Mastery (Human Interaction Training Course)

Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $295
Download Size: 2.7GB
Download Link:

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Product Description:

Experience a revolutionary method refined over two decades that expands your communication and influence to never before seen level, giving you an extraordinary advantage!

Master the power of influence and understand what makes people do what they do

Do you have a people strategy?

From Corporate Exec to famous actors to your next door neighbor, millions of people agree that getting others on the same page with you can be tough.

And whether you’re a great communicator, or fearful of talking to people, we’re sure you’ll agree too.

Millions struggle every day with miscommunication, frustrations with people, even those at home… the fear of talking to people (or those “certain” types of people)… dysfunctional teams at work… All of these issues will continue to keep you in a hard place with people.

Solve the riddle of miscommunication & reap the benefits!

We’re talking about using communication to motivate and work successfully with other people. Becoming a superstar at work. Eliminating miscommunication and confusion with others in the home. And enjoying deeper and more satisfying relationships.

The problem is that if you’re like most, you’re barely getting through to people. Your frustrations keep you from accomplishing even the simplest tasks or keeping your meaningful relationships.

But what if there was a better solution?

At DaniJohnson.com, we’ve just finished working on something amazing: a fun, new, easy to learn, proprietary system that will completely dramatically alter the way you communicate, and the results you get out of it will floor you.

[Download] Local Marketing Summit 2014

Attend Local Summit 2014 and Get ‘X-Ray Vision’ Into The Most Successful Local Marketing Agencies!

Local Marketing Summit 2014

Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $497
Download Size: 10.7GB
Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha) This content is for members only.

Product Description:

Local Summit is back with new speakers, more networking, and a powerful agenda of topics to grow you and your business in 2014 and beyond!

The Local Marketing Consulting Industry continues to rapidly grow and mature, bringing new opportunities to those ready and willing to learn and execute, and new threats to those that sit on the sidelines!

The organizing team for Local Summit 2014 is 110% committed to making this event THE PLACE – the ONLY place! – to ensure that you are up to speed with the most important changes that are impacting our industry, and arm you for battle with the most effective strategies to capitalize on those changes.

That’s why we are happy to announce that the theme of this year’s agenda is ‘X-Ray Vision’.

It’s our goal to give you super-human visibility into the most successful local marketing agencies, so we’ve gone out of our way to build an agenda packed with real-world examples of success in our industry!

This year’s event will feature even more real world lessons from agency owners just like you that are in the trenches every day – and winning!

These are NOT just the same names and faces you’re used to seeing on the webinar circuit!

You’ll hear from some of your peers that are absolutely dominating their niches, others that have fought back from personal tragedy to build successful new agencies, and even real local business owners telling us what they think about us and how we sell (yikes!)!

No serious Local Marketer should even consider missing Local Summit 2014 – this will be even bigger and better than last year’s event!

Who Is This For?

If you are a Beginner… this is the perfect “right time, right place” opportunity because you will experience Hyper-Compressed learning. Within 3 days you will learn, experience and network more than what you would accomplish in 9 months on your own at home all alone.

Plus, you will see the BIG Picture this industry has to offer you by rubbing shoulders with people, just like you, making $100,000, $500,000, even multi-millions a year in this industry.

If you are a Part-Timer this is the perfect place to quickly fill in those missing pieces holding your business back in 3 impactful days. The Summit will give you the tips, strategies and connections to rapidly accelerate your business to the full-time level.

And you will be given 3 full days to network with your peers who are already making a full-time income to both motivate you and connect you with people to mastermind with when back home.

If you are a Full-Timer this will easily be one of the “milestone” events in your business because you will leave with a handful of MAJOR business breakthroughs you go home and implement potentially adding another zero onto your business.

Plus with the key industry connections and partnerships you leave with, new exciting opportunities you never knew existed will now be possible. WARNING: Significant post-Summit growth in your business is almost a certainty!

What You Will Learn?

With sessions divided amongst the 7 key areas of successful local marketing, ranging from keynote presentations, how-to training from industry leaders and top agency owners, and hard-hitting topic specific panels… you will be able to learn (and implement) more in these 3 days then most people can do in 12 months sitting at home.

Local Summit’s 7 Key Focal Points:

  • Major Industry Trends – get the crystal ball insights into the future of our industry so you stay ahead of the curve while your competition is stuck using outdated strategies, tactics and trends.

  • Proven Prospecting Methods – discover the most effective prospecting methods working right now to get ideal local business clients and always have a full and abundant pipeline of prospects.

  • Closing Sales and Securing Deals – you will leave with specific, proven strategies and tactics being able to close more deals, at higher pricing, locking them into long-term contracts, with less objections and hassles resulting in happy clients.

  • Mindset & Motivation of Successful Local Marketers – discover exactly how the most successful local marketers handle rejection and fear, set and achieve their goals, create a lifestyle and purpose driven business, overcome major hurdles and more. Gain the bulletproof confidence and mindset that makes this business come almost effortlessly to the top local marketers.

  • Operations and Business Growth Strategies – learn how you can scale your business using outsourcing, tools, systems, processes and proven principles from multi-million dollar agencies that started from scratch.

  • Providing The Services – discover detailed “what’s working now” strategies and tactics from the top experts and industry panels in every major service offering, from Local SEO, Mobile Marketing, Local PPC, Social Media, Lead Generation, Video Marketing, Deal Site Marketing and more.

  • Powerful, Purposeful Networking – research shows your success is an average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Over the 3 days you will meet and network with 100’s of highly successful local marketers who live in your area, offering the same services, have the same background and passions and more. Go home with the connections, masterminds, new friends, real-world experience, joint venture partners and more that will revolutionize your business.

[Download] SixthDivision – The Infusionsoft Academy

SixthDivision – The Infusionsoft Academy

Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $997
Download Size: 5GB
Download Link:

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Product Description:

Isn’t It About Time You Made It Easy For Your Business To Grow With Infusionsoft?

What you Get

With The Academy, you get:

  • Module 1: The Small Business Success Machine™
  • Module 2: Unpack Your Brain™
  • Module 3: Craft The Content™
  • Module 4: Success Sensors™
  • Module 5: Machine Monitors™
  • Module 6: The Build It Guide™
  • Worksheets and Supplements For Each Module
  • Weekly Guided Calls

[Download] Arbitrage System

Arbitrage System

Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $
Download Size: 100MB

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Product Description:

Arbitrage System2

Hydra Arbitrage System

HAS training is designed to completely automate the process of super hot leads being brought right to you and banking it off them. So with that said…here’s what’s included:

Massive 80+ Page PDF – Main Course

This is where I teach the start-up lead funnel creation and how to get endless flowing clients.

Filled with all you need to get from choosing a service, making price packages and selling it, it’s everything

you need in step by step detail.

I then teach how to continue the sales momentum of how to convert your leads and stay on top of them!

Top Cities List

This is pretty much a funnel creation already done for you. It holds the top 25 most popular cities in the US.

This is made so any service you want to outsource can be done through these major cities.

All US Cities

400+ cities available in the US to siphon leads from.

Use this list to automate lead funnels that bring in 1000s of leads a day!

Juicy OTOs: Coaching, Lead Automation & Top 25 Services To Outsource

(These are the OTOs to this ground-breaking system)

In THE LEAD AUTOMATION OTO, You will learn how to fully set up a 400+ city lead siphon in just 5 minutes!

In TOP 25 OUTSOURCING SERVICES OTO, You will learn the top services I’ve personally used to make a killing on outsourcing

My coaching allows you to take full advantage of the course and is highly recommended. Not only will you get the entire course( OTOs included) but I will walk you by hand

Through setting everything up and making your first arbitrage sales.