[Download] How to Be a Power Connector: The 5+50+100 Rule for Turning Your Business Network into Profits


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Create a personal “power grid” of influence to spark professional and personal success

“Other people have the answers, deals, money, access, power, and influence you need to get what you want in this world. To achieve any goal, you need other people to help you do it.” — JUDY ROBINETT

As anyone in business knows, strategic planning is critical to achieving long-term success. In How to Be a Power Connector, super-networker Judy Robinett argues that strategic relationship planning should be your top priority.

When you combine your specific skills and talents with a clear, workable path for creating and managing your relationships, nothing will stop you from meeting your goals. With high-value connections, you’ll tap into a dynamic “power grid” of influence guaranteed to accelerate your personal and professional success.

Robinett uses her decades of experience connecting the world’s highest achievers with one another to help you build high-value relationships. She reveals all the secrets of her trade, including proven ways to:

  • Find and enter the best network “ecosystem” to meet your goals
  • Reach even the most unreachable people quickly and effectively
  • Get anyone’s contact information within 30 seconds
  • Create a “3-D connection” that adds value to multiple people at the same time
  • Access key infl uencers through industry and community events
  • Subtly seed conversation with information about interests and needs
  • Use social media to your best advantage

Robinett has based her methods on solid research proving that social groups begin to break up when they become larger than 150 people, and that 50 members is the optimal size for group communication. As such, she has developed what she calls the “5+50+100” method: contact your top 5 connections daily, your Key 50 weekly, and your Vital 100 monthly. this is your power grid, and it will work wonders for your career.

Nothing will stop you when you learn How to Be a Power Connector.


“Unlike many books in this genre, this one is written by a woman who has lived it.. . . Judy Robinett offers guidance on how to form authentic relationships that bring mutual benefits.” — ADAM GRANT, Wharton professor and New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take

How to Be a Power Connector is like an MBA in networking: an advanced course in finding and developing quality relationships with the people who can make the biggest difference in your professional success.” — IVAN MISNER, founder and chairman of BNI

“Talk about power! Follow Judy Robinett’s logical, straightforward, and helpfully detailed advice, and you can be a ‘Power Connector’ yourself! Great ideas, well presented, with no ‘wasted space’ in her argument!” — DON PEPPERS, coauthor of Extreme Trust: Honesty as a Competitive Advantage

“Absolutely brilliant. A step-by-step guide to building a network that will be both invaluable to you and just as valuable to those whose lives you will now have the opportunity to touch. I can’t imagine a more powerful book for one who truly desires to be a Power Connector.” — BOB BURG, coauthor of The Go-Giver and author of Adversaries into Allies

“In the C-Suite or in your personal life everything comes down to the quality of your relationships. Judy’s book helps you attract and maintain the relationships that will get you what you want most. Be a super connector now!” — JEFFREY HAYZLETT, TV host and bestselling author of Running the Gauntlet

[Download] 30 Minute Web Commercials – Peter Beattie

30 Minute Web Commercials – Peter Beattie

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Product Description:

30 Minute Web Commercials – Peter Beattie wso-details_01
“I would willingly and happily have paid >$100 for this training…”

Originally Posted by SouthernJewel View Post
As I’m sure most warriors here will agree – there’re many who write reviews, etc merely to the writer look good (or increase their own affiliate sales) rather than enhance the credibility of the person they’re endorsing …

I’m not into that; which means I endorse only once in a blue mood …

However, in Peter’s case I’m making an exception – and I’m doing it because I want to do it

I’ve lost count of the number of products of Peter’s I’ve already invested in and am thrilled I’ve done so as he’s one of my mentors.

Like Peter, I’ve been helping local businesses connect their offline world with the online one – using video + smart website designs, for a couple of years…

Peter is one (of only two) whom I model …

I look forward to every product release he makes because I always learn something

If I have any questions Peter replies – as fast as humanly practicable! [priceless]

So. If you’re serious about growing your professionalism and service offering using video then you must buy this latest product of Peter’s and then seriously consider the other products he’s made in the past (which will be available to you in his Members’ Only Area).

Even though I got up in the middle of the night to be at the front of the start line for this launch I would willingly and happily have paid >$100 for this training… Peter’s products are worth every dollar of what he asks + compounding interest!

If you’ve never bought from Peter before I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed and will want to invest in other training programmes of his …

Peter – this is only the second (I think) endorsement I’ve ever written! I can’t wait to listen to your weekly podcasts; I’m impressed that you answer my questions and go out of your way, above-and-beyond, to add value – thank you!
“…the REAL DEAL.”

Originally Posted by todd11 View Post

Peter is the REAL DEAL. How do I know? Because he has hired me to do some of his voice-overs for all the clients he has to serve. That’s how.

“…You truly left me speechless…”

Originally Posted by Ron_G View Post

Hi Peter

… You truly left me speechless with this package – especially the OTO (Which I usually do not get) … the quality of the entire main package and the videos in the OTO which cost me $100s in the past is way beyond what I expected!

Keep up the momentum

Kind regards


“…I endorse this product…”
Originally Posted by bobludeman View Post
I bought this and I believe it is a great value. There is a lot of good information here and it will be used for both selling new clients and upselling. I endorse this product and believe the value is there.
“BRILLIANT, thank you for giving me some TIME BACK!”
Originally Posted by SirBertram View Post

Peter, you’ve done it again! I’ve been looking through the course and I have to say that even EXPECTING great things from you, I’m IMPRESSED!

I create on average, 5 or 6 videos of SOME type, per week and I’ve already learned a few things about how I can speed up the process!

BRILLIANT, thank you for giving me some TIME BACK!


30 Minute Web Commercials – Peter Beattie wso-details_03

30 Minute Web Commercials – Peter Beattie wso-details_05 30 Minute Web Commercials – Peter Beattie wso-details_07

[Download] Social Monetization Magician – Ben Adkins

Social Monetization Magician - Ben Adkins

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Product Description:

Facebook is More Than T-shirt Sales…

In the past few months I’ve seen a ton of training about how to sell t-shirts on facebook. I’ve made a chunk of money selling them through teespring but I’ll be 100% honest with you….

If you’re sole focus is T-shirts for monetization… you’re missing a ton of opportunities.

Over the past month and a half I’ve heard from a ton of folks who want to do more with facebook and their question to me is simple.

“Ben… What Else can I do with Facebook to make money besides T-shirts?”

Over the last month I’ve been compiling my notes and I’m finally ready to show you the backend of how we’re using facebook to really “blow it up” in just about any niche we go after with a variety of monetization method.


“Social Monetization Magician”

On this very special 3 Week Immersion Course you’re going to Learn:

Session 1:

How to Monetize your Pages/Ads with Physical Products (not just shirts)

Session 2:

How to Rock it out For Offline Clients with specific lead generating techniques that you can change their business and make you a great living for the help.

Session 3:

How to Sell Digital Products using Facebook.
(How to Pack Out Webinars, Sell Affiliate Products, Sell your own products, and get more affiliates for your launch…. the right way).