[Get] Tom Glover – The Facebook ROI Masterclass

Unlock This Never-Seen Before, 8 Figure Facebook Ads Launch System To…

Consistently Launch Highly Profitable 6 – 7 Figure Plus Per Year FB Ads, From Scratch, Within 21 Days Or Less.


Here’s What You’re Getting:

Facebook ROI Master-Class™ ($3,995 Value)

Become a master of launching million dollar Facebook ads from scratch that consistently turn COLD traffic into profitable leads, sales and revenue from day 1…

The Facebook ROI Toolkit™ ($2,495 Value)

Unlock every tool, resource and shortcut you need to launch highly profitable Facebook ads within a few hours or less. Say goodbye to the confusion, frustration and overwhelm of trying to figure it all out yourself!

The Funnel Roll-Out System™ ($2,995 Value)

Unlock everything you need to consistently build highly profitable conversion funnels from scratch that effortlessly sell any product you promote within a few hours, or less…


Use the facebook roi suite every time you launch a new facebook ad to have the piece of mind that it will predictably produce profitable revenue for you from day 1.

The Facebook ROI Master-Class

Receive a series of step-by-step training’s that’s going to walk you through EXACTLY how you can consistently launch highly profitable 6-7 figure+ Facebook ads from scratch, faster and easier than ever before.These are short and easy to consume training’s that are broken down with specific actionable assignments for you to complete, so you’ll actually step away with your very own FB campaign profitably LAUNCHED.Each video comes complete with a real world example of my most profitable ad campaigns, so you can see exactly HOW I’ve applied each step to swipe and model them as your own…

Module 1 – Million Dollar Foundations

Discover how you can lay SOLID 8 figure foundations, magnetise your dream customers to you so they’ll line up – ready willing and able to buy from you (no matter the price), and so much more!


Module 2 – Dream Customer Targeting

Discover this unique strategy to easily find and target your dream customers on Facebook within 30 minutes or less, so you can consistently experience the lowest cost ads in any industry…


Module 3 – Magnetic Ad Creation

Discover exactly how you can consistently create million dollar Facebook ads from scratch – even if you suck at copywriting, or have never done it before.


Module 4 – The Campaign Launch Formula

Discover exactly how to structure and setup your campaign to properly launch your Facebook ads to experience highly profitable results from day 1…


Module 5 – Finding Your 7 Figure Ads

Discover how to effortlessly track and optimise your entire Facebook ad campaign within 10 seconds or less, so you never waste money running ads that won’t convert for you.


Module 6 – Double Your Sales Retargeting

Use this unique retargeting approach to consistently DOUBLE your sales and revenue through the use of a few very simple retargeting ads that take no more than 2 hours to setup…


Module 7 – Scaling To $10K Per Day

Discover this unique 4 phase scaling strategy to take your campaign from zero to over a million dollars in sales, faster and easier than ever before (without compromising your ROI)


Module 8 – From Unprofitable To Profitable

Discover these simple tweaks you can apply to any campaign to dramatically boost conversions and revenue (from the SAME amount of traffic), overnight.


The Facebook ROI Toolkit


This exclusive toolkit which has never before been released outside of my $20,000 per year coaching. You’ll receive every tool, resource, script and template we use on a day to day basis to consistently create and launch FB ad campaigns that profitably ROI. They’ll literally do 80% of the work for you, so you don’t have to.No more guess work. No more trial and error. No more confusion.Whenever you want to launch your own campaign – simply plug your offer into these proven “tools”, and you’ll be amazed at the results they’ll bring for you.


The Ideal Client Targeting System

Use this proven system to ensure every target you use will be profitable for you from day 1, so you never have to waste time, energy or money testing targeting that don’t convert.


The Perfect FB Imagery Structure

Use this cheatsheet to effortlessly create award winning FB ad images that capture the attention of your ideal clients and get them to click on your ads for the lowest cost in your entire industry…


The Guaranteed $10 Per Day Launch Plan

Use this proven traffic plan to profitably launch your new Facebook ads… without spending more than $10 per day on traffic (every time you want to launch a new ad – plug it into this proven plan and be blown away with the results…)


The $10K Per Day Scaling System

Use this unique scaling system to help scale your winning ad campaigns to over $10,000+ Per DAY in profitable ad spend… without compromising ROI… (hint: this is going to be an absolute game-changer for you)


The Ultimate FB Ad Template Library

Ever struggled to create Facebook ads from scratch? I’ve templatized each of my most profitable Facebook ads, so you can easily plug yours into them to create million dollar ads within a matter of minutes!


The Ultimate Campaign Structure

Make sure you use this campaign structure every time you launch your ads to ensure that they get the lowest cost, highest ROI results from day 1. (If you don’t structure your ads in this way – you’ll always struggle to get low cost results).


The Ultimate FB Ad Tracking System

Easily track all your Facebook ads within 10 minutes (or less), so you can easily see which ads are profitable (and should be scaled), and which one’s are unprofitable (and should be dropped) at a GLANCE.


And SO much more!

You’ll have every tool, resource and shortcut you need to quickly and easily launch million dollar Facebook ads from scratch within literally a matter of hours (this is my secret sauce, and now it’s yours, too!)



The Funnel Roll-Out System


Inside the Funnel Roll-Out system you’ll receive everything you need to easily launch highly profitable sales funnels that consistently CONVERT COLD Facebook traffic into profitable sales and repeat revenue for you.You’ll even receive my proven sales scripts and funnel templates, so you can plug your offer into them to instantly build out your entire campaign within a matter of hours. No matter your industry, or no matter what you’re selling.Having a line of people queuing up – ready willing and able to buy from you (no matter the price) will be a walk in the park for you…

Proven Plug & Go Sales Scripts

Receive my proven sales scripts, so you can quickly and easily plug any product you promote into them to walk away with a high converting sales message within a matter of hours.


Fill-In-The-Blank Sales Funnel Templates

Plug your products into my million dollar sales funnel templates to easily create highly profitable sales funnels within a matter of hours (even if you’ve never done it before)


The Lead Magnet Master-Class

Discover the 4 step process to get PAID to generate thousands of leads per DAY to your business, so you can build a massive email following… at a profit!


The eCommerce Master-Class

Discover how you can quickly and easily create million dollar eCommerce campaigns selling tens of thousands of units each and every month, without ever touching, seeing or investing into any products!


The Invisible Offer Master-Class

Discover my unique approach to “invisibly” sell your products WITHOUT actually selling. I’ve never seen this approach taught anywhere else, and I think you’re going to be blown away with the results it generates for you!


Fill-In-The-Blank Email Templates

Use my proven fill in the blank email templates to quickly and easily build out your entire email marketing campaign to consistently double your sales within a few hours or less…


The Core Conversions Master-Class

Understand the physiological buying triggers that will literally magnetise your dream customers to you, and make them do whatever it takes to buy from you… no matter the price.


The Super Affiliate Master-Class

Discover how you can create SIMPLE affiliate promotions to instantly elevate yourself to the #1 super affiliate status and sell thousands of affiliate products every month…


The Ultimate Webinar Master-Class

Discover my unique 4 phased approach to create goodwill webinars that provide massive value to your dream customers, whilst simultaneously making them want to do whatever it takes to buy from you (no matter the price!)


Plus SO Much More!

You’ll literally receive everything you need to consistently create million dollar sales funnels, faster and easier than ever before! I believe this is by far the BEST conversion program out there…

Download Files Size: 15.29 GB

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[Download] Patrick Sargis – eCom Gods Academy(May 24 UP)

eCom Gods Secrets Revealed:
Exactly How I Raked In $4,877In 14 Days
With My Very FIRST eCom Store
And How You Can Replicate My Success With Almost Zero Work

The Greatest eCom Academy Ever Learn precisely how you can generate $500+ each day doing ZERO deal with Shopify. and how you can be established one hour from now. LIVE videos from the extremely starting to the very end, watch along and see how I earnings.

SALE PAGE |Value: $97

Patrick Sargis– eCom Gods Academy (May 24 UP): Videos, PDFs|Size: 470MB

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[Get] T-SHIRT Riches CORE by Cartess Ross

How To Start & Build A Wildly Successful T-shirt Business

Stop talking about it … And be about it!

YES!!! Your t-shirt design ideas can earn you a great living if you’re willing to put in the time, work and dedication.

Thousands of members have passed through TshirtRiches to get the step-by-step formula for starting, launching and building their own t-shirt business.

Our online training center has over 36+ hours of on-demand video training and content.

In addition, you get access to wholesalers, vendors and suppliers ​that’ll provide you with everything you need to get started.

Can’t draw? No worries … I teach you how to get some of the top graphic designers in the world to take your t-shirt design ideas and turn them into a masterpiece.

You’ll learn how to get your own website for the low-low; you’ll learn how to collect payments from customers worldwide; and I got a trademark attorney who’ll show you how to protect your t-shirt designs from getting ripped off by copycat wanna-bees.

Get Guidance from an Expert

Cartess Ross will guide you through this process and provide you with proven strategies to build your t-shirt company. As one of the original pioneers to start selling t-shirts online 18 years ago, he’s sold millions of dollars in shirts to people worldwide. He’s been featured in Small Business Opportunities, Start Your Own Business, and Home Business magazines. He founded TshirtRiches in 2007 to teach others how to turn their t-shirt ideas into a business.

T-SHIRT Riches Modules

Sales Page (More Info)

Download Files Size: 4.74 GB

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[Get] Making Real Money The Business of Commercial Photography

Making Real Money: The Business of Commercial Photography

.MP4, AVC, 3000 kbps, 1920×1080 | English, AAC, 317 kbps, 2 Ch | 14.5 hours | 20.35 GB
Instructor: Monte Isom

Are you a photographer who has an amazing portfolio but still struggles to land the jobs you want? Maybe you’ve been a professional photographer for years but you still haven’t connected with advertising agencies or international brands. Perhaps you feel like your photography business has plateaued and you’re not sure how to expand. In Monte Isom’s new tutorial, Making Real Money: The Business of Commercial Photography, you will get an inside look at what it takes to land work from advertising agencies, the world’s largest magazines, and international campaigns. This tutorial is an inside look at the highest level of photography. All of your questions about the industry will be answered.

Topics Covered In This Tutorial

What to Put on Your Website
Marketing to the Right People
Mailers, Emails, Cold Calls, and Non-Traditional Marketing
How to Stand Out in a Conference Call
When to Work for Free VS When to Demand Payment
Building Impressive Treatments and Decks
Winning the SEO Game
Understanding the Different Points of Contacts
Drafting Competitive Estimates
Understanding License Usages
Making Money with Copyright Infringements
Beating the IRS and Tax Audits
Budgeting the Shoot and Paying Your Assistants
Working Direct to Brand vs Through an Advertising Agency
How Photography Agents Work
Working with Celebrities
Finding Extra Money in Editorial Work
Carnets and Working Overseas

More Info

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[Get] Eben Pagan – Guru Mastermind (Complete Weeks 1-16)

Eben Pagan – Guru Mastermind

WEBRip | English | FLV + MP3 + PDF Guides | 640 x 480 | AVC ~132 kbps | 3 fps
AAC | 96 Kbps | 22.05 KHz | 1 channel | 47:31:05 | 10.72 GB
Genre: eLearning Video / Business, Marketing, Net: E-Commerce

Eben Pagan takes everything hes learned from his  20,000,000 a year online information business and teaches members how to do the same, In this Guru Mastermind Course.
Heres someones summary of the course:
If you want to learn how to create information products the right way, you need to do it like other Internet marketing Gurus because they earn millions on the Internet.
I learned a lot from the Guru Mastermind videos, and I am going to give you the 3 pillars of any ebook business on the Internet.
Before we start, I want to give you a big secret that almost nobody tell.
Are you ready for the truth?
You are not going to be rich online selling or promoting a $47 ebook. You need to create a high converting sales funnel to make money on the backend.
Now that you know that, lets start on the right foundations.

The 3 Pillar of Any Ebook Business
Guru Strategy 1: The money is in the lead
Many beginners fail online because they send direct traffic to their landing page and ignore the fact that 98 of their visitors will never buy from the first time.
On the other hand, smart marketers know that they need to capture the name and email address of their potential customers.
Then, they will send them more content, and even free chapters of their ebook to close the sale.

Guru Strategy 2: Upsell
Immediately after capturing a lead, you want to present a new offer to any lead who enter into your sales funnel. There is an art to do this without upsetting your customers.

Guru Strategy 3: Backend
This is where the real money is in the ebook business.
In fact, your ebook is only a lead generator, and you may even lose money on advertising. It doesnt matter since your goal is to sell higher priced items.

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[Get] Amiee Ball – Pay To Play

Double Your Income… Double Your Time Off

When you make them Pay to Play

You deserve FREEDOM in your life.
And this may be the first step.
Implement an automated discovery system for greater profits in 30 days.
Create positioning that converts like crazy and makes your offerings “no-brainers”
Stop selling cheap one off projects and start landing big ticket clients that stay with you FOREVER
Turn the work you already do for free into a PASSIVE PROFIT machine.
Nurture the shit out of your audience so they are begging to buy again and again!
Create the Package
Develop and setup your ideal client qualifying, client getting strategy in less than 7 days – so you can start boosting profits.
Position & Get Paid
Master the (completely addictive) art of selling your services to people who have the need AND the ability to pay for what you’re selling.
Land Better Clients
Land more of your IDEAL clients by positioning your services like a damn rockstar. Oh, and did I mention it is set up to be DFY?
SalesPage (more info)  Archive
Amiee Ball – Pay To Play: Videos, PDF´s

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[Get] Michael Reed Gach – Acupressure Self-Care Solution

Michael Reed Gach – Acupressure Self-Care Solution


I believe your success and happiness is directly connected to your health and well-being. If you’re in pain or don’t feel good, you’re more likely to be tired, lose focus at work, be more irritable, heavy and sluggish. It’s even harder to feel optimistic about the future when you’re so preoccupied with your pain, stress, and discomfort.

When you’re dependent on doctors and medications to feel better, you don’t have full control over your own life. It’s disappointing when medications don’t work, only give temporary relief, or they cause undesirable side effects. I suggest:

Knowing self-care techniques can give you more control over your own health and can support self-reliance.
Once your body feels good, you can bring more productivity to your work and have more enthusiasm with everything in your life.

Putting the Power into your own Hands

This online course utilizes my 45 years of hands-on healing and includes:

The secrets I’ve learned by working with thousands of people
I’ve made this online course easy by providing 50 short step-by-step videos that show you how to send healing energy through your own hands.
Self-Directed: You can take this course anytime and spend more or less than the recommended 10 weeks (5-6 hours per week) as long as you complete it within one year. In addition you can download all the course materials during this year and keep them for life.

This healing work can save you from spending too much money on prescription drugs and the resulting side effects.

Below you’ll find all the details to access the cherished practices that have transformed my life and the lives of thousands of others.

How would your life change if you could relieve pain
and daily stress, feel lighter and renewed?

You can wake up every day feeling great and full of the vitality needed to overcome life’s challenges. Imagine if you could resolve most of the ailments you and your family experience daily like headaches, aches and pains, stress, chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia and back pain.

Week 1:
How to Heal Stress, Pressure & Anxiety

This week we’ll cover:

How to Calm Stress
Hypertension Balancing
Insomnia & Sleep Disorders
Shoulder Tension & Pain
Stress and Wellness Acupressure Points

Week 2:
Pain Relief

Covers how to relieve all kinds of pain:

Ankle, Heel, Foot & Gout Pain
Arm Ache, Elbow, Hand and Shoulder Pain
Arthritis, Rheumatism & Fibromyalgia Pain
Lower, Middle and Upper Back Pain
Sciatica, Hip, Buttocks and Leg Pain
Wrist Pain, Tendonitis & Carpal Tunnel

Week 3:
Eyes, Ears, Head
& Throat Conditions

We’ll dive into Acupressure points
for common ailments like:

Earaches, Eyestrain & eye irritation
Jaw problems, TMJ disorders and tooth aches
Memory, concentration, & mental health
Sinus problems and hay fever
Thyroid imbalances

Week 4:
Neck, Back & Legs

Learn Acupressure Self-Care techniques to relieve the following:

Backaches and Sciatica
Knee pain and Restless leg
Neck tension and pain
Hip and buttock pain
Shoulder Tension & Pain
Leg Stiffness and Pain

Wellness Webinar

You’ll receive review of
the first 4 weeks, including:

Over of Key Potent Points
Answers to top questions
Asthma & Difficulty Breathing
Receive Healing Support
An opportunity to catch up on all the videos before we move on.

Week 5:
& Respiratory Systems

You’ll learn Acupressure to address uncomfortable ailments like:

Abdominal Cramps, Indigestion
Stomachaches, Ulcer Symptoms
Asthma & Difficulty Breathing
Constipation, IBS, Toxicity, Diarrhea & Intestinal Cramps
Nausea: Motion & Air Sickness
Indigestion & Heartburn

Week 6:
Emotions & Energy

You’ll learn Self-Acupressure
point routines for:

Anxiety, Nervousness & Panic Attacks
Chronic Fatigue
Depression & Mood Swings
Fainting, Ungrounded and Dissociation
Irritability, Frustration and Dealing with Change
Trauma & Abuse: Recovery Points
Thyroid Imbalances

Week 7:
The Reproductive System

We’ll cover both men
and women’s issues like:

Low Sexual Desire & Blocked Energy
Hot Flashes & Menopause
Menstrual Tension, Cramps & PMS
Pregnancy & Infertility
Premature Ejaculation
Prostate & Male Sexual Issues

Week 8:
Other Common Complaints

You’ll learn Acupressure for a host
of other common ailments:

Allergies, Itching & Allergic Reactions
Colds, Sore Throat & Flu
Cramps & Muscle Spasms
Insomnia & Sleep Disorders
Swelling, Edema & Water Retention

A Wellness
Integration Webinar

This last video puts together
All that you’ve learned to:

Create a daily personal practice
Summarize areas of program for self-healing
Demonstrate the best potent points
Review of the Wellness Formulas

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[Get] Michael Breen – The Hermetic Experience

Michael Breen – The Hermetic Experience

Here are 12 tracks of pure Learning, musical fun magic and knowledge re-mastered at the New World recording Studio with NLP Master Trainer Michael Breen. His voice dispensing pearls of wisdom, ideas, thoughts and experiences ranging through NLP, hermeticism and buddhism.

Philip Sawh (aka cheeko phil) provides great textures and rhythms with alternating musical genres.

Track listing:
1. The Same Experience
2. Desires
3. To Fit your Theory
4. Unintended Journey
5. G Mystery School
6. Essence
7. Really Good
8. Michael Bling
9. A Buddist Way
10. Symbolic rep
11. Tongling Breen
12. The Map

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[Get] Annie Leibovitz – Teaches Photography

Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $90
Download Size: 4.94GB

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01 Introduction

Annie Leibovitz’s iconic photographs have appeared in museums, books, and magazines from Vanity Fair to Rolling Stone—and now she’s your instructor. In introducing her class, Annie reflects on her career and the power of telling stories with photography.*

02 Portrait Photography

Annie discusses portraiture and photojournalism, and what makes portrait photography so compelling for her as a medium. Learn why Annie loves the photo series and why a single image cannot truly “capture” a person.*

03 Creating Concepts

Annie breaks down her process for developing imaginative and creative concepts for her photo shoots, sharing examples from Tess Gallagher, Amy Schumer, Keith Haring, Whoopi Goldberg, and more.*

Show all 15 Lessons

04 Working With Light

Annie discusses her philosophy around photography equipment, working with natural light, and the value of keeping your lighting kit small.

05 Studio vs. Location

Annie talks about her approach to studio photography, her strong preference for shooting on location, and the role of environment in her portraiture.

06 Working With Your Subject

Annie shares how she approaches working with a subject for a photo shoot, including refuting the popular notion that it’s a photographer’s responsibility to put a subject at ease.

07 Case Study: Angels in America Photoshoot for Vogue Magazine

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at Annie’s photoshoot for Vogue magazine, where she captures the cast of Angels in America. Watch her and her team set up the photoshoot, effect her concept, and show the way she works with her subjects.

08 Photographing People Who Are Close to You

Annie discusses why your family and loved ones may be your best photography subjects and what opportunities come from photographing subjects who are close to you.

09 Looking Back at Your Work

Annie discusses the importance of self-reflection and explains why it’s so important for every photographer to look back at their work.*

10 The Technical Side of Photography

In this chapter, Annie shares how she approached transitioning from film to digital, and what starting out in the dark room can teach you. Annie also shares her perspective on focus and sharpness—and how above all else it’s the content that matters.

11 Student Sessions

Annie sits down with students from her alma mater, the San Francisco Art Institute, to critique their work and share her own approach to core principles of photography.

12 Case Study Part 1: Photographing Alice Waters

Annie brings you inside a photo shoot with the renowned chef Alice Waters. Learn how Annie built the concept for the photos, conducted research, and prepared for the shoot.

13 Case Study Part 2: Digital Post-Production

Annie gives you an exclusive look into her digital post-production process, and shares her thoughts about what it means to be a photographer and creative artist.

14 Photographic Influences

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Alfred Stieglitz, and Richard Avedon—Annie introduces us to the photographers who have inspired her, sharing the personal lessons she has derived from their work.*

15 The Evolution of a Photographer

Learn how Annie’s artistic journey impacted her evolution as a photographer—from the inspiration of family photos to the San Francisco Art Institute and Rolling Stone.

(*Lessons marked with an asterisk contain images with nudity.)

[Get] Wake Up Productive 3.0 by Eben Pagan

This program includes the very best ideas, concepts, and techniques for increasing productivity and efficiency that I’ve learned and developed in the last 20 years.
Wake Up Productive has the single goal of you waking up in 90 days at least TWICE as productive as you are right now.

1.  Welcome Videos
2.  Fast Start Sessions
3.  Weekly Training Sessions
4.  Coaching Calls

SalesPage (more info)

Eben Pagan – Wake Up Productive 3.0 Contains: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Need Download, No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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