[Get] Emails For Profits by Eric Ellis


Bottom line, EMAILS FOR PROFITS Will Teach You to Create A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business from Scratch!

What you get TODAY . . .
  • 5 Modules with 40+ Video Lessons so you can start a profitable affiliate marketing business from scratch. ($1,997 Value)
  • Access to the Private Student Group so you can strategize and get help from previous students that are killing it. ($997 Value)
  • Traffic Domination training to help you generate laser targeted traffic to your affiliate offers. ($997 Value)
  • Email Marketing Mastery Training so you can 10X your ROI in your affiliate marketing business. ($997 Value)
  • Access to ALL Recorded Coaching Calls so you can learn where other students have had trouble and how we fixed those issues! ($1,794 Value)
  • Unlimited Group Q & A Access so you can have direct access to Eric Ellis Jr. directly ($297 Value)
  • Sales On Autopilot Training so you can learn how to create converting sales funnels and generate commissions while you sleep ($997 Value)
  • BONUS: Free Copy, Paste, Profit Funnel so you can fill in the blanks and start generating leads on autopilot ASAP! ($2,997 Value)
  • BONUS: $10,000 Per Month Affiliate Campaign Case Study so you can learn step by step from a successful profitable affiliate marketing campaign! ($497 Value)
  • BONUS: Six Figure Profits Formula so you can learn how to calculate whether your affiliate campaigns are profitable ($297 Value)
  • Total Value: $11,867
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Eric Ellis – Emails For Profits: Videos, PDF´s

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[Get] Private Label MBA by Seller Tradecraft


Ditch the 9-5. Take back control of your time. Live life on your terms. Follow what thousands of others have already done. You’re just one product away from building a business that can completely change your life!

What would you do with an extra $8000 in profit per month?
Maybe you’d quit your day job…
Or maybe you’d start saving for your kid’s college fund…
How about traveling the world or climb Mount Kilimanjaro?
Perhaps you’ve always wanted to live in a different country?
With the right business model, all of these things are entirely possible…
and completely within your reach.
The Trillion Dollar Juggernaut…
Last year, Amazon generated a whopping $170 billion in revenue and continues to grow rapidly. They’ve completely taken over the retail world completely by storm.
More than 50% of all online transactions in the US takes place on Amazon.com. And in 2018, Amazon is projected to gross over $220 BILLION in sales!! That is a $50 billion dollar increase from 2017, meaning there are literally billions of dollars up for grabs for people like you and me.
Amazon has equalized the playing field with their infrastructure, giving someone with just a LAPTOP equal access to customers and the ability to compete with some of the largest brands in the world, head on.
There is no better time than NOW  to start a profitable, long-term Amazon business.
Selling on Amazon is a FORMULA
Collectively, we’ve launched over 250+ Private Label products on Amazon and grossed over $25M in sales in the past 3 years alone. If there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s this – selling on Amazon is a formula.
If you know how to…
1) Choose the right products with the right numbers
2) Evaluate your competition effectively and
3) Utilize an effective product launch strategy…
Building a PROFITABLE amazon business is entirely within your reach.
Consider this – as of now there are over 800,000 people making $100,000 per year in sales on Amazon. With a projected growth rate of 30%, that means that this year there will be more than 240,000 NEW sellers making over $100,000 in sales yearly.
Your all-in-one step by step course for launching an Amazon business, no matter where you are in your journey…
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first, second, or third time entrepreneur. Our battle-tested system shows you — step by step — how to launch your private label products into profitability on the Amazon platform.
We’ve spent YEARS digging in the trenches and actually putting in the work to sell private label branded products on Amazon. Our team grosses over $12,000,000 per year selling ONLY private label branded products on Amazon across ALL categories. Everything we teach on this course has actually been implemented by people who have created ACTUAL multi-million dollar empires on Amazon.
Most courses teach you only how to use Amazon as a platform to launch any product. That’s easy.
We teach you that AND the hard part, which is actually showing you how you can identify the right product to sell with minimal risk, how you can evaluate your competition, and most importantly, how you can implement our real-world strategies to build a real, long-term, sustainable business the will last into the future.
This is a MASSIVE opportunity, and it’s only getting bigger by the minute. We will teach you:
  • How to find the RIGHT product opportunity to launch
  • How to identify competitive niches and avoid them
  • Product selection pitfalls to avoid, saving you tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes
  • How to beat your competition by merchandising your products early on
  • How to dominate your niche and maintain brand dominance on Amazon
  • How to minimize your costs by negotiating better terms with your suppliers
  • How to optimize your inventory planning process and minimize stockouts
  • How to create a brand that resonates with customers across the globe
  • How to create and optimize profitable pay-per-click campaigns to drive traffic and sales
  • How to optimize your listings for launch to maximize results
  • How to launch your products to the front page to drive organic sales
  • How to drive reviews to your listing
  • How to scale your business and maintain your listings in the face of heated competition
  • How to develop a multi-million dollar business mindset
Here are just SOME of the things that you’ll learn in our course…
FBA Fundamentals & Glossary
  • Learn and Understand Key Amazon Lingand Terminology from the Get Go
  • Understands the Ins and Outs of Key Financial Metrics to Help Understand Your Business Health from the Top Down
Product Selection Strategy
  • Learn our Proven 6 Commandments to Selecting the RIGHT Product to Private Label
  • How to Identify Low Competition Niches to Maximize Your Probability of Success
  • The Monopoly Method, and How We’ve Used it to Scale to over $10+ Million in Yearly Revenue
  • Understand How We Incorporate the Trending Method into Our Selection Strategy
  • BONUS – Access to Our Proven Product Evaluation Template
Sourcing, Supply Chain, and Logistics
  • Step by Step Walkthrough of How to Effectively Leverage Alibaba
  • How Much Inventory to Order to Minimize Your Upfront Risk
  • Learn to Communicate with Suppliers to Negotiate Pricing and Avoid Manufacturing Scams like a Pro!
  • How to Utilize BOTH Air and Sea Shipments to INCREASE Your Margins!
  • BONUS – Get Access to Our ACTUAL Freight Forwarder (Best Prices)
  • BONUS – How to Plan Inventory to Avoid Stockouts
Pre Launch Preparation
  • Learn Business Fundamentals – Corporate Structures, Wire Accounts, Etc
  • How to Optimize Your Listing in a Way that Drives the Most Sales and Conversions
  • How to Create Photos that Generate Optimal Sales without Breaking the Bank
  • Understand the Ins-and-Outs of How to Create a STELLAR Listing that Sells
  • Learn to Conduct Keyword Research Like a Pro and Optimize for Maximum Sales
  • BONUS – Get Access to Our Pre Launch SOP so NOTHING is Missed!
PPC Blitz Launch and Implementation
  • Learn How to Create High Converting PPC Campaigns from the Start
  • Learn How to Structure and Organize Your Campaigns for Scale and Growth
  • Step by Step Walkthrough of How Everything is Implemented on the PPC Platform
  • Get Access to our Proven PPC Blitz Strategy, Guaranteed to Drive Sales with Maximum Traction at Launch
Complete Product Launch Strategy
  • Learn how to Decode Amazon’s A9 Algorithm to Drive MASSIVE Sales
  • How to Launch Your Product Successfully with Virtually ZERO Giveaways
  • Learn Key Best Practices for Launching Your Products with Software
  • Get Access to the All New Ballz to the Wallz 2.0 Projections Spreadsheet so that you know EXACTLY how much you’re making on any given order
  • Learn to Utilize Amazon’s FREE Internal Software to Exponentially Increase Sales!
  • BONUS – Learn How to Utilize Facebook Boost to BOOST Product Reviews!
Post Launch Optimization
  • Specific Strategies on How to Differentiate and Blow Past Competitors
  • Learn About Specific Levers and Tactics Used to Drive Increased Traffic and Conversions
  • Learn How to Optimize Your Keyword Ranking and Indexing for Maximum Sales
  • Strategies to Drastically Improve Your Conversions by up to 10%
Bonus Module: PPC Optimization
  • Learn from a PPC Master Who Has Scaled 8 Figure Accounts!
  • Learn the Levers for Driving Maximum Revenue with Minimal Cost in PPC
  • Learn How to Manipulate Levers for Improved Traffic and Conversions
  • How to Continually Find Additional Keywords to Drive Increased Conversions
  • How to Manage Your Bids & Cut Bleeders to Drive Down Costs Across the Board
Seller Tradecraft – Private Label MBA: Videos, PDF´s

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Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast Track (Jul 2018)

“I just hit $114,000 Per Month in my Amazon business … I rank on Page One for every product I release … and I did all this working ‘Part Time’.

Would you like to earn this kind of money from your Amazon.com private label business?

I can tell you, that it’s absolutely possible.

I know, because I am living proof.

I’ve been on “amazon” a relatively short time. Already I hit $114,000/month of which I get a big chunk of that I get to keep as pure profit.

But the reason for my success on Amazon, is because I am doing things much differently than what is taught in ASM, much of which is utterly counter-intuitituve…

… and most importantly…

I’ve developed a stable of unique ‘marketing and ranking methods’ that no one else is using, that work exceptionally well, and that I’ve proven to work within my own amazon businesses.

There are only 3 things that I must focus on in my Amazon business:

1) Ranking my products to page one, as fast as possible.

If you’re on page 3, you might as well be on page 300!  Just like ranking a website in Google, if you’re not on page one, you irrelevant. Amazon works the same way.

2) Getting as many five-star reviews in shortest time possible for my new product.

When people use Amazon and click on your listing, if the headline and images look appealing, what does everyone do?

They scroll right down to read your reviews!

If you only have a couple reviews, you won’t win their impulse purchase … and … you also won’t “stick” in the rankings.

3) Finding hot products to sell

I have a simple goal:

To make $10,000/mo per product.

That is a conservative goal, because my experience is that you can make more than this – but that’s my initial target.

To hit $100,000/month sales, I need to release 10 good products.

I like to keep business “simple.” And to make $100k month, is as simple as that.

I actually exceeded this target recently, having hit $115k in sales with less than 10 products.

“I Think I’ve Cracked the Code on How to Rank Any Product to Page One on Amazon”

But there’s something else I need to show you …

Something that will really open your eyes.

Every single product that I have personally launched on Amazon.com, I have been able to pro-actively get it ranking on page 1 on amazon, usually within less than 12 days.

Yes – in every single instance.

Yes – even in two ultra-competitive niches

Yes – across multiple product categories.


“What the Heck Is Your Secret?”

As you can see, my successes on Amazon are no fluke.

I have provided you with numerous proof screeshots, income shots, and ranking proof, that are for my own products and all recent.

I hope that I’ve proven to you by now, that I know my shit.  As my amazon business grows and hits high six figures per month, you will see me transition out of the “guru” business and return to my roots as a entrepreneur, spear-heading our phenomenal growth, and phasing out all private clients and “wage slave”, non-leverage projects.

The reason I bring this up, is that you will no longer have access to “Ben Cummings” as a coach, in the future. Frankly, why be bothered doing training and consulting, when I can make far more (for less time and effort) in my amazon business?

My goal has always been to build a Big Business that can be sold for several million dollars and “retire” to the island of Saint Barths, and I am laser focused on obtaining that goal in the next 36-48 months.

So if you want to “tap into Ben”, this is probably the last chance to do so, to access my Brain, and to learn from me about crushing it on amazon, to learn these Master Marketing Skills, so that you too can attain your own version of “retire to Saint Barths“.

Which leads me to the purpose of this “final” sales letter that I am writing to you…

Amazon Fast-Track Monthly Coaching Club – A Very Limited Opportunity.

I recently took on 10 private students for 1-on-1 coaching, but I closed the doors to that because I simply don’t have the time to do “private consults” anymore…

And unfortunately I plan to never again take on any more private 1-on-1 coaching clients moving forward.

But as soon as I stopped taking on new clients, we continued to get emails daily from people wanting to learn from me.

What to do???

I decided that instead of doing one on one coaching any more, that I would be willing to coach a small elite “mastermind group” comprising of serious high achievers and meet “virtually” via intensive training webinars.

Not only would it be fun.

Not only would it be great networking for both of us.

It would also allow me to take several of you “along for the ride” to the top of amazon, as we all prosper and grow together.

Now THAT was an exciting prospect to me, and the reason why I have decided to launch this very limited Amazon Monthly Coaching Club.

With that, let me tell you the details of what you’ll be getting…

First, to qualify for a spot, you MUST have purchased the ASM course and not refunded it, as I am not teaching anything from ASM in this program! This coaching program is not intended to be a replacement for the great content you’ve learned from the ASM course. This coaching does “take it to the next level” though!

Second, Jason Fladlien & Wilson Mattos are recommending and endorsed this coaching club to their ASM Masters … which is awesome! If you know anything about those two, they almost never lend their names behind projects unless they believe whole-heartedly in it! So I have been very flattered they have associated themselves to this project and are backing it. (Thanks guys!) This monthly coaching club is only offered to ASM Masters, so you have to be an ASM Masters customer to be eligible.

I am keeping the format of this simple and powerful. It will be about training you, teaching you my numerous marketing and promotional “launch” methods, and then you taking action. It will also be about getting a sh*t load of five star reviews and locking in your rankings, once you attain them. And finally, it will be about rapid expansion of your amazon business so you can hit the big numbers that lead to financial freedom and a big business. It is a “here is what Ben is doing right now, this month, to crush it on amazon, and you get to look over his shoulder each month with the idea that you duplicate his successes within your own amazon business” coaching club.

Summary – This will be an intimate monthly “amazon coaching class”, that will meet via webinar 2x’s per month, in which I will be teaching my tactics and methods, on an ongoing basis, to help your build your Amazon business to make it a fast success.

Amazon Fast-Track Monthly Coaching Club – The Details:

1) You will participate in two live webinars per month.  The first webinar, is focused on “Amazon Growth & Marketing Training Webinar” that will last 60-90 minutes.

This is where I will be teaching you (on on ongoing monthly basis) EXACTLY what I am doing on amazon to grow, market and scale.  You get an inside view of my amazon business and methods, with the idea that you take what you’ve learned to duplicate my results!

2) Then each month, we will do a second webinar, which will be a monthly “Amazon QUESTION & ANSWER Webinar”

On this Q & A amazon webinar, you will have the chance to ask me ANY questions you want, get nitty gritty help on issues that come up … help with marketing questions … and help with anything else you guys want or need.

In summary:

  • You will be part of two live webinars per month
  • Webinar one, teaching amazon tactics and tricks, that I will NEVER reveal outside this coaching club.
  • Webinar two, is an intensive monthly Q & A  / Brainstorming webinar with our coaching club members
  • When appropriate, I’ll share documents, emails, ads, tricks, documents, contracts, etc.
  • You will get replays, so you can watch future and past replays whenever you want.

SalesPage (more info)    Our post with previous months

Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast-Track (Monthly GB) Contains: Videos, PDF´s (Starting from December 2016)

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[Get] The Facebook ROI Master-Class by Tom Glover

Unlock This Never-Seen Before, 8 Figure Facebook Ads Launch System To…

Consistently Launch Highly Profitable 6 – 7 Figure Plus Per Year FB Ads, From Scratch, Within 21 Days Or Less.

Here’s What You’re Getting…
Facebook ROI Master-Class™ ($3,995 Value)
Become a master of launching million dollar Facebook ads from scratch that consistently turn COLD traffic into profitable leads, sales and revenue from day 1…
The Facebook ROI Toolkit™ ($2,495 Value)
Unlock every tool, resource and shortcut you need to launch highly profitable Facebook ads within a few hours or less. Say goodbye to the confusion, frustration and overwhelm of trying to figure it all out yourself!
The Funnel Roll-Out System™ ($2,995 Value)
Unlock everything you need to consistently build highly profitable conversion funnels from scratch that effortlessly sell any product you promote within a few hours, or less…
“Use The Facebook ROI Suite Every Time You Launch A New Facebook Ad
To Have The Piece Of Mind That It Will Predictably Produce Profitable
Revenue For You From Day 1…
The Facebook ROI Master-Class™
Receive a series of step-by-step training’s that’s going to walk you through EXACTLY how you can consistently launch highly profitable 6-7 figure+ Facebook ads from scratch, faster and easier than ever before. These are short and easy to consume training’s that are broken down with specific actionable assignments for you to complete, so you’ll actually step away with your very own FB campaign profitably LAUNCHED. Each video comes complete with a real world example of my most profitable ad campaigns, so you can see exactly HOW I’ve applied each step to swipe and model them as your own…
Module 1 – Million Dollar Foundations
Discover how you can lay SOLID 8 figure foundations, magnetise your dream customers to you so they’ll line up – ready willing and able to buy from you (no matter the price), and so much more!
Module 3 – Magnetic Ad Creation
Discover exactly how you can consistently create million dollar Facebook ads from scratch – even if you suck at copywriting, or have never done it before.
Module 5 – Finding Your 7 Figure Ads
Discover how to effortlessly track and optimise your entire Facebook ad campaign within 10 seconds or less, so you never waste money running ads that won’t convert for you.
Module 7 – Scaling To $10K Per Day
Discover this unique 4 phase scaling strategy to take your campaign from zero to over a million dollars in sales, faster and easier than ever before (without compromising your ROI)
Module 2 – Dream Customer Targeting
Discover this unique strategy to easily find and target your dream customers on Facebook within 30 minutes or less, so you can consistently experience the lowest cost ads in any industry…
Module 4 – The Campaign Launch Formula
Discover exactly how to structure and setup your campaign to properly launch your Facebook ads to experience highly profitable results from day 1…
Module 6 – Double Your Sales Retargeting
Use this unique retargeting approach to consistently DOUBLE your sales and revenue through the use of a few very simple retargeting ads that take no more than 2 hours to setup…
Module 8 – From Unprofitable To Profitable
Discover these simple tweaks you can apply to any campaign to dramatically boost conversions and revenue (from the SAME amount of traffic), overnight.
The Facebook ROI Toolkit™
This exclusive toolkit which has never before been released outside of my $20,000 per year coaching. You’ll receive every tool, resource, script and template we use on a day to day basis to consistently create and launch FB ad campaigns that profitably ROI. They’ll literally do 80% of the work for you, so you don’t have to. No more guess work. No more trial and error. No more confusion. Whenever you want to launch your own campaign – simply plug your offer into these proven “tools”, and you’ll be amazed at the results they’ll bring for you. Previously sold for: $2,495.
The Ideal Client Targeting System
Use this proven system to ensure every target you use will be profitable for you from day 1, so you never have to waste time, energy or money testing targeting that don’t convert.
The Perfect FB Imagery Structure
Use this cheatsheet to effortlessly create award winning FB ad images that capture the attention of your ideal clients and get them to click on your ads for the lowest cost in your entire industry…
The Guaranteed $10 Per Day Launch Plan
Use this proven traffic plan to profitably launch your new Facebook ads… without spending more than $10 per day on traffic (every time you want to launch a new ad – plug it into this proven plan and be blown away with the results…)
The $10K Per Day Scaling System
Use this unique scaling system to help scale your winning ad campaigns to over $10,000+ Per DAY in profitable ad spend… without compromising ROI… (hint: this is going to be an absolute game-changer for you)
The Ultimate FB Ad Template Library
Ever struggled to create Facebook ads from scratch? I’ve templatized each of my most profitable Facebook ads, so you can easily plug yours into them to create million dollar ads within a matter of minutes!
The Ultimate Campaign Structure
Make sure you use this campaign structure every time you launch your ads to ensure that they get the lowest cost, highest ROI results from day 1. (If you don’t structure your ads in this way – you’ll always struggle to get low cost results).
The Ultimate FB Ad Tracking System
Easily track all your Facebook ads within 10 minutes (or less), so you can easily see which ads are profitable (and should be scaled), and which one’s are unprofitable (and should be dropped) at a GLANCE.
And SO much more!
You’ll have every tool, resource and shortcut you need to quickly and easily launch million dollar Facebook ads from scratch within literally a matter of hours (this is my secret sauce, and now it’s yours, too!)
The Funnel Roll-Out System™
Inside the Funnel Roll-Out system you’ll receive everything you need to easily launch highly profitable sales funnels that consistently CONVERT COLD Facebook traffic into profitable sales and repeat revenue for you. You’ll even receive my proven sales scripts and funnel templates, so you can plug your offer into them to instantly build out your entire campaign within a matter of hours. No matter your industry, or no matter what you’re selling. Having a line of people queuing up – ready willing and able to buy from you (no matter the price) will be a walk in the park for you… Previously sold for: $2,995.
Proven Plug & Go Sales Scripts
Receive my proven sales scripts, so you can quickly and easily plug any product you promote into them to walk away with a high converting sales message within a matter of hours.
Fill-In-The-Blank Sales Funnel Templates
Plug your products into my million dollar sales funnel templates to easily create highly profitable sales funnels within a matter of hours (even if you’ve never done it before)
The Lead Magnet Master-Class
Discover the 4 step process to get PAID to generate thousands of leads per DAY to your business, so you can build a massive email following… at a profit!
The eCommerce Master-Class
Discover how you can quickly and easily create million dollar eCommerce campaigns selling tens of thousands of units each and every month, without ever touching, seeing or investing into any products!
The Invisible Offer Master-Class
Discover my unique approach to “invisibly” sell your products WITHOUT actually selling. I’ve never seen this approach taught anywhere else, and I think you’re going to be blown away with the results it generates for you!
Fill-In-The-Blank Email Templates
Use my proven fill in the blank email templates to quickly and easily build out your entire email marketing campaign to consistently double your sales within a few hours or less…
The Core Conversions Master-Class
Understand the physiological buying triggers that will literally magnetise your dream customers to you, and make them do whatever it takes to buy from you… no matter the price.
The Super Affiliate Master-Class
Discover how you can create SIMPLE affiliate promotions to instantly elevate yourself to the #1 super affiliate status and sell thousands of affiliate products every month…
The Ultimate Webinar Master-Class
Discover my unique 4 phased approach to create goodwill webinars that provide massive value to your dream customers, whilst simultaneously making them want to do whatever it takes to buy from you (no matter the price!)
Plus SO Much More!
You’ll literally receive everything you need to consistently create million dollar sales funnels, faster and easier than ever before! I believe this is by far the BEST conversion program out there…
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Tom Glover – The Facebook ROI Master-Class: Videos, PDF´s

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[Get] The Event Codex by Peng Joon

BREAKING: Is This The END Of Webinars Forever?
The ‘Event Codex’ Is Exposing The ENTIRE System To Launch, Sell Out, AND Close High-Ticket Products & Services WithOUT Spending More Of Your Money, Doing Any Hard Selling, Or Needing Tons Of Experience!”
Entrepreneurs (Both With & Without Event Experience) Are Reporting Making More Money
In A Single Weekend
 Following Event Codex Than They Did The Entire Previous Year!
When You Purchase the Event Codex You Are Getting:
Unlimited, unrestricted & immediate access to the ENTIRE Event Codex ($50,000 Value), including:
  • 1) My “It’s NOT Difficult Or Expensive” Method To Sell ALL The Tickets To Your Event (Worth $17,499, Included FREE).
  • 2) The “RMRT” (Right Message Right Time) Approach I Use To Get Them To Actually Show Up ($8,999 Value).
  • 3) My “Everything You Need And Nothing You Don’t” Roadmap To Fulfilling Your Event The RIGHT Way ($12,499 Value, Included FREE).
  • 4) Executing The “Perfect Upsell”, Where The REAL Money Is… (Worth At Least $7,999).
  • 5) Leveraging The Event & Momentum To Propel EVERYTHING Else You Do (Worth $3,004, Included For FREE).

Selling the Tickets
My “It’s NOT Difficult Or Expensive” Method To Sell ALL The Tickets To Your Event (Worth $17,499, Included FREE)
  • You’ll discover how to sell out your own event, virtually every time, withOUT spending a ton of money or going crazy to find attendees
  • The simplest and most clear Facebook Ads Breakdown you’ve ever seen, giving you the EXACT ads and everything else you need (you literally just load them into your account and press “go”) to sell out your event EVEN to cold audiences
  • The Funnel Stack so you can use a simple, proven funnel to sell your event and maximize the amount of money you get BEFORE your event even takes place (again, it’s already DONE for you, you just fill in the blanks and press “go”)
  • The “OPE” Goldmine (Other People’s Events), my own tried-and-true method to snag speaking gigs at other people’s events to leverage their audiences and generate crazy revenue with zero overhead
  • Getting the Gigs, complete clarity on when to get paid to speak vs speak for free vs sponsored lunches vs 50/50 splits…and how to absolutely maximize your time and build your celebrity quickly (just like I did)
  • Packaging Tickets With Online Courses the RIGHT way, and when NOT to give your tickets away for free (99% of people do this WRONG)
  • Private Q&A session with high-level entrepreneurs asking the most valuable questions
Getting Them to Show Up
The “RMRT” (Right Message Right Time) Approach I Use To Get Them To
Actually Show Up ($8,999 Value)
  • Micro Commitments, leveraging little “yes’s” to get them to WANT to show up, every time (just cause they buy doesn’t mean they’ll show, your money is made in the back end/getting them to show up!)
  • Physical Product Welcome Gifts that’ll blow them away with value, virtually demolish ANY signs of buyer’s remorse, AND get them excited as possible to show up for the event
  • Pre Training, getting them smalls wins BEFORE they show up for the event, so they’re “true believers” by the time they show up (virtually guaranteeing they’ll BUY when they get there)
  • Selling Them the Show Up so you can feel confident your event will be plump full of raving fans, NOT empty seats
  • Follow Up Video Series to get even ice cold buyers to know, like, and trust you BEFORE they ever meet you
  • Minimizing Refunds with just ONE message: the right message at the right time (yep, I already wrote it for you)
  • Negotiating with Hotels to get them to actually compete with each other, turning into a bidding war, getting you the BEST possible rates
  • How to Get the Venues Nearly for Free with my simple trick that works 85% of the time!
  • Logistics Checklist to make sure NOTHING is left out or forgotten (this took us years to get right and MANY expensive mistakes along the way!)
  • Private Q&A session with high-level entrepreneurs asking the most valuable questions
Fulfilling the Event
My “Everything You Need And Nothing You Don’t” Roadmap To Fulfilling Your Event
The RIGHT Way ($12,499 Value, Included FREE)
  • Setting up Context to ensure all your surroundings are set up for success (all the perfect environment, rules, frameworks, etc.)
  • Messaging to preframe the outcome of your event (following the ‘perfect path’ of struggles, successes, strengths, beliefs, and finishing with my beliefs)
  • How to Serve Them at the Highest Level (go through my checklist to get them “all in” by going after motivation, fears, choices, and aspirations)
  • Topics to Teach, with absolute clarity on theory vs tactics vs transformation…the easy way
  • How to Increase Energy Levels to keep everybody excited, engaged, and at peak state throughout the ENTIRE event
  • Written Exercises, Partner Share, and Class Share to connect the audience and break walls down instantly
  • Manners of Speaking, including the ‘maximum money’ style of talking “at” vs Presenting To vs Conversation With…and which will be a win-win for everybody
  • Powerpoint vs Flipcharts and why you absolutely MUST use both
  • Seeding for Upsells, making the upsell an absolute no-brainer
  • Price Marinade to establish prices of upsells ahead of time to make NOT buying feel like the “wrong decision”
  • Private Q&A session with high-level entrepreneurs asking the most valuable questions
Executing the Upsell
Executing The “Perfect Upsell”, Where The REAL Money Is…
(Worth At Least $7,999)
  • What to Present Right Before the Upsell to virtually guarantee they buy (and you tap into where the REAL money is made)
  • Advanced Seeding to get your audience connected with you like never before, and at the absolute edge of their seat…begging you to make your offer
  • Value Marinade which separates the top 1% of closers from everybody else (this alone is worth the whole investment, trust me)
  • Transition to Upsell and make them feel like they’re not even being pitched anything (the craziest, coolest feeling in the world)
  • How To Use Testimonials the Right Way to instantly gain trust and full belief in your offer
  • Mastering the Stack to justify your offer price, no matter how high
  • Bonuses to push those “over the fence” and buy on the spot
  • The Different Closes that actually work…which you can use everywhere (not just on stage, literally wipes out the “hard selling” and gets at LEAST 50% of the room in)
  • Creating a Table Rush that sends the message “the water is fine, jump in” to the rest of the room, creating a buying frenzy
  • The “Tony Robbins” so you can reverse-engineer one of the greatest speakers in history and integrate the BEST of his stuff immediately into YOUR events…including language impactors, how he tells stories, and more…without seeming like you’re copying
  • Private Q&A session with high-level entrepreneurs asking the most valuable questions
Leveraging the Event
Leveraging The Event & Momentum To Propel EVERYTHING Else You Do
(Worth $3,004, Included For FREE)
  • Testimonial Acquisition which fill up your ‘vault’, one of the most valuable assets you’ll ever have
  • Sizzle Reel Creation to prevent you from EVER getting “stuck” at the $1-3mil mark OR ever trading time for money, by repurposing your events as fuel for your marketing/branding for everything else
  • Group Photo Boost for ultimate social proof and viral impact
  • Repurposing it into a course which becomes a digital asset that you can sell over and over again, 24/7
  • Private Q&A session with high-level entrepreneurs asking the most valuable questions
SalesPage    SP2 (more info)  Archive  Archive 2
Peng Joon – The Event Codex: Videos, PDF´s

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[Get] Billy Darr – Push Button Traffic

Billy Darr here again,

How would you like my team to do all the work for you whilst you sit back and get paid?…

Yes i’m talking about a totally hands free setup option here for you…

We’ll setup you with a reseller license…

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I know a lot of beginners get stuck with the tech stuff…

But imagine if my team of experts did everything for you.


How would that feel?

Yes i’m talking about my team doing all the tedious and boring tasks for you so you can
get to the money faster..
That means
X No Blogging
X No Tech setup
X No WordPress
X No Watching Boring Tutorials
X No Product Launching
X No Video Creation

We’ll do it all for you whilst you get paid

Makes perfect sense right?

Great, that’s why i’ve put together an awesome offer for you that’s not available anywhere else on the internet.

Why Grabbing This Is A Must:

Earn 100% Commissions On All Products In Funnel…
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Let My Team Do The Work For You

So Here’s What You’re Getting With Your
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Reseller License
You’ll Get Complete Rights To Sell And Keep 100% Of The Profits From Selling Push Button Traffc As You’re Own.

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You’ll Get Your Own High Converting Lead Capture Page Setup And Installed For You.

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Done For You Emails
You’ll Also Get Your Own Follow Up Emails Written And Added To Your Autoresponder.

Retail Value: $397
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Everything Will Be Completely Setup For By My Team Of Experts.

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You’ll Get a 4 Module Course With Multiple Video’s & Everything Else Needed To Turn You In To A Traffic Machine.

Retail Value: $497
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When You Act Fast You’ll Also Get The Following
Fast Action Bonuses:
Ok Billy I’m Sold How Much Will This
Diamond Done For You Reseller Upgrade Cost Me?

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[Get] Star Principal Seminar by Perry Marshall and Richard Koch

Perry Marshall and Richard Koch – Star Principal Seminar | 2.2 GB

Dear Business Builder:
How much money did you earn LAST MONTH from work you finished 5 years ago?
No cheating. If it took more than mere minutes for you to collect your harvest, you’re still working for your bread.

If you wanted to sell your business this year, could you?
Would any sane human being want it?
Could you hand the new owner the keys and walk away with your bag o’ cash? Or would they be dragging you out of bed 2 hours later to come in and fix the next crisis?
Are you able to dispense a few minutes or hours of advice, and get a large, lucrative return on that money – not just in the form of income, but in real equity ownership that rises in value?
Are you a consultant who, like 99% of your brethren, owns title to nothing at the end of the day?
Are you only as good as your last client check?
Do you truly understand that when you have the right strategy, then the less you work and the more you make?
Are The Strategies You’ve Gotten Over The Last 5 Years Earning You More and More Freedom and Equity With Each Passing Year? Or Are You Caught In A Trap?
If you have any of these frustrations, stick with me because you’re in the right place.
I can count on one hand the number of times meeting someone has completely and utterly changed my perspective on business, life, and success.
There was the spring day in 1997 that I wandered into the Peoria Civic Center and heard Dan Kennedy talk about direct response advertising. A revelation.

There was my very first System Seminar with Ken McCarthy in 2002. That’s where I discovered Google AdWords – but far more importantly, it’s where I discovered a system and a process for selling anything online. Ken’s original model for a tested online sales funnel is still the foundation not only of my business – but of every single one of my successful clients’ businesses as well.
There was legendary copywriter Gary Bencivenga’s once-in-a-lifetime event in New York City, where I probed the inner workings of “The World’s Greatest Copywriter.”
And then there was a recent meeting in Portugal, with a complete and total business master – that has forced me to re-think and re-evaluate everything I thought I knew about what success in my business (or anything else) looks like.

That, along with a Memo from the Head Office – as you’ll learn – it was time to:
“Re-engineer your very existence as a business leader. Transform your entire way of thinking.”
I’d been searching for this lesson my entire business career. Even way back in my Amway days. (I think this is actually a lesson every business builder is searching for.)
Perhaps it’s a case of “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”
When I was in Amway, the mantra was: ‘Work 15-20 hours a week for 2-5 years and you’ll have a walk away income for the rest of your life.’
My rose-colored glasses shattered when Jeff Probandt, an insider, “came out of the closet.” He posted a tell-all website in the early days of the Internet. It said yes, it’s true, my mentors go on cruises and drive Cadillac and Mercedes automobiles and live in beautiful homes with swimming pools and 4-stall garages.

But they also work 50-70 hours a week, not 20. They check their voice mail constantly, and they’re always up to their eyeballs in some kind of crisis. And the minute they stop frenetically paddling, their whole business starts to unravel.
A squirrel cage. Hamster wheel. Rut. Routine. Treadmill. Trap. Whatever you wanna call it, it’s something you can’t extricate yourself from.
When you were wet behind the ears, when you were a newbie in the entrepreneur world, how many times were you promised “passive income,” “residual income,” “turn-key simplicity,” and a chance to do something once and get paid for years?
Do you remember the day harsh reality crashed in? Do you remember how after you ‘grew up’ and realized 99% of those promises were hype?. Do you recall how many more times you were admonished to “stop trading hours for dollars” and “stop working in your business and start working ON your business” and let automation do the work for you?
Jonathan Mizel, one of the smartest marketers I’ve ever met anywhere, once said, “Once you get to a certain age you say to yourself, ‘I’m tired of hustling and chasing deals all the time. Eventually you want to have a business that just generates cash.”

Haven’t we all eventually reached the point where we’re sick and tired of hustling and chasing deals all the time?
Jonathan is the guy who said, “I got out of the guru business because I got sick and tired of my students making five times as much money as me.” He only spends about 10% of his time being a guru now.
Has the day come and gone when you realized the machines aren’t working for you, it’s you working for the machines, along with all the other worker bees?
Are you making a comfortable income with a respectable business, yet at the end of the day you know you’re not actually getting anywhere?
How many people who ever made you promises of residual income were truly “walking the walk” and not just selling books and tapes?

Have you noticed that all of them are, in one way shape or form, “Motivational Speakers”?
Q: Why do they all need to be motivational speakers?
A: Because at the end of the day, every single one of them teaches you how to hustle.

I’m happy to say I’ve never offered anyone false promises of total financial freedom and autonomy. I’ve only promised my members and clients that I would get them more customers for less money.
And I have MANY success stories. Many. They’re plastered all over my website.

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[Get] Talmadge Harper – Erotic Hypnosis 3.0 (Complete Package)

Talmadge Harper – Erotic Hypnosis 3.0 [Complete Package] | 3.15 GB

The three year anniversary has passed since the wildly successful erotic hypnosis course. As you can see from the testimonials, the original and new course was an incredible success.

This is because students were able to communicate with me in email, skype or phone and I could guide them. In the past three years Ive learned even more and taken erotic hypnosis to a whole new level that I would like to share with you. The focus will be heavily on erotic hypnosis and how to satisfy your partner or strangers in ways you never dreamed possible. Students have the opportunity to speak with me directly and as a result experience the kind of success like the one you can read about here MUST BE 18 OR OVER TO PURCHASE

What is included in the download?
You will get access to an online account on www.hypnosiserotica.com where you will get weekly lectures and manuals on erotic hypnosis. You will have the opportunity to request specific information for each lecture. The lectures will be in mp3 and movie format so you can watch them or listen to them in your ipod. You will be able to download them at your convenience once theyve been uploaded.

1. How to give 5 – 20 minute orgasms to yourself and strangers
2. Instant inductions, NLP inductions, telepathic orgasms
3. Mind dolls, virtual romance worlds
4. anchoring romantic and sexual responses
5. Healing low libido or any sexual dysfunction
6. Increasing your sexual pleasure with your partner
7. Multiple Orgasms for Men and women
8. Using Erotic Hypnosis on strangers and for entertainment.
9. Dangers of Hypnosis that you are not told about
10. The Power of Eastern hypnosis
11. New improved confidence to hypnotize

What is the best way to maximize effectiveness?
Just listen and learn weekly as you go along. Remember to email me, skype me or call me if you have questions, What makes this course different is that you have me as your personal mentor.

Direct Download Link: (No Need Download, No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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[Get] The Webinar Vault – Joel Erway –


Never Struggle Writing Sales Webinars Again!

Create Unlimited Sales Webinars For Yourself (Or Your Clients!) From Scratch In Less Then 30 Minutes, And Get Inspiration From Other High-Converting Webinars!

Your Invitation To (Finally) Make Webinars Work For You Is Right Here …!
A couple of years ago I had a high-end webinar training program that would assist individuals introduce a webinar in 8 weeks.
While a few of our trainees actually ended up being millionaires …
Honestly we didn’t have a great conclusion rate for the program.
Students enjoyed how I had the ability to craft deals and material for their webinars …
But they had a difficult time really COMPLETING the webinar (and releasing it)!
I understood something needed to alter.
At the exact same time, we were having customers concern us to develop their webinar for them.
I was concentrated on training the copywriters on my group in such a way that would improve the procedure.
Yet it was still taking rather a very long time (much like my customers).
There needed to be a much better method …
At the end of 2016 I chose to make a BIG financial investment.
In order to improve the training procedure for my copywriters …
We established customized software application that informed them on all the CRITICAL components a high-converting webinar required.
Slide by slide, there were training workouts for:
>>> > > > What to state
>>> > > > How to state the best thing
>>> > > > Where to put vital components
>>> > > > Why particular components have to be consisted of
>>> > > > How to structure a tempting deal
>>> > > > And more …
It took MONTHS and countless dollars to develop.
But let me inform you … it was definitely worth it.
It led to MILLIONSof dollars in sales while concurrently training copywriters on the art of the ideal sales webinar.
I Didn’t Want To Create Just Another Webinar “Template” Software
I’ve utilized lots of software application out there that guaranteed to be the “supreme sales letter generator”.
When in truth, all they do is ask you pre-populated concerns and spit it out on a slide.
When we developed Slide Sell, I wished to produce it that really TAUGHT the real reasons we put material in specific locations.
It was constructed to train copywriters— which is the very best method to discuss the best ways to produce high transforming sales discussions.
Every slide has examples of a formerly utilized high-converting webinar so you can see precisely what we suggest.
There’s no “thinking”.
It’s basically me training you through every slide as if I were strolling you through it over your shoulder, detailed.
Create And Store Unlimited Presentations!
As a firm, we were producing lots of webinars!
So we wished to produce a central location to save all our discussions in one simple to discover location.
With Slide Sell, you’ll produce the initial draft of your discussion and have the ability to export it in a single click.
Here’s Why I’m Giving You My Agency’s Secret Weapons:
I understand without a shadow of a doubt that utilizing our company’s software application SlideSellto produce your webinars will considerably enhance your service.
Use it to assist produce webinars on your own.
Use it to assist produce much better webinars for your customers.
Heck, utilize it to assist you offer services to LAND MORE CLIENTS!
The capability to produce and compose high-converting webinars QUICKLY will be well worth your time.
I’m offering you my software application as a present to evaluate drive our marketing newsletter and subscription website.
Why? Due to the fact that it will be a method for us to get to understand each other,
I’ve made the capability to boast simply a bit.
My training is the very best out there.
And I desire you to see it so we have the chance to continue interacting.
Plus, after you see exactly what I can do for you with my programs and software application … I’m wagering you’ll wish to continue dealing with me on a more intimate basis with your tasks.
SalesPage( more details) Archive
Joel Erway– The Webinar Vault: Videos, PDF ´ s

Direct Download Link: ( No Need Download, No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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[Get] Jordan Platten – How To Get Kick-Ass Results For Clients


In this course, I teach you whatever you have to learn about Facebook marketing and the best ways to get outcomes for your customers. Following these precise procedures I have …

In this course, I teach you whatever you have to learn about Facebook marketing and the best ways to get outcomes for your customers. Following these precise procedures I have …
Achieved a 100% customer retention rate …
Generated 1,566novice clients in a month for a dining establishment customer …
Made ₤ 3,497in sales from a 7-day advertising campaign with a ₤35invest …
Consistently acquired 100 -2,000% Monthly ROI throughout customer base.
Getting outcomes is more vital than having the ability to get brand-new customers. what great patronizes if you can not keep them?
Have you introduced a firm however you’re fighting with getting outcomes? Possibly you’ve taken other courses however still have understanding spaces when it concerns advertisements?
Since introducing, I have actually invested over ₤100,000of my customers budget plans evaluating numerous advertisements, audiences, creatives & & strategies. I regularly get big ROI’s for my customer base, which has actually led to a 100% customer retention rate. I wish to conserve you the numerous hours I invested screening and grant you access to all my understanding. no details kept back.
Hi, I’m Jordan. At the age of 23, I had actually worked my method to the top of the business sales ladder. I was tired of lining the pockets of somebody else & & just taking the cream off the top. One day I snapped, I needed to work for myself. from that day forward I devoted all my hours into entrepreneurship & & within 2 weeks I had actually stopped my full-time task.
4 month’s on I own a 6-figure Social Media Marketing Agency, you might state I succeed; however I’m simply getting going.
Through my individual brand name and personal training, I now assist others leave the rat-race of work and sign up with the economically totally free. I’m devoted to assisting as lots of as I can feel this level of joy. to live life to it’s max.
What’s consisted of in the course?
  • Lifetime Access to all 3 modules (25+ Lessons)| ( ₤ 1,094Value)
  • Instant access to personal Mastermind Facebook group|(₤497Value)
  • Personal Mentorship– 24/ 7 Access To Me|(₤ 2,497Value)
SalesPage( more details) Archive
Jordan Platten– How To Get Kick-Ass Results For Clients: Videos, PDF ´ s

Direct Download Link: ( No Need Download, No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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