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Instant Profit Silos + OTO

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Product Description:

Are You Still Struggling To Make Easy Passive Income Online?

You’re About to Discover the One Secret Twist That Makes it Super – Easy for Anyone to Make Money Online by this time tomorrow.

— And all from a Twist on a Ridiculously Simple ‘Old School Trick’!! —

  • No, this isn’t a Joke
  • And it’s not Hype

In fact, if you watch this quick video you’ll see some of the results for yourself.

Making Money in Hours With Very Little Work IS Possible!

Even better… It’s EASY – This system is 100% replicable! Simply Rinse and Repeat

Instant Profit Silos + OTO1

From: Mark Bishop
RE: Multiple Income Streams in hours. Let me show you how.

My name is Mark and YES, I know how hard it can be to find a method that just plain & simple works.

You see, when I started Internet Marketing I was a plumber here in the UK. I knew nothing about making money online & made the same mistakes people are still making today

I grew tired of all the BS theory shared around. The amount of FALSE information floating around was incredible & it still is.

That’s when I decided to stop following poor & outdated advice and do things differently

Fast forward a couple of years (and a lot of sleepless nights!)…

I’ve developed my own set of perfect niche systems making me 100’s of Thousands of dollars.

Instant Profit Silos + OTO2

And this is by far the easiest!!

Instant Profit Silos + OTO3

Well guess what? Such a system exists!!

And it’s not based on theory.

  • You can actually implement this simple tactic TODAY in just 2 hours.
  • And make money in 12-24 hours.

Straightforward ‘Old Skool’ Method with a Modern Twist

This course shows a nice and straightforward ‘old skool’ method with a modern twist.

It reminded me of the ‘good old days’ when you had working methods that were quick and easy to set up.

I will be putting aside a couple of hours each week for the next few weeks to set up some of these and just leave them running for some nice (mostly) unsupervised income, and the videos and PDF show every step along the way and what to look out for in picking products and keywords so it won’t take any longer than that!

You could even ramp this up to turn this into a real pay check replacing method, the key is not to over think the method or you may feel it is TOO simple… but if it works… who cares lol!

Good stuff!

Alex Copeland (that’s my WF name as well)

 ”Alex ”WF:

But before I let you into this little secret, I want to make sure I’m not wasting your time and mine.

Because what I’m about to show you isn’t for everyone

You see, most people dream of making it big online, and they start off with unrealistic expectations.

Nearly everyone makes the mistake of thinking they want to make millions (nothing wrong with that).

But they set off looking for the one ‘Holy Grail’ business idea which will make them the kind of money they dream of.

Unfortunately business models like that are few and far between. And when they do exist they usually require you to invest huge amounts of money.

Now… what I’m about to reveal is how an ordinary person can easily make hundreds of dollars every week from simple little income streams which I call Instant Profit Silos

And if you like what I show you, you too can make money with your first Instant Profit Silo by this time tomorrow.

So right now you’re probably thinking “I want to make thousands a week, Not hundreds”

But you’re missing the point

You see each Instant Profit Silo takes around 2 hours to set up from scratch and that’s it.

Once you have one up and running your work is done and you can expect to make money as early as tomorrow, and then the next day and the next.

In fact many of these simple little income steams will make you money every week for month’s even years to come, without any additional work.
If we assume that one Instant Profit Silo makes an average of $20 per day

In one month you’ll have made around $600 for just 2 hours work.
Over the year that works out at $7200 and it still only took you 2 hours to achieve.

Now let’s assume that you build 10 Instant Profit Silos instead of just 1, remember they only take around 2 hours to put together…

Sounds good when I put it like that doesn’t it – do the maths yourself… If it only takes 2 hours to put one of these little income streams together how many will you build? 10, 20, 50?

Now here comes the cool part: the system doesn’t work just for me.

Absolutely anyone can be up and running with this in hours.
”Mark, ”Warrior Instant Profit Silos are little income streams that are easy to set up, and you can scale to big profits by building more silos. It is paid traffic but you don’t need much money to start, and because it’s paid you will get instant traffic. I can highly recommend the course and I’m really looking forward to starting my own instant profit silos empire today!


 ”Matt, ”sween With this method you can set up as many silos as you’d like with each one designed to net approximately $10-$40 daily.  The set up should take about 2 hours for each silo. If I were to be conservative and figure I could set up 1 silo per day and each would average $20 per day (again, I think this is being conservative) I would be making $600 per month after one month. That’s not earth shattering money, but this can be scaled to do much more.


  • Isn’t it about time you started actually making money instead of spending it?
  • Aren’t you tired of following long winded strategies which might not produce a single penny?
  • Or spending months trying to rank your sites with no guarantee
  • Would you like a simple formula you could whip into shape inside 2 hours which can make you money by tomorrow?

Stop being an IM statistic

Internet marketing lifestyle…

Everyday thousands of people pour their hard earned money down the virtual drain searching for the ‘easy money – Internet marketing lifestyle’…

The push button software that’ll make them rich by the end of next week.

But deep down we all know that nothing like that really exists… not like the Gurus tell us.

In fact, my guess is that you are still here because you know what I’m saying is true and you want to change things right now. 

You already know you can’t continue along the same path, after all; the same path always ends up at the same place & when it comes to making money online that usually means


Receive Your First Commission Payment – This Time Tomorrow…

What if you could see your first commission roll into your account by this time tomorrow & then they just continue to flood into your account, day in day out… how good would that feel?

Now think what you can achieve if you apply yourself to this one simple formula for a week, two weeks, even 3 weeks… 10 silos, 20 Silos, 30 Silos!

$1000’s a Week Without having to do Any More Work.

And today you have the chance to do it too, to actually start making money instead of just dreaming about it. And you can be up and running as early as tomorrow.

Are you ready to do something really easy and profitable?

If you are, then; I’m going to share my very own Instant Profit Silo formula with you, so you can do exactly what I do starting today.

Introducing: Instant Profit Silos

Instant Profit Silos + OTO
  • Instant Profit Silos is a video training course which details a unique twist on making money from eager niche markets in just hours.
  • Broken down into bite sized videos with accompanying written instructions Instant Profit Silos details my easiest income stream formula.

Making Money Online Doesn’t Have to be Complicated or Difficult…


  • Genuinely Easy: A simple twist on an old school method makes it ridiculously simple for anyone to make money (sometimes within mere hours).
  • No Thinking Required: A simple 1-2-3 easy to replicate 2 hour system for making fast and consistent & evergreen affiliate commissions
  • Low to No Maintenance: Build your first IPS project in the next 2 hours, & then build another, and another… it’s that simple!
  • Rabid Audience: The low-down on which niche products to target for faster and more profitable results
  • Simple Keyword Selection: Less than 3 minutes to find the Money Phrases
  • Simple Copy and Paste Landing Page Formula: – No content production, No outsourcing & No duplicate content penalty
  • Instant Targeted Traffic: 100% laser targeted traffic to your landing page in hours – No waiting around for the odd tire kicker
  • Perfect for Newbies: Handy basics tutorial added – Covering the Nut’s and Bolts: Domains, Hosting, WordPress, Themes, Plugins

Did I say it was Easy?

Why complicate things – I have the whole process down to 7 simple to master steps.

No learning curve… the whole thing takes around 2 hours to complete from start to finish regardless of experience

Even newbies will understand this business model & be able to make money with it quickly

And here’s the great news: Instant Profit Silos Require..


Case Study – 3,290.7% ROI over 4 Days

The following video contains extracts taken from a recent case study. The results show an ROI of 3,290.7%. $51.20 in sales (2 sales referred) – $1.51 (£0.88) spent on traffic – $49.69 net profit (3,290.7%)

Realistic income expectations without having to spend a fortune to find out the reality and real products outside the parasitical IM field.
Mr Bishops laid back, hype free plain language presentation is brilliant, easy to listen to and understand.

”Colin, ”WF:

Mark, THANK YOU! You’re a terrific teacher, even or someone like me who had no idea how to be successful in affiliate marketing. And now I want to just run with this and continue doing more and more of these.

”Michael”, ”Huntington

This is a straightforward, very easy to implement and cost-efficient method through which anyone (newbie or more experienced online marketer) can quickly have a new business/income stream on tap inside an hour or two.

If you can buy a domain name, some hosting and follow this quick and easy method for putting your “silo” together then you’re in the game.

Set up costs much less that the traditional route of loads of content creation, trying to rank on the search engines and all that (not much) fun stuff. No SEO, no Facebook, no expensive time and effort to try and rank.

But instead a straightforward method to put together an unlimited number of super-targeted “silos” in double-quick time and then gain similarly super-targeted traffic without having to rely on Google or Facebook.

All laid out in a series of relatively short but detailed videos clearly presented by Mark together with visual examples for each step, easily actionable, easily scalable.

Even the most time-pressed amongst us can do this using Mark’s method here. Create a silo whilst the dinner’s in the oven…….

”Andy, ”WF:

So, the question I have for you is this:

Do you want to start making money as early as tomorrow?

Do you want a proven business model that you can have up and running inside 2 hours?

Do you want a step by step formula you can rinse and repeat as often as you like?

If you do, then I can show you how – and the whole thing will take less than an hour to learn

Sounds awesome – but I bet it’s going to be expensive, right?

After all…when was the last time someone offered you a complete business model based on fact (Not Theory)?

A formula so easy to understand and apply that even a 10 year old could do it?

Sure, I could easily charge a realistic $67 for this and people would buy it all day long.

We all like simple uncomplicated ways to make money quickly & it doesn’t get much quicker and easier than Instant profit Silos.

But I’m not going to charge $67.00

I’m not even going to charge $37.00

Instead, I’ve decided to make Instant Profit Silos super-easy for anyone who wants it to just download it immediately today and start making money as early as tomorrow  . . . .

Nathan Gotch – Gotch SEO Academy 2017


# 1 White Hat SEO Training Course

Get much better rankings, more traffic, and more consumers from search.


Who is Gotch SEO Academy for?

Digital Marketing Agencies

Are you a digital marketing company that wishes to impress and keep your customers by getting constant SEO outcomes? Gotch SEO Academy is PERFECT for you.

Affiliate Marketers

Are you an affiliate online marketer who wishes to quickly grow your earnings by driving more natural search traffic? Gotch SEO Academy is PERFECT for you.


Are you aiming to end up being a full-time blog writer and require more traffic to your site? Gotch SEO Academy is PERFECT for you.

E-Commerce Site Owners

Do you own an e-commerce site and desire more natural search traffic so you can grow your sales? Gotch SEO Academy is PERFECT for you.

In-House SEOs

Are you accountable for your business’s SEO and wish to make your manager delighted by growing your website’s traffic month-after-month? Gotch SEO Academy is PERFECT for you.

DIY Business Owners

Do you use all the hats in your company and wish to get more traffic and consumers from natural search? Gotch SEO Academy is PERFECT for you.


Here’s What You Get When You Join:

MODULE 1– The Foundation:

Before you can delve into content production and promo, you have to ensure that your site has a strong structure. Module 1 assists you enhance your user experience and assist you set your site up for SEO success.

Here’s exactly what you will see on the within:

  • See and utilize the SEO Campaign design template that’s accountable for countless very first page rankings
  • Learn ways to discover and repair all technical concerns that are pestering your SEO efficiency
  • Discover ways to utilize our well-known material audit (customers pay us $4,000+ for this procedure)
  • See how utilizing the “Cake Technique” can make your website into an SEO powerhouse
  • Rank simpler than beforeby finding out ways to structure your site
  • Learn about the micro technical concerns that a lot of SEOs ignore
  • Discover ways to “hack” Google’s image search

MODULE 2– The Content Formula

Module 2 is devoted to content production. When you enter Gotch SEO Academy, you will:

  • See why going after search volume is a dead incorrect technique
  • Discover ways to hack searcher intent (as well as discover exactly what you need to never ever do)
  • Learn the 3 keyword targeting methods that to work for any company
  • Get access to over 30 various methods to discover keywords
  • How to verify your keywords (these methods virtually ensure your material’s success)
  • Discover my “secret” keyword recognition method (HINT: it does not include the Google Keyword Planner)
  • The basic 80/20material production method that turns your site into a backlink magnet
  • Proven material plans. Pick a tested plan and get outcomes. It’s that basic.
  • Learn precisely ways to develop content yourself (DIY) or utilize my specific detailed method for outsourcing it
  • See ways to enhance your material for optimum search efficiency

MODULE 3– Link Acquisition Blueprint

Module 3 is committing to content promo and link acquisition. Here’s a sneak peek of exactly what you’ll see when you enter …

  • Evergreen link structure concepts that do not include techniques or going after algorithms
  • See the art of Big Brand Imitation, makings your site unsusceptible to charges
  • Discover over 30 various link acquisition strategies (that in fact work)
  • How to “recover” links (that are truly yours)
  • See ways to link chances at scale
  • Learn the “art” of relationship structure (this works even if you’re an introvert)
  • Discover the outreach strategies that work on a constant basis
  • Proven plug-and-play outreach design templates
  • Complete material promo method

MODULE 4– Amplification Methods

Module 4 will assist you get more natural search traffic without needing to develop material or obtain brand-new backlinks. Here’s exactly what you will see on the within:

  • Learn ways to utilize my preferred method: “Long Tail Injection”. It is the single finest method to obtain more traffic FAST
  • Get access to the Phantom Technique–this is my ace in the holefor getting more search traffic without doing hardly any work.
  • See why your outbound links are most likely eliminating your outcomes … No one thinks of this basic error.
  • Discover the Authority Transfer Technique that turns your site into a powerhouse over night

Who Teaches Gotch SEO Academy?

Nathan Gotch

Nathan Gotch is the creator of Gotch SEO, among the most popular SEO blog sites on the planet. His business, Gotch SEO, has actually assisted numerous business all around the world drive countless brand-new natural search visitors to their sites. Nathan’s SEO proficiency is consistently included on popular publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business.com and lots of others.

SalesPage( more information) Archive

Nathan Gotch– Gotch SEO Academy 2017: Videos, PDF ´ s

Direct Download Link: ( No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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[Get] Data Analysis and Dashboards with Google Data Studio | Stone River eLearning

In this program we are mosting likely to reveal you the best ways to supercharge your Google Sheets right into Interactive Dashboards and also extraordinary records.

Google Information Workshop functions perfectly with your Google Sheets information to produce incredible information evaluation in mins.

Google Information Workshop is an unbelievably simple to make use of drag and also decrease device that enables a wide variety of various visualizations to be developed in mins.

The enhancement of filtering system devices creates sensational records that will certainly take your information evaluation to the following degree. Google Information Workshop is offered free of charge to individuals with a Google or Gmail account. Furthermore records as well as control panels could be shared to any type of customers whether they have a Google account or otherwise. In this program we are mosting likely to instruct you the following: How you can attach Information Workshop to Google Sheets Find out the best ways to determine Averages, Highest worths, Lowest Worths as well as variety of Special Worths Produce Scorecards to present crucial metrics and also KPIs Produce effective fad evaluation charts in order to help with projecting Produce Year to this day, Month to this day as well as Previous Month computations with the click of a computer mouse switch Learn how to obtain effective evaluation from Stacked Bar as well as 100% charts Produce effective Time and also Group filters to conveniently produce interactive records Discover how to share your Records as well as Control panels with various other customers Google Information Workshop is genuinely an incredible item for producing understanding as well as knowledge from your Google Sheets data.You will certainly require a Google Account, Google Sheets as well as Google Information Workshop.

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Google Analytics with Google Data Studio

If you are a Google Analytics individual you will certainly recognize what does it cost? information could be supplied to you. Nonetheless it is not constantly very easy to accessibility this information as well as understand it within Google Analytics. In this program Ian Littlejohn will certainly reveal you ways to quickly develop your personal custom-made Google Information Workshop records as well as control panels that will certainly make it understandable your Google Analytics information. Google Information Workshop is Google’s most current record and also control panel development device. Utilizing a drag as well as decline user interface records could be developed and also running in mins. Google Information Workshop additionally makes it extremely very easy to share your records with various other customers. In this program we will certainly reveal you ways to quickly develop the following: Link to the Google Analytics information resource Understand the Google Information Workshop user interface Produce Scorecards showing crucial info such as Procedure as well as Users Develop Time Collection/ Fad charts showing exactly how Procedure and also Users adjustments with time How you can configuration various filters for your information Show details making use of column, bar as well as pie graphes Produce efficient maps as well as geographical evaluation Develop effective interactive control panels This training course is for any person that intends to successfully examine as well as recognize their Google Analytics information.
Google Analytics with Google Data Studio

Google Analytics with Google Data Studio

MP4 | Video: AVC 1280×720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 1.5 Hours | 376 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English
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[Get] Daryl Rosser aka Lion Zeal – Scientific Rankings

Sales Page: Click Here

Value: $497
Download Size: 3GB
Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Ranking #1 in Google Is Easier Than You Think

And it doesn’t involve creating quality content, praying to Google, or hopelessly waiting for magical fairies

  • Fed up of feeling guilty for selling your SEO services because you don’t have certainty in your ability to rank?
    Struggling to rank your R&R or affiliate sites consistently?
  • Feel like you’re at the mercy of Google and have little control or prediction over what happens?

I’ve Deconstructed SEO Down To A Science: Here’s How To Rank For Anything Without Being At The Mercy Of Google
Hi guys, Daryl here.
I’ve got some good news…
SEO isn’t dead.
And anyone saying it is, hasn’t got a clue what they’re talking about.
Thankfully, you’re smart enough to know that already, hence why you’re reading this today.
But I have to admit…
It IS more difficult than it ever has been. I agree.
You can’t just point a few exact match anchor text links at your site anymore. That’ll only get you hit by Penguin.
And you can’t even have 2 pages covering the same topic without risking “topic duplication”.
But “create quality content”, and all that nonsense Google advises you… that isn’t going to do a thing for you.
So let’s cut the crap:

A step-by-step walkthrough of how to rank for anything.

And it’s a simple step by step process to predictably rank for any type of keyword, broken down into 8 separate modules:

Module 1. Rankings Overview
The first module is all about creating a deep-level understanding of how the algorithm works. This course isn’t just dump a strategy on you today, then leave you hanging in the future. It’s designed to help you master SEO.
Here you’ll learn:

· The 3 Crucial Factors Behind Every Sites Rankings and how to use this to control your rankings

· What all the lingo means so you don’t get confused by any of the training, and can easily communicate with service providers and domain sellers

· An advanced understanding of how algorithms like Majestic and Moz work, and how relevant these are for SEO, so you not only know what to do, but also why it’s effective, so when updates happen you can stay on top of things.

Module 2. Keyword Research
In module 2, you’ll learn how to deconstruct which keywords you should be targeting by using highly advanced data tools, and showing you how to analyse and make sense of it all. You’ll learn:
What the most accurate keyword research tool in the world is, so you don’t blindly guess which keywords are worth targeting

· How to get intel on what your competitors are ranking for, so you can reverse engineer, copy, and 1-up them

· How to determine whether keywords are worth targeting, so you don’t waste 6 months on overly competitive keywords out of your budget

· What metrics matter when comparing competition, so you can correctly analyse competitors, price clients, and predict what you’ll need to do

· How to effectively target keywords in 2016. Do this wrong and you’ll get your site penalised for duplicate content, even if it’s 100% unique.

Module 3. Setting Up Your Website
In module 3, you’ll learn how to setup your sites in the most ideal way to rank. This is all about building up the right trust, authority, and relevance for your site. Here you’ll learn:

· Where to get super-fast, reliable hosting for $5-$10 per month so your site isn’t losing money or rankings due to inconsistent uptime and loading speeds

· The 4 different hosting services you need to make your site load extremely fast without spending hours optimising every little detail on your website to save 0.01 seconds each time

· Branded vs EMD vs PMD: A simple breakdown of what works in 2016, and how to choose the right type of domain, so you can minimise the risk and effort of ranking your site

· The easiest and most SEO friendly platform for building money sites, so you can skip all the decision making and get right to the work that matters

· A little known trick even “gurus” don’t know, to maximise the effectiveness of your backlinks, without having to do any extra work.

Module 4. OnPage SEO
This is the 2nd biggest module in the entire training, and for a good reason, onpage SEO seems like a lost art among private blog network owners. Here you’ll learn:
How to correctly structure your URLs / permalinks so they’re not over-optimised, yet still give you a solid keyword relevance boost, allowing you to rank with even less backlinks

· The right way to do internal linking to avoid over-optimisation, build relevance, and power up key pages, so you can get 200-300% more out of your backlinks

· A simple tweak to increase the relevancy of your pages, if you get this wrong, you won’t make it past the second page (if you’re lucky)

· How to optimise your title, meta description, and heading tags to rank for as many keywords as possible without risking over-optimisation

· How many words of content should your money pages and other pages have? Get this wrong and you’ll need 150%-200% more links, if you even manage to break the first page

· 2 minute trust builders: 3 Simple elements you can add to your pages to increase your rankings without any links needed

· How to optimise your content so it reads natural, converts well, yet still lets you rank for 10s, even 100s of keywords… without attracting a Panda penalty

· What is all this “schema” stuff? And how to use it to increase local relevance and trust of your website so you can rank even easier. This is becoming increasingly important to do.

Module 5. Map Pack Rankings
In module 5, we’ll go through how to rank in Google’s map pack aka “snap pack”. This is practically a requirement for local clients, and recommended for R&R sites and even local affiliate sites. You’ll learn:

· How to spot the 2 different types of map packs so you can reverse engineer how to rank

· The best way to setup your GoogleMyBusiness profile so you rank for the right keywords, build up local relevancy, and rank easier

· 4 methods to get a verified addresses for GoogleMyBusiness – guaranteed, so you can rank your R&R, lead gen, or affiliate sites without problems

· The two types of citations you can build, and where to find quality citation opportunities, so you can build local relevance (hugely important for map pack rankings)

· How to ethically spy on your competitors, and “steal” their citation sources so you can match (and then beat) their efforts. Literally deconstructing and copying someone successful.

· How to get dozens of legit 4-5 star reviews for your clients, without attracting low scored reviews, so you can increase your clients social proof, and as a result, their sales

· How to get a citation and link from Google themselves, which helps boost your NAP relevancy even more, and helps confirm you’re a real business (even if it’s just a R&R site address).

Module 6. PBN Mastery
Originally sold as a standalone training, PBN Mastery is designed to help you setup, manage, and use a private blog network. This will provide the power behind your rankings, without it, you’ll struggle to rank for anything semi-competitive.
You’ll learn:
· A full step-by-step plan of how to build, manage, and use a PBN without footprints that risk de-indexing your network or penalising your money sites

· How to easily spot spammy or powerless domains every single time, so you never waste a penny on bad domains

· How to eliminate footprints when buying domains so you can’t have your whole network reverse engineered and wiped out

· Where to find and buy expired/expiring domains without being a tech-whizz, so you can get on with building your PBN and ranking your sites

· The #1 type of hosting for PBNs that I’ve used successfully without a single site being deindexed

· How to make your hosting bills 5-10x cheaper while significantly lowering the risk of using a PBN

· How to reverse engineer competitors PBNs using hosting footprints, and the steps to avoid it happening to you

· A systematic approach to building PBN sites that fly under the radar of Google (and your competitors) so you’re not at a huge risk of being manually reviewed or reported

· How many posts and pages you should be putting on your sites and what that content should be about so you can easily build quality PBN sites

· The exact anchor text ratio to use for your keywords to avoid over-optimising and penalising your website

· How fast to build links to your money site so you can rank faster without sandboxing your site

· How to actually build the links to your money site and what page to link to so you don’t waste your PBN’s power.

Module 7. Link Diversification
Module 7 is dedicated to link diversification techniques, a very important part of ranking today. PBN’s on their own simply aren’t enough anymore. Here you’ll learn:
· A week-by-week walkthrough of what links to build, and when, so there’s no guessing involved

· How to build powered-up branded social profiles for adding trust to your website, without needing to use any automated spam software to power it up, so it’s safe and long-term

· How to use IFTTT for syndication to build even more trust to your sites, this makes your PBN links evenmore effective

· How to get social signals, when to use them, and why they’re important – missing this step out or doing it at the wrong time is practically a self-invitation to the sandbox

· How to create Web 2.0s that work in 2016 without having them deleted after all the effort of setting them up

· The right way to use press releases and which services to use, so you can “fake” traffic to your website and get 100s of additional links

· Why I highly recommend you don’t use blog comments or forum links, but the ONE exception I make to that rule which can add hundreds or thousands of quality visitors to your website per month

· A sneaky link building tactic you can use to get niche relevant links on a huge authority site, this is great for diversification and trust building, while adding some extra power

Module 8. Penalty Recovery
Do SEO long enough, and test enough, you’re probably going to get a penalty. If not, you’re not testing enough. Or maybe you already have one. This module will show you how to recover from algorithm penalties.
Here you’ll learn:

· A simple “hack” you can do in 40 minutes, to re-gain all your rankings within 1-3 weeks, so you can continue earning money for months while building a new site

· A breakdown of what the main algorithm penalties are punishing sites for, so you can prevent it before it ever happens

· The exact patterns to look for to easily recognise a Panda or Penguin penalty, so you know which update you’re playing against

· How to recover from Panda and Penguin penalties, so you don’t need to build a brand new site (though still should… domination!).

Module 9. The Game Plan
Now it’s time to put this all together, and turn it into a simple process you can run for every website.
You’ll get:

· A checklist you can use to make sure every website is setup in the best way to start ranking, so your sites are always setup correctly, without fail

· A week-by-week link building plan you can follow step by step, so you have a simple game plan to execute on for every new site or client you take on, no need to guess

· My campaign and link building worksheets so you can easily outsource, manage, and track everythingwithout confusion or loss of valuable details

· My PBN management documentation: 1,700+ words and 11 videos you can hand off to your VA’s to have them fully trained on how to setup and manage your PBN for you.eve

Semantic Mastery – Battle Plan SEO Domination

Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $100
Download Size: 8.3MB
Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Here’s Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You’re Getting Today…

  • You’ll see exactly how to increase traffic and revenue with the step by step blueprint.
  • You’ll understand the process easily and save money by not wasting time on bad methods or crappy products.
  • You’ll skip past all the doubt and mistakes that MOST people get hung up on and go right to the good part – ranking and results.

When you get results like traffic, sales, and rankings, how much better is that going to feel than when you’re stumbling around trying to figure out the right way to do things?

You’ll not only be more confident in your SEO strategies but you’ll save money and time by following a proven blueprint to success.

When you get another client or rank that affiliate site how will that extra income you have in your bank account help change your outlook?

The SEO Battleplan is going to give you everything you need to navigate the tricky ranking, traffic, and sales problems that you encounter…

You’ll know exactly what steps you need to take, the tools WE use (and you should too), and where to apply them

Confidently quote more projects and take on more ventures with the knowledge that you’re doing it the RIGHT way

Any additional benefits?
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The Bottom Line With The Semantic Mastery Battleplan

You get the Semantic Mastery Battleplan that will walk you step-by-step with it’s easy to follow blueprint on how to rank, get traffic, sales, and more from lead gen websites, authority websites, stubborn client websites, recovering negative SEO’d sites, and so much more…it’s time to join the team!

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  • ” I’m aggravated since I’m not gaining sufficient from my SEO job.”
  • ” I could construct the initial set of web links, yet afterwards I’m shed.”
  • ” I recognize exactly what I need to do, however I’m worn simply aiming to progress.”
  • ” I’ve reviewed all the post I could … I still seem like they typically aren’t offering me the solutions I require.”


Prior to I was required to go it alone running my very own company, I’ve experienced all those sensations as well as even more.

Struggling to stay on top of the needs of SEO as well as link building?

… and even having problem building connect to your personal website?

I have a tough fact for you.

The origin of these troubles is not having a legitimate system in position for producing repeatable outcomes.

Outcomes that maintain your customers pleased and also maintain you accumulating your company fees/affiliate commissions/blog site visitors, month after month, time after time.

6 years ago I led a typical life as an internal SEO for a tiny exclusive firm.


… was it hard?

If you quit me on the road as well as informed me just what my future held for me, I truthfully would have informed you to f *** off. I would not have the ability to develop it.

Develop to my eyeballs?

This is a lot greater than link building.

I’ve invested the last 3 months drawing it with each other right into simple to absorb components, as well as this is providing you the possibility to place it right into activity for your organisation.

My Turn Key Link Building System

1) Project Tracking Documents

I was reluctant in sharing, since I’m actually leaving absolutely nothing from the formula. This is my total turnkey customer system, that has actually led me to living a life not restrained to a workdesk.

This system demonstrates how I’ve constructed the actual “4 hr workweek” with critical use consultants, a polished technique, and also an objection to give up.

Without doubt.

It took a tonne of improvement, however I’ve lastly structured my procedure, as well as currently working from my organisation just a few hrs each week.


… and also was it worth it?

Since my company is basically on auto-pilot, I’m mosting likely to show to you the specific means I do it.

… it’s the whole technique that I make use of to develop web links for every one of my customers (each varying from ₤ 3,000 to ₤ 10,000 month-to-month).

I make use of 3 maximized records make certain all my tasks most likely to strategy:

These 3 basic papers give a virtually endless quantity of “link kind” targets.

A task tracker, an order of business, and also a vibrant checklist of search inquiries to be made use of by an appointed miner.

I’m providing to you specifically as I utilize them.

2) Link Training Files

Every link kind is identified in between 2 details “duties”.

Correct delegation for optimum outcomes.

Educating on 20 various link kinds; from my core 8, to cushion web links, in addition to specialized link kinds which are extremely reliable yet finest made use of for certain conditions.

This permits very easy hand-offs to your picked employee.

3) Hiring Guides for your group

I reveal precisely just how as well as where to work with the 3 core employee had to run these effective link building projects.

All the standards for discovering the excellent:

1) Project Manager

2) Prospector for Link Targets

3) Outreach Specialist

Include years of toiling, improvement, combined with an extreme fascination for automation + simplification … and also well this is the outcome.

Consisted of are 3 declare each of the 20 various link kinds that could just be handed to the pertinent employee:.

One presently being used by me for 10 customers (my selected optimum number) for over ₤ 50,000 monthly in invoicing.

A minimum of when you’re going back to square one.

Past the comprehensive paperwork, I’ve developed walk-through overviews of discuss detailed exactly how your core employee will certainly obtain each kind of link.

” It can not be this easy …”.

Say goodbye to questioning how you can work with the appropriate individuals for your group.

Since I’m maxed out on customers, I’m identified to share just what I’ve fine-tuned with you.

They are actual detailed, information beginning guidelines that any person might adhere to. Every little thing concerning this system has actually been constructed to “turn-key” requirements, I make it practically as well simple to entrust each job to your group.

A lot of are surprised by exactly how easy it could be when the right systems are established.

Just what Do You Get?

1) Access to All of My Project Templates

A real 4 hr job week.

You’ll have the ability to construct out your firm in methods you could not have actually developed with these procedures.

It’s not.

2) Link Training Files for All Core Team Members

1) The Complete Link Rolodex– describes exactly what each sort of link is, exactly how it could be made use of and also exactly what kind of projects it’s valuable for.

2) Prospecting Step by Step– reveals your miner precisely ways to locate targets for each and every private link kind.

3) Outreach Step by Step– reveals your outreach hire precisely how you can pitch as well as bargain particular link kinds.

3) Hiring the Perfect Team Step by Step

You’ll get a detailed, understandable overview, and also “copy-paste” task listings so you could simply kick back as well as wait on the best prospects involve you.

I additionally provide you replicate and also paste example jobs to ensure that you could extract individuals that typically aren’t as much as the requirements you require.

4) Easy to Follow Course Layout as well as Structure

Your group will certainly be functioning while you’re investing your time … precisely as you want to invest it.

Simply undergo each lesson, one by one, download and install the data, and also adhere to the guidelines.

As you advance with the training system, it will certainly keep in mind specifically where you got on your last login, so you could get right where you ended.

I’ve developed the system to be past basic.

You’ll have the specific very same documents framework utilized by me as well as my group.

Having actually experienced the thorough hiring procedure, you could feel confident.

You simply have to provide each employee accessibility to their appropriate folder. From there, allow them follow my directions, as well as do their point.

You could likewise conserve your preferred lessons so you could conveniently return to them any time for a refresher course.

[Get] Harlan Kilstein – Reverse SEO Method 2017 + OTO

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WEEK ONE: Which are the most effective specific niches for the Reverse SEO Method?

The best ways to Research

How you can Test

Secret Method [Do not Share] (How To Study What’s Really Going On In the Niche)

WEEK TWO: Installing The Theme And Site Set Up

Suppose you Want To Use A Mobile Theme

The Plugins You’ll Need

Easy or Drop Dead Simple. Which One Is Right For You?

Very little Content or Zero Content– Which One Is Right For You?

WEEK THREE: Facebook and also Pinterest Traffic

Straightforward or Stupid Simple

The King is Dead Long Live the King


Facebook Groups– The Sneak Traffic Strategy

WEEK FOUR: Show Me The Money

Media.net for Starters

Usage just Responsive Ads

Curated Affiliate Links

Amazon.com Products in the Niche

How To Land Web Design & SEO Clients Using Video Audits

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Regarding This Class

All the devices utilized are complimentary and also this approach functions actually well if done appropriately.

In this program I damage down a straightforward method to develop trust fund with regional companies by producing handy video clips.

This is an amazing method to obtain your means of access by revealing a possibility some valuable details concerning their internet site as well as net existence. I normally consider this a mini “audit” in a manner of speaking where you could movie a brief display capture video clip around 5-10 mins in size.

This program breaks down specifically:

Ways to locate leads for this technique
Exactly what I place in my video clip audits
The best ways to make use of totally free devices like Moz Local and also mobile website screening
What display capture programs you could utilize
The best ways to subsequent with your potential customers
Just what to offer your leads

GVR Method Bonuses

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Value: $199
Download Size: 580MB
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